CD's, LP's & 7"'s:

13th Floor Elevators - The Psychedelic Sounds Of... (This utterly classic 60's Texas garagepunk band played cerebral and raw acidrock of undisputed authority, The Elevators ultimately epitomizing the biker aesthetics and attitude of the Texas underground acid scene of the 60's. Genius frontman Roky Erickson even attempts to map out his psychedelic and mystical intentions behind the album's music and texts in the album's very far-out liner notes, this record being a fascinating, living and breathing relic of the rougher side of 60's psychedelic rock, as well being a cornerstone in any psych or garage fan's collection. The garage classic "You're Gonna Miss Me" kicks off the album, being a frantic piece of ball-sweating acid-driven psych, the song is a raw explosion of punkrock genius and undisputed psychedelic authority. Followed by the massive and sprawling slab of acid philosophy, "Rollercoaster", the song probably remaining the ultimate LSD-infused juggernaut of psychedelic knowledge decoded to mankind. "Don't Fall Down" and "Monkey Island" are Erickson's meditations on the negative risks of living a full psychedelic existence, whereas "Kingdom Of Heaven" celebrates its virtues, while "Reverberation (Doubt)" and "Fire Engine" are more trademark slabs of heavy garage punk and LSD philosphy. "You Don't Know" and the closing "Tried To Hide" remain authorative pieces of spiritual maturity and psychedelic experience, making their first album a sublime piece of acidrock, the genius of The Elevators proving that 60's garage could remain cerebral and serious in intent, LSD philosophy being more than the psychedelic surrealism of The Electric Prunes, proving that 60's punk could evolve beyond the snarling upstart rock'n'roll attitude of bands like The Standells or anyone else rearing their heads from the suburbs and garages across the US in the mid/late1960's, and that the psychedelic genius and heady LSD-mysticism of other more popular underground acid acts like The Grateful Dead were indeed pioneered by the religiously acid-infused biker-rock and heady psycedelic garagepunk explosions of Erickson and The Elevators.)
13th Floor Elevators - Easter Everywhere (More classic garagepsych from The Elevators, by now sounding more sleek, rhythmic and experimental than the raw garage punk of their first album, it is magickal and revalotory acidrock still retaining the primal spontanaeity of their debut, The Elevators, whom along with The Golden Dawn, defined the 60's Texas garage sound of what has since been labelled "desert rock". Being the best out of the classic three original 13th Floor Elevators LP's, all which should remain cornerstones in any garage/psych fan's, or any other involved listener of modern rock's music collection, it is an album that remains ahead of its time, even today. Highly psychedelic, raw, original, and most of all cerebral and poetic, The Elevators created their highly crafted and cerebral garage acid rock without pretensions. An underground phenomena in their day, touring the country and making a TV appearance at the peak of their career, The Elevators became a notorious underground band of the time, never in their time reaching the commercial success of the few similarly inclined bands across America such as Detroit's The MC5 and their sprawling slabs of freedom rock and revolutionary rock'n'roll uprisings, or San Francisco's undergound communal enterprise of The Grateful Dead's heady LSD mysticism and meandering and complex psychedelic freakouts. Opening with the heady acid classic "Slip Inside This House", a track being appealingly rhythmic and sometimes more cryptic psychedelia than their first release, the classic opener being one of their most well known songs, it certainly sets the high standard for the rest of this brilliant album. Indeed, "Easter Everywhere" is a blistering ride through ten mindaltering songs, and possibly even then a set of broader ulterior psychedelic ideas surrounding this collection. The first song is followed by the exotic garagerock and complex psychedelia of "Slide Machine", while the pleasantly appealing melodic and lyrically sublime "She Lives In a Time of Her Own" follows suit, and the gentle and restrained "Nobody To Love" being yet another ballad. Erickson and the band, having already proven they could expand on the raw and heavy garagepunk composition, production and overall sound of their first album, The Elevator's by now trademark bizarre psychedelic jug sound slithering all over the place on "Easter" as well, creating a continuous reptilian or serpentine psychedelic effect on the faster songs like "Earthquake" and "Levitation" as well, being two more heady and frantic trademark Elevators garage acid rockers. On the other hand, the thoughtful and silent "Dust", and the gentle ballad of "Baby Blue" remain undisputed classics as well, despite their slower pace. What's left? Two more slower paced and mystical songs, "I Had To Tell You", and "Pictures (Leave Your Body Behind)" close this seminal album in a very soothing and relaxing way, assuring us the 'trip' is over, in a way which only the Elevators could ever deliver on one truly fine psychedelic record like this.)
13th Floor Elevators - Bull Of The Woods (Their final album sees Erickson only briefly appearing, with his last ever Elevators song, the ghostly and ritual "Let The Circle Remain Unbroken" which closes this somewhat mysterious album. Otherwise, "Bull Of The Woods" is more of a melodic, folky and mystical piece of psychedelia without Erickson's shamanistic LSD-infused biker rock aesthetics, and quite unsettlingly so, it is still a very fine album. The song "Dr. Doom", presumably named after the Marvel comic book supervillain, pleasantly brings to mind Beatles-style pop, with choruses and horns and all, the lyrics being like an open letter to Dr. Doom himself, and being bizarre stuff indeed by Elevators standards... Otherwise, "Bull Of The Woods" is mostly a strangely different "shadow" version of The Elevators, still experimenting nonetheless, being quite mystical in weaving storylike parables, and musically quite different than the heavy garage sound of previous two LP's, the bizarre jug effect and Erickson's absence making the whole thing even more mysterious, this atmospheric album's further cryptic highlights being the slight Erickson pastiche of "Livin' On", the fairy-tale like lyrical enchantment of "The Rose And The Thorn" and the similarly mystical "Scarlet And Gold". As for what happened beyond the last Elevators album, Roky Erickson himself returned to the fold in the early 80's with his own band who recorded two heavy gothrock LP's, after several years absence due to legal and health problems. Erickson today maintains a solo career, despite still suffering from health problems. Stacy Sutherland was shot dead by his wife in 1978, while The Elevators as a band had folded as early as late 1969, a posthumous double live album of doubtful quality being released years later without much note. The Elevators remain one of the most loved and fondly remembered psych bands of the 60's, but whatever happened to the remaining members is a mystery. )
Agitation Free - Malesch
Älgarnas Trädgård - Framtiden Är Ett Svävande Skepp, Förankrad I Forntiden
Alien Planetscapes - Life On Earth (Crazy instrumental and jazzed-up acidrock outfit led by saxman Doug Walker, AP carry the torch of 80's UK festy jam bands like The Ozric Tentacles along with other latter-day US acts like Das Ludicroix, the band having played the more recent Strange Daze spacerock festivals in Ohio over the last few years, a festival traditionally headlined by Hawkwind.)
Amon Düül - Psychedelic Underground (Forming out of a hippy commune in West Germany in the late 60's, AD created a blisteringly tranced-out heavy tribal racket, their exceptionally raw and improvised jamming and chanting being far more primitive, and indeed, radical than anything else coming out of the underground scene at the time. Recording the entire commune, including children, performing simultaneously together as a singular group, some members utilizing found objects and everyone playing or chanting regardless of ability or instrument, the music was edited and reassembled into a more cohesive and structured format on the album, this first recording session's remaining material actually being used for two following albums! AD's primitive jamming pioneered more sophisticated contemporary experimental German bands like Faust or Can, AD's first album of chaotic highlights actually being quite enjoyable from any musical standpoint, weaving many subtleties and organic structures along the way, showcasing more memorable tracks like "Im Garten Sandosa" or "Kaskados Minnilied". Slightly ahead of the similarly likeminded cosmic meditations and instrumental rumblings of other German underground acts like Tangerine Dream and Cluster/Kluster eventually paving the way for ambient and electronic music, and having pioneered the entire "kosmiche" underground jamrock movement emerging at the time, AD and Co. having paved the way for most modern improvised rock derivatives and industrial experiments to emerge from the subcultural hotbed of the ever changing underground; from Hawkwind's heavy metal spacerock and monotonous acid freakouts of the 70's, to Einstürzende Neubaten's industrial and mechanical noise sculptures and jagged sound structures of the 80's, to the pulsating electronic trance of Eat Static's heady 90's tribal techno and beyond, they all owe much influence to the German "kosmiche" underground movement of the 70's, a movement which exploded into chaotic existence with Amon Duul in the wake of psychedelia.)
Amon Düül - Disaster (Continuing to release bits and pieces from a communal session of primitive disaster area freakouts, their 2nd album also having been culled from the same extended 1969 jam as "Psychedelic Underground", and not surprisingly delivering more of the same stuff, really; a monotonous wall of noise in the form of heavy instrumental primitive jamming of cascading metallic noises, unintelligible tribal chants and found instrumentation rattling and crashing like there's no end to the strangely appealing racket that was early Amon Düül...)
Amon Düül - Paradieswarts Düül (The original AD commune by 1970 breaking off from the primitive jam concepts of their first three releases, having by now narrowed the band down to only members with redeeming musical talents, and thus having decided to produce a far more structured musical and lyrical piece of work, this fine album, considered by many an overlooked classic, is a psychedelic piece of heavily Teutonic inspired folkrock, stylistically pointing the way for Amon Düül II, the heavy mystical acidrock inheritors of the AD name.)
Amon Düül II - Phallus Dei (Classic and magickal 1969 debut from this German underground acidrock institution, having split from the original Amon Düül commune and band before their release of "Paradieswaerts Düül", inheriting the AD name for themselves, old German mysticism influencing the soaring and sinister theatrical style of tracks like "Dem Guten, Schönen, Wahren", defining ADII as a truly original underground act for the harsher climate of the approaching 70's, "Phallus Dei" being underground rock unlike anything heard since Syd Barrett and Pink Floyd's early brooding gothic spacerock and mystical childlike psychedelia. ADII spearhead the early 70's underground scene along with the likes of Arthur Brown and Kingdom Come's rapturous spacerock theatrics, Gong's magickal mythology and eastern mysticism, Peter Hammill and Van Der Graaf Generator's cosmic and gothic progressive psych, the heavy futuristic spacerock rumblings of Hawkwind, and even the mystical heavy metal manifestos of Blue Öyster Cult. ADII's mystical nature and underground political stance and lifestyle were arguably, along with other communally minded acts of the time, like Hawkwind, Gong or The Grateful Dead, a distant precursor to the post-new wave magickal underground of the 80's spearheaded by the communal underground and ritual cultism of acts like Psychic TV, The Legendary Pink Dots or Laibach.)
Amon Düül II - Yeti (Their seminal second album from 1972, this massive double set includes the utterly classic soaring heavy metal thelema anthem of "Archangel's Thunderbird", to this day remaining their best known song, which also charted in the UK at the time, not surprisingly being released as a single. Indeed, this brilliant second effort also contains many other classic highlights, like the beautiful and long drawn acid-jam meditations of "Sandoz In The Rain" and "Yeti Talks To Yogin", to multi-part heavy rock excursions like "Soap Shop Rock", as well as the quiet mystery and starry instrumental wonder of "She Came Through The Chimney", being another typically sublime ADII psych piece. "Yeti" remains an essential album of Europe's early 70's underground scene, "Yeti" carrying the mantle of heady psychedelia into the realms of primitive progressive rock without any pretensions, the essence, attitude and sound of the classic ADII existing on level with The Grateful Dead's finer moments like "Aoxomoxoa", the music's atmospheric spontanaety and heady lyrics brimming with timeless psychedelic mystery.)
Amon Düül II - Wolf City (Another enchanting and heady celestial acid classic of ADII's string of essential early albums, containing more classic tracks like the ancient and swirling starry psychedelia of "Surrounded By The Stars", being a wondrous and towering psych classic, to the surreal lyrical metaphors, angular instrumentation and heady psychedelic whimsy of "Green Bubble Raincoated Man", as well as the slightly sinister spacerock meanderings of "Deutsch Nepal", this 1973 effort bringing ADII's tastefully timeless psychedelia abit closer to more mainstream progressive rock even, the music being more polished, but without the genre's usual cliches.)
Amon Düül II - Carnival In Babylon (Another sublime ADII excursion, this is an enchantingly grainy and wondrously magickal record which probably defines classic Teutonic 70's underground psych at its peak, the tingling and heady folk-tinged guitar acid mystery of highlights like "All The Years 'Round", "Shimmering Sand", "Kronwinkl 12" and "Tables Are Turned", Renate Knaup's soaring Germanic voice still sending shivers down the spine and as always defining ADII's authorative essence, the songs weaving magickal tapestries of acid and mystery, psychedelia rarely being as cryptic or enchanting as this. "Carnival In Babylon", probably being the most atmospheric and underrated highlight of their early string of classic albums, it is also appealingly mellower than most of their records, the heavier progressive rock tendencies of "Wolf City" or "Dance Of The Lemmings" taking a back seat on this highly recommended though strangely underrated 1973 classic.)
Amon Düül II - Made In Germany (Being a slightly silly concept album from 1975 chronicling the story Prince Ludwig, its actually not a bad album, being in the best "Tommy" or "Sgt. Pepper" tradition of theatrical psychedelia and heralding the twilight years of ADII's career as they moved towards glam-rock before dissolving in the late 70's. Later reforming under various UK incarnations in the 80's, and eventually reuniting and returning to the fold in the late 90's as Amon Düül II, touring and recording a live album with the original lineup from their classic 70's period. For the completists' record, this is the UK Castle version which didn't contain all the tracks that were on the original German double LP and eventual Reportoire CD reissue.)
Amon Düül II - Live In London (Released on the Japanese Captain Trip label, this raw live recording captures the classic early ADII performing live in 1972, the album being not so bad despite its somewhat tinny sound quality. It opens with an energetic and scorching punk version of their classic hit "Archangel's Thunderbird", probably being the sole reason to get this rather patchy live recording. Recommended mostly for collectors and completists.)
Amon Düül II - Live In Concert (Being a very thourough, excellent, varied and comprehensive live album released on the archive BBC series of live recordings on the Windsong label, it contains classic material from 1969's "Phallus Dei" up to and including 1975's "Vive La Trance", and captures the twilight years of the classic early ADII at their most creative, energetic and sinister.)
Amon Düül II - Utopia (A somewhat patchy latter day effort released in 1982, it is something of a cut'n'paste album of material from their classic mid-70's period, and is probably only essential for collectors.)
Amon Düül II - Lemmingmania (A great singles compilation and an excellent place to start for the uninitiated, containing prime early classics like "Archangel's Thunderbird", "Tables Are Turned" and "Green Bubble Raincoated Man" and many more, released on the Japanese Captain Trip label.)
Amon Düül (UK) - Hawk Meets Penguin (mystical latter day jamming from the early 80's)
Amon Düül (UK) - Die Lösung (This album, recorded with Van der Graaf Generator and Ozric Tentacles members as studio musicians, and starring Hawkwind's late Robert Calvert on vocals, is a fine rock album of much wider appeal, originally released in 1988, just previous to Calvert's death. Being surprisingly well produced and musically of wide appeal, it was released on Dave Anderson's otherwise quite dodgy Magnum label.)
Amorphis - My Kantele (with a scorching cover of Hawkwind's classic "Levitation", this is an excellent Finnish doom/death band of some lighter caliber. With other highlights like their awesome and deathy cover of Kingston Wall's equally classic "And I Hear You Call" as well, this EP was originally released in 1997 on Nuclear Blast/Relapse Records.)
Animals - Original Hits
Ant-Bee - Lunar Muzik (Master psychedelia by Billy James with a star studded crew of Glenn Buxton (Alice Cooper), Daevid Allen (Gong), Harvey Bainbridge (Hawkwind) & Jimmy Carl Black. Aside from an excellent Rolling Stones cover, the always wonderful "Child Of The Moon", "Lunar Muzik" is mostly dangerously drippy, wacky and goopy grade A psychedelia... Hell, "Return Of The Titanic Overture" is a bona fide masterpiece, and I'd sell you my grandmother if it wasn't so! Cover artwork by Syd Barrett himself, nonetheless... you've been warned!)
Anubian Lights - The Eternal Sky (Being a Pressurehed/Helios Creed band ambient side-project with Hawkwind's Nik Turner guesting on sax, this is quite druggy and psychedelic mid-eastern influenced ambient and trancey techno spacerock brimming with the heady mysticism and magick of ancient civilizations and alien technology, indeed being excellent stuff for fans of everything from Spiral Realms to Eat Static.)
Anubian Lights - Jackal And Nine EP
Anubian Lights - Let Not The Flame Die Out (with Nik Turner (Hawkwind) and Gilli Smyth (Gong) guesting, AL deliver more techno-spacerock ambience, still dealing with ancient technology, mystery, adventure and magick of the ever stretching deserts under the open starry sky, this Pressurehed side project on Cleopatra has strangely mutated into a somewhat lazy lounge-flavored piece of exotic psychedelic electronica with this 1998 album. Highlights like "Ali Mahmoud's Broken Entranceway" provide magick, mystery, adventure and the essentially mideastern atmospherics on this very 'dandy' sounding AL effort.)
Architectural Metaphor - Odysseum Galacti (Self-released in 1994, being the first ArcMet CD, it includes a sinister and disturbing cover of Hawkwind's spoken paranoid apocalypse evacuation freakout piece "Sonic Attack". Otherwise, this incredibly trippy album by this incredibly trippy band remains a mindblowing and heady exotic tapestry of psychedelic and electronic effects, outlandish distortions and towering liquid synthesizers and soaring female vocals, being a massively cascading, lush and heady psychedelic miasma of soaring acid brilliance, magnificent highlights like "In Between Dunes", "We've Come For Your Children" and "Cascading Foiliage" making this a latter-day underground masterpiece of modern psychedelia and spacerock.)
Architectural Metaphor - Creature Of The Velvet Void (Towering slabs of mind expanding psychedelia like "Creature" and "Holographic Caves" shimmer with acid lush and magickal wonder, and including a pair of Hawkwind ("Golden Void") and Velvet Underground ("All Tomorrow's Parties") covers, this is indeed a heavy peaking album. The beautiful female vocals by the drummer/singer are fantastically clear and melodic, it is like she towers above massive structures of cascading sound, as if she controls her own loose and exotic drumming style with her soaring voice. The equally exotic guitarist uses some very unorthodox techniques for guitar effects, among them a kind of hose, through which he blows into analog effect devices, constantly creating a weird, bubbly wah wah sound. This excellent psych band come highly recommended for fans of Brainticket's and Van Der Graaf Generator's finer psych moments.... For the truly curious, Architectural Metaphor also run a museum of vintage synthesizers in Massachussetts. Released on the Black Widow label in 1998, this was their second album.)
Ash Ra Tempel - Ash Ra Tempel
Assmen - Burgerbreath EP
Bad Brains - Bad Brains
Harvey Bainbridge (Hawkwind) - Interstellar Chaos
Syd Barrett - Opel (remaster with extra outtake tracks recorded by Pink Floyd's eccentric and acid dropping legend, the brilliance of Barrett's last recorded solo work from 1968 to 1970, as captured on this CD, remains ever as sinister, magickal and whimsical, lyrically ever so complex, mindboggling, cerebral and wondrous. However, occasionally unable to play the correct notes or melody in the first place, the music sometimes mis-played or forgotten by the occasionally catatonic and guitar strumming deteriorating genius of Barrett. Being such a raw recording, one can sometimes hear Barrett putting in the occasional and strangely detached or dissatisfied comment or two, emotional frictions in studio between the fired Floyd-songwriter/singer/guitarist Barrett and producer/Floyd replacement guitarist Dave Gilmour sometimes creating emotional tension or loss of concentration, Barrett still very methodically putting his songs to tape. Truly, this CD remains an essential item for any seasoned tripper's psychedelic archives, containing so many utterly classic and immortal psychedelic gems like "Clowns And Jugglers", "Golden Hair", "Silas Lang (Swan Lee)", "Let's Split", "Wouldn't You Miss Me (Dark Globe)", "Milky Way" or "Gigolo Aunt", Barrett's childlike genius and imagination is guaranteed to blow any doubting tripper's twisted mind.)
Beastie Boys - Ill Communication
Beatles - Revolver (Probably the essential Beatles album, released in 1966 and kickstarting their heavy psychedelic period, following hot on the heels of "Rubber Soul" (1965). The album contains many classic songs, including the extended and hypnotic closing piece "Tomorrow Never Knows", its mystical lyrics taken from The Tibetan Book Of The Dead, the band of course experimenting with LSD and eastern religions at the time. Otherwise, "Taxman" is an upbeat and typically catchy song of the kind The Beatles do so well, while "She Said, She Said" is a wonderful and uplifting ray of melodic and lyrical happiness, being the perfect song for long sunny weekend mornings of having toast and jelly with coffee and orange juice. "Good Day Sunshine" remains a somewhat goofy number I either forgot all about or can't make heads or tails of in the first place, and "Doctor Robert" is another typical and very upbeat Beatles song with silly drug connotations, while "Got To Get You Into My Life" is an uplifting and extatic song, the happiness of newfound love or self discovery becoming overwhelming, either that or its just another drug song, while finally Ringo Starr gets to do his Homer Simpson-like vocals on the dud of the album, the ever silly and mindless "Yellow Submarine", this leaden and unoriginal song being horribly overexposed and incredibly overrated, in my opinion. Otherwise, its all top-notch stuff.)
Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
Beatles - 1 (No. 1 singles compilation)
Bevis Frond - Inner Marshland
Bevis Frond - Triptych
Bevis Frond - Vaultscan Vol. 1 (Unreleased Tracks 86-95)
Bevis Frond - Livewired Vol. 1 (Live Anthology 90-96)
Bionaut - Au Naturel (Architectural Metaphor members' ambient side project)
Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath (First classic album from 1969, Birmingham's Black Sabbath unleash their dark satanic heavy metal which was eventually set to pioneer the entire genre in the '70's. The opener "Black Sabbath" is a classic and spooky piece of occult ritual of fear, "The Wizard" is a bluesy piece with a jagged folk sound, N.I.B. is an undisputed metal classic to this very day, "Evil Woman" another blues number and "Behind The Wall Of Sleep" is another classic slice of early heavy metal madness.)
Black Sabbath - Master Of Reality (remaster) (Third album, 1972: The Sabs just get heavier and heavier! "After Forever" is a soul racking piece of religious rousing and sincere philosphy, while "Children Of The Grave" remains a driving gothic heavy metal anthem, "Into The Void" is a dinosaur riffing piece of heavy sci-fi doom metal, while finally, who can forget the unavoidable opening track "Sweet Leaf", which remains ye ever classic ode to pot!)
Black Sabbath - Vol. 4 (remaster) (Epic and melodic stuff, yet mysteriously raw production-wise compared to later albums like "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" or "Sabotage". Here the Sabs almost go 3-chord progrock, heady subject matters and long songs do indeed make a tasty piece of Sabbath. Tracks like the epic "Wheels of Confusion" and "Cornucopia" are sheer acidrock epics lumbering on through massive song structures, while "St. Vitus Dance" remains mystical and heavy metal ritual. Ozzy gets silly and emotional with "Changes", being a dreadful and fluffy little ballad, while the album's commanding highlight, the juggernauting "Supernaut", being a majestic slab of industrial cosmic trancerock predating 80's bands like Killing Joke and Ministry. Probably being the freak effort of Sabbath's classic string of early albums, "Vol. 4" also remains their most obscure, yet underrated and strangely mysterious psychedelic and gothic masterpiece.)
Black Sabbath - Sabotage (remaster) (Ozzy & Co.'s best Sabs album, bar none! The brutally metallic riffing ode to infinite lover's bond through cosmic heavy metal ritual, "Symptom Of The Universe", remains an outstanding and classic track and is probably the sole precursor to hardcore and blackmetal, this being a very heavy album indeed... With tracks like "Am I Going Insane (Radio)" keeping with the Sabbath tradition of singing about mental disorders and freaks, and with "The Writ" being a powerful slice of Satanist meanderings, while the masterful instrumental "Supertzar" is very much the soundtrack to ascendant archangels and cosmic battles in the heavens... Black Sabbath released their last classic Ozzy-ra album with "Sabotage" before plodding off with sub-par efforts like "Technical Extacy" and its marginal improvement "Never Say Die!", before Ozzy leaves the band for a solo career, eventually the classic lineup reuiniting in the late 90's as a top grossing live touring band.)
Black Sabbath - Live Evil (remaster) (Ronnie James Dio takes the helm... and "Neon Knights" fucking rules, being a classic fucking anthem, charged with heavy metal authority, commanding street justice and anarchy. The streets seemingly remain under feudal control with this classic live album which proves that Dio-era Black Sabbath certainly was as much a precursor to hardcore as Ozzy-era Black Sabbath predated doom metal and goth. With other classic Dio-era tracks like "Children Of The Sea" and "Voodoo", the band also doing several Ozzy-era classics like "War Pigs" and "Paranoid", Sabbath's Dio-era also remains an important and direct influence, if not an irreplacable part of, the so-called "New Wave Of British Heavy Metal" era of the early 80's. Black Sabbath even toured with NYC's Blue Öyster Cult on their co-headlining "Black And Blue Tour", the 1981 US tour of which this live album was recorded.)
Tim Blake (Gong/Hawkwind) - Crystal Machine (early cosmic synthesizer album.)
Black Sun Ensemble - Lambent Flame
Blue Öyster Cult - Live 1976 (Closing with a killer version of Steppenwolf's "Born To Be Wild", and aside from including other classic BÖC songs like "Stairway To The Stars", "Cities On Flame", "Astronomy", "Dominance And Submission" and "Don't Fear The Reaper", this somewhat raw quality performance contains lots of funny political stage banter from a very stoned Eric Bloom throughout the set, the band here captured at their peak, carrying the torch of MC5 and their ilk, it certainly is a well preserved 70's relic and a drunken yet spirited call to revolution...)
Blue Öyster Cult - Extraterrestrial Live (1982. Two Michael Moorcock penned classics, namely the eerie and industrial "Veteran of The Psychic Wars", which was also used in the "Heavy Metal" 1981 animated film, and "Black Blade", chronicling sci-fi/fantasy author Moorcock's apocolypse-junkie warrior Elric and his soul-drinking black sword Stormbringer, help make this a truly classic live metal album from an otherwise sometimes underrated metal band. This highly recommended live set contains many exciting tracks like "Hot Rails To Hell", a biker metal anthem even bringing to mind the edgier punk sound of contemporary NY bands like The Dictators or Suicide, whilst "Godzilla" is the ultimate sub-Black Sabbath stoneage-riffing heavy metal anthem. Closing with their classic and eerie summery hit single "Don't Fear (The Reaper)", the band proved they still had the fire in the 80's as a live band. Unsettling cover artwork revealing a robed telepath leaving a craft, and a black dog waiting below, the figure leaving the craft and spreading his arms, in what one can assume is ancient Egypt, graces the cover: it seems Blue Öyster Cult have arrived...)
Blue Öyster Cult - Career Of Evil (compilation)
Blue Öyster Cult - Workshop Of The Telescopes (2CD compilation, excellent and comprehensive retrospective, with extensive liner notes and bio.)
Boo Radleys - Everything's Alright Forever(Boo Radleys' debut from 1992 always struck me as a potential goth album as its a classic of its genre, aka "shoegazer", the third wave that is, after Stone Roses heralding it and Ride being the second wave, in the more eerie and gothic style of early 90's My Bloody Valentine and early Ride. Tracks like "Spaniard", "Towards The Light", "I Feel Nothing", "Room At The Top", "Does This Hurt?", "Firesky" are very emotional and introspective moody psychedelic pieces with lots of fuzzy feedback soundscapes and spanish guitars. The cover has a most psychedelic painting of vibrating colors and the whole vibe is pretty psychedelic and majestic. It's the perfect Sunday morning album for toast and jelly with orange juice. I saw Boo Radleys live when they performed at Headache in Oslo in 1992 or 93, and also had a bunch of the following EP's after the release of their debut. Every goth should own a copy.)
David Bowie - Hunky Dory
David Bowie - Changesbowie (a poor substitute for the real albums, though this 1991 "Best Of" retrospective still contains many brilliant moments...)
David Bowie - Bowie At The Beeb (the best of Bowie's BBC sessions between 1968 and 1972 collected on a double CD)
V.A. - Uncut/David Bowie -"Starman" (great compilation that came with Uncut with David Bowie covers, from Blondie, Christian Death, Culture Club, Duran Duran, and Sigue Sigue Sputnik and many others)
Brainticket - Cottonwoodhill (I know little of this 70's Swiss band, but "Cottonwoodhill" is a mindmeltingly deranged, acid dripping, anarchic masterpiece! First, the beautiful Teuton chick by the stream in the mountains luring you on and on, then that violently crashing B3 organ riff repeatedly and orgasmically blowing millions of synapses, then post trauma; the horrible toothbrushing and gurgling with the speeding ambulance in the background, over that horribly repeated monotonous trance inducing guitar riff causing extreme irritation after a while, though in the beginning it is pure and tranced out bliss... argh! Highly recommended mind torture for wild heads, this exotic slab of warped psychedelia remains a much sought after item for collectors, and is found on the Hallelujah label.)
Brainticket - Psychonaut (Their worst release, very likely... steer clear! A chunky progrock cheeseball.)
Brainticket - Celestial Ocean (Brilliant celestial psychedelia of ancient technology and intergalactic navigation. This is a mindblowing slab of mindexpanding headmusic for expanding acidheads.)
Dave Brock (Hawkwind) - Earthed To The Ground (Dr. Technichal (a.k.a. Dave Brock) rapes robots in the streets... Yes, Hawkwind mainman Dave Brock seems utterly preoccupied with dystopia, offices, cities and mad technology. Its the mid-80's after all...)
Dave Brock (Hawkwind) - Agents Of Chaos (second late 80's effort of dystopian electronic guitar spacerock from Hawkwind mainman, musically similar to "Earthed To The Ground".)
Dave Brock (Hawkwind) - Strange Trips And Pipe Dreams (latter day ambient effort in tasty digipak...)
Arthur Brown - The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown (w/bonus tracks)
Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come - Galactic Zoo Dossier
Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come - Journey (Voiceprint version w/bonus tracks, this is Brown's most cosmic piece of acid-fuelled spacerock to date.)
Can - Tago Mago (a classic... mindblowing acidhead jamming for peaking or relaxing.)
Can - Future Days
Can - Flow Motion
Robert Calvert (Hawkwind) - Captain Lockheed And The Starfighters (from 1975 and recorded with several other Hawkwind members, this is the chronicle of experimental German fighter planes and their doomed test pilots. Weird spoken comic bits inbetween songs can get very unfunny though. However, classic rockin' tracks like "Ejection" and "Aerospace Age Inferno" have been covered by Hawkwind ever since and remain classic punkrock.)
Robert Calvert (Hawkwind) - Lucky Leif And The Longships (recorded with other Hawkwind members and released in 1976, it is the tale of The Vikings and America, supposedly. Strange, strange, Robert.)
Robert Calvert (Hawkwind) - Hype (Yet another concept album from Bob, this one chronicling the rise and fall of a successful young superstar, it was also published as a mass market paperback novel of his, the album itself being released in 1982)
Robert Calvert (Hawkwind) - Blueprints From The Cellar (Interesting set of unreleased material, highlights being the more eerie tracks like "Radio Egypt")
Robert Calvert (Hawkwind) - Test Tube Conceived (Brilliant and spooky concept album chronicling the technological conception and artificial evolution of a human laboratory clone. Nazi Germany probably has something to to with it... Some synthwork even brings to mind modern Kraftwerk, particularly songs like the title track and "Fanfare For The Perfect Race" highlighting this fine 1987 release.)
Robert Calvert (Hawkwind) - Freq Revisited (Delving into the politics and dystopia of life on the picket line, the CD version also includes the classic and wonderful "The Greenfly And The Rose", the album is otherwise pretty much a plodding and awkward new wave concept album...)
Robert Calvert (Hawkwind) - At The Queen Elisabeth Hall (Live with ICU members.)
Captain Jesus And The Sunray Dream - All Thanks To The Lord Jesus Christ Amen (w/Ron Bastard of Hawkwind, its rabid and deranged acid fuelled raw garage punkrock mostly involving the miraculous Christ himself, the band covering the oldie "I Wanna Be Me" along with several of their original numbers like "Number One", in addition to exploiting the classic MC5 song "Starship", as well as covering and retitling the infamous Sex Pistols' hit to "Anarchy In The USA" against all enforced regulations of Christ. Jumpin' Jehovah! This remains one of the better of their two LP's, however.)
Captain Jesus And The Sunray Dream -The Day That Nebulon Exploded (More barbaric garage punk for all dedicated souls. The band yet again operate on another classic Sex Pistols hit, now known as "God Save The Pope", as well as recording more of their own numbers like "Sensation", "XXX", "Timewarp" and "Junkie No More". Their two rare vinyl albums were released with limited handmade sleeves, only in the UK. Jugglin' Jesus! Ron Tree plays bass on this second album as well, before joining British spacerock institution Hawkwind as lead singer and sometime bassist, in 1995.)
Cathedral - Caravan Beyond Redemption (Having in the 80's paved way for underground UK doom -and death metal along with other bands like Bolt Thrower, carrying the occult traditions of heavy metal to new underground audiences, Cathedral's modern move towards outright groove-rock still retains the heavy Ozzy-era Black Sabbath fascination of their earlier material, but with perhaps more of a nod towards The MC5 and Blue Öyster Cult's 60's & 70's biker rock aesthetics, as wildly demonstrated by heavy freedom-rockers like "Revolution", "Freedom" and "Heavy Load". Still, themes like black magick, human sacrifice, apocalyptic medieval war machinery and other unholy witchery of mass-technological slavery remain the essence of Cathedral's typically dark science-fiction fables of this fine 1998 release, being yet another concept-type album in typical Cathedral tradition, "Caravan Beyond Redemption" perhaps being something of a quest for sanity in the very insane world in which we dwell, of our ancient and ever-weaving civilization living in fear at the end of an era, a heavy infection of millenium fever seemingly building to mass destruction. "The Unnatural World", "Satanikus Robotikus", "Voodoo Fire", "The Omega Man" and the wonderfully hippy-psychedelic celestial ode to LSD, "Kaleidoscope Of Desire", show Cathedral at their finest, the latter showcasing the band's love of psychedelia having become more and more expressed over the years. Indeed, if Cathedral ever decided to cover any heavy acid classics in eternal tribute, then certainly Hawkwind's "Master of The Universe", Amon Duul II's "Archangel's Thunderbird" or Cream's "Tales Of Brave Ulyssees" would make some very heavy tunage under Cathedrals' supreme vision, the cosmic realms of modern doom metal -and stoner rock remaining in some creative debt to the rumblings of early 70's heavy metal spacerock and the underground's otherwise immortalised psychedelia of the time. Perhaps this album, along with "Carnival Bizarre" (1995), showcases Cathedral at their finest, "Caravan Beyond Redemption" taking the mantle of modern doom -and stoner metal's flirtations with biker rock and boogie to new heights, the genre never having sounded as refreshing and appealing as now. Cathedral, never losing their cutting edge despite making headway in today's more commercialised climate, and heralding and influencing the arrival of modern-generation doom-metal and the psychedelic spacerock-boogie of Orange Goblin or The Spiritual Beggars and even the heavy rock'n'roll stoner-boogie of Fu Manchu, Cathedral declaring with authority that stoner-rock and doom-metal remains vital and fresh at the end of the century and headed for a new millenium. In truth, modern heavy metal must have taken a rogue lesson or two from these heads in Cathedral a long time ago, as this blistering solar flare of an album will make any reptilian boogie and contract like a horny and evil old witchdoctor trancing out on magick blotter acid... "Its only freedom-rock, baby!")
Catherine Wheel - Ferment
Chaos UK - The Singles (this mindblowing and violent collection of prime punkrock from UK's finest contains all their early classics, like "Four Minute Warning", "Army", "What About A Future" and "No Security"!)
Chameleons - Tripping Dogs (Essential live studio excursion of soaring and atmospheric psychedelia of this very underrated early 80's underground British band who helped pave way for the dreamy and ethereal 'indie'-rock spearheaded by UK bands like The Stone Roses in the late 80's and the early 90's. The Chameleons were inspired by Syd Barrett, The Beatles and The Creation, and were part of a loosely knit early 80's UK underground psych scene, along with acts like Julian Cope's The Teardrop Explodes, The Rain Parade and Robyn Hitchcock's The Soft Boys. On the Austrian Glass Pyramid label, "Tripping Dogs" is a masterly waking and mysterious session of shimmering psychedelia, highlights like "Singing Rule Britannia", "Bobby More's Wine" and "In Answer" stand out amongst the rest of the subtly weaving acid of this appealingly atmospheric psych album of majestic, heady and subtle inner workings, likely being an undiscovered psychedelic jewel. The Chameleons remain agelessly psychedelic and infinetely timeless, as if captured in glass...)
Chameleons - Strange Times (2CD, this classic Chameleons album, also being their final studio album, was released in 1985. Containing more rousingly anthemic and subtly sinister slices of psychedelia, highlighted by songs like the soaring "Mad Jack", and the creeping melodic and atmospheric mystery of "Swamp Thing". The bonus disc includes a cover of The Beatles' "Tomorrow Never Knows". Fans of the sweeping gothic psychedelia of Siouxie And The Banshees' mid-80's period, or even the more antique sounding acidpsych of early Screaming Trees, would fall for The Chameleons' original, heady and ethereal, and essentially British psychedelic sound emerging from the 80's "paisley" underground...)
Chills - Submarine Bells (This album includes their big hit, "Heavenly Pop Song", which was really catchy for awhile... otherwise it seems to be fairly ok quality psychedelic pop-rock.)
Chrome - Half Machine Lip Moves/Alien Soundtracks (The band's seminal first two albums from 1978 and 1979 collected on one CD by Touch'n'Go in 1990. Awesome, driven and futuristic garage cyberpunk...)
Chrome - Chrome Box (essential 3 disc Cleopatra release compiling the "Alien Soundtracks" 1978 LP, the "Half Machine Lip Moves" 1979 LP, the Chrome tracks from "Subterranean Modern" 1979 compilation, the "Read Only Memory" single (excerpt), the "New Age" 7", the "Red Exposure" 1980 LP, the "Inworlds" single, the "Blood On The Moon" 1981 mini LP, the Live In Concert, Bologne Italy, 1981 bootleg mini LP, the "No Humans Allowed" 1982 single, the "Firebomb" 7", the "3rd From The Sun" 1982 LP, the "Anorexic Sacrifice" 7", "Chronicles I" (1982), "Chronicles II" (1982) and finally the "Raining Mill" 1983 EP. A brilliant compilation of Chrome's first classic incarnation with Edge and Creed.)
Chrome - Tidal Forces: No Humans Allowed Part II (Chrome return in the wake of founding member Damon Edge's passing many years ago, this classic trench-warfare industrial punkband later went through a series of conceptual phases during the 80's, then went dormant, and are now resurrected under the guidance of founder member Helios Creed (vocals, guitar, samples, synth, bass) and other original core members Hilary Stench (bass) and Nova Cain (guitar), Chrome now totalling six members... This is farflung technology gone haywire with maurauding robotics and shimmering metallic dronescapes, the current band not forgetting the industrial strength bug-eyed alien punkrock and cybernetic hardcore that made Chrome pioneers of the early US punk and industrial scene in the late 70's and 80's. Along with other bands of their classic era, like the apocalypse-thrashing speedmetal of Voïvod 's intergalactic insectoid-technology hell, or the aggressive urban hardcore of bands like The Cro-Mags, Chrome certainly represented an "underground" attitude and way of life as a survivalist tool for those who were ahead of their times. "Tidal Forces: No Humans Allowed Part II" is a worthy Chrome album, however it lacks some of the raw attitude of early Chrome, or even the energy of Helios Creed's solo AmRep label output, this recent effort still being a fine piece of electronic drone and cerebral industrial rock, and being something of a "cybernetic survivalist" album, it is indeed a worthy tribute to the memory of Damon Edge. (Man's Ruin, 1998))
Church Of Misery - Taste The Pain(With 3 songs about famous serial killers plus a cover of Iron Butterfly's "In Gadda-La-Vida", this is better than average doom-metal from Japan...)
Coil - Horse Rotovator
Coil - Gold Is The Metal
Alice Cooper - Greatest Hits
Julian Cope - Floored Genius: The Best Of Julian Cope & The Teardrop Explodes 79-91
Julian Cope - Peggy Suicide
Julian Cope - Autogeddon (another great release from messianic English madman Julian Cope, the man who beleives he is the saviour of progrock to some, tracks like "Autogeddon Blues" and "I Walk" are classics. With Thighpulsandra of Spiritualized.)
Cosmic Jokers - Cosmic Jokers
Cosmic Jokers - Planeten Sit-In
Cramps - Greatest Hits (1983-1989 collection from The Cramps!)
Cro-Mags - The Age Of Quarrel (Seminal 80's NYC hardcore band, having moved quite irregularly through a string of albums of varying degrees and lineups, 1986's "The Age Of Quarrel" along with 1992's "Alpha Omega" remain their probably two best known albums, the latter being an epic metal masterpiece mixing hinduist enlightenment, political protest and social awareness, whereas the former being an early, raw hardcore album with a far more gritty political and social stance and undertow. Tracks like "We Gotta Know", "Survival On The Streets" and "Don't Tread On Me" defined the Cro-Mags' militant and inner city survivalist stance in the harsh US political climate of the 80's and early 90's, still remaining a classic hardcore band to this day, having found more universal social concerns and religious convictions since.)
Current 93 - To You (EP)
Curve - Döppelganger (+ European edition bonus EP)
Cypress Hill - Cypress Hill
Damned - Damned, Damned, Damned (Being their classic first album from 1976, its material mostly written by bassist Brian James who would soon be fired after a couple of albums, seeing Vanian, Scabies & Co. taking the band to further heights.)
Damned - The Black Album (One of UK's classic punk bands of the '76/77 wave of punk, this is possibly the album regarded as the creative peak of The Damned's career, with the band by now consisting of Dave Vanian (vocals), Captain Sensible (guitar & keyboards), Rat Scabies (drums) and the somewhat transient Paul Gray on bass. Opening with the classic "Wait for The Blackout", this expensively produced gothic-psychedelic double album is something of a benchmark release of the era. Along with other contemporary bands like Siouxie And The Banshees and The Stranglers exploring similar territory, and a burgeoning gothic underground scene heralded by bands such as Alien Sex Fiend, The Damned proved once and for all they had evolved from their pioneering punkrock to gothic psychedelia without losing any strenghts. From the souped up garage punk of "Drinking About My Baby" to the introspective and wonderful "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde", the album is brimming with Beatles styled horn sections and chorus and heavy melodic compositions, retaining a paradoxical cutting edge nod towards the 60s. The hit single "History of The World Part 1" is an epic and sweeping Damned classic, and "Therapy" closes the album with an exciting slice of energetic and melodic Damned styled punk, harkening back to the early days. The CD release comes with the 17 minute epic acid drenched "Curtain Call", originally released in limited numbers as an EP in 1982, its very much a journey through the most gothic and reptilian trance states of climbing through the mind's subconscious areas to a waking state, proving The Damned's acid-fuelled dementia wasn't limited to just punkrock.)
Dark Sun & Nik Turner - Ice Ritual (Turner performing with this Finnish band at Tavastia club in Finland 1999, playing Hawkwind and ICU material, its a very energetic and recommended live album. On Burnt Hippie Recordings, 2000)
DarXtar - Sju (Swedish spacerock band who later played with Hawkwind's Nik Turner, under the name of HawXtar. "Sju" is a nice and spacey slice of drifting Hawkwind and Pink Floyd-style spacerock, breaking abit with their out-and-out sub-Hawkwind garage-space-boogie of their earlier CD releases, the band having self-released all their CD's.)
Alan Davey (Hawkwind) - The Elf EP (1986, 2X7"s, this was later collected on the Hawkwind "The Elf & The Hawk" compilation on Black Widow.)
Alan Davey (Hawkwind) - Captured Rotation (Teaming up with fellow Hawkwind member Ron "Bastard" Tree on vocals, this album is a fantastic piece of mindblowing and energetic spacerock, charting the cosmic link between the raw punkrock and ambient psychedelia of which Hawkwind themselves have paved way for by playing. "Never Comedown" remains Davey's perfect piece of gentle melodic synth driven psych, while the real highlights of this mostly instrumental album are the tracks Ron Tree star on, being the opening "The Call" and "Ancient Light", being energetic and pure punkrock godhead and psychedelic vision. Along with the closing track "Pre-Med", revealing the advanced technologies as handed down by the ancients, perhaps chronicling the mystical operation and revival of a lost starfighter pilot... A highly recommended 1996 EBS release.)
Alan Davey (Hawkwind) - Chaos Delight (Black Widow, 2000, Davey's energetic and hard driven instrumental guitar-psychedelia veers towards science fiction soundtracks and souped up garage spacerock brimming with 'tronics, it should appeal to fans of Helios Creed or F/i. Coming with a Heavy Metal-style comic book with an intricately illustrated Conan-type story, the album is a nice addition for fans of Hawkwind, spacerock and psychedelia in general, though not gaining any extra points for creeping musical monotony.)
Miles Davis - Pangea
Miles Davis - Agartha
Miles Davis - At Fillmore: Live At Fillmore East
Dead Can Dance - A Passage In Time (compilation)
Dead Flowers - Smell The Fragrance
Dead Flowers - Altered State Circus
Deathsquad - The Graveyard Shift EP
Deathsquad - Centipede Strapon Masquerade
Devo - Greatest Hits
Dickies - Stukas Over Disneyland
Dictators - Blood Brothers
Dictators - Manifest Destiny
Die Cheerleader - 69 Hayloft Action EP The band having had a UK indie hit in 1991 off this rather excellent EP, their 3-track debut release, Die Cheerleader delivered brutally metallic slabs of towering psychedelic gothrock, the four piece UK band being all female, except for the drummer, who was a guy. Tracks like "Massive Tangled Muscle" and "Smothered" are powerhouse slices of muscular thelema defining the band's brutally heavy sound, and this fine EP was even produced by the singer in UK hardcore band Leatherface. Die Cheerleader must have had something going for them besides good looks, also having a very memorable video shown on MTV Europe's "120 Minutes" at the time, the clip featuring the band performing with lots of awesome swirling psychedelic lights and liquid tie-dye effects making the video of "Massive Tangled Muscle" a solid piece of psychedelic gothrock history from this excellent band. Whatever might have happened to Die Cheerleader since then remains something of a mystery from this vantage point, the band, if memory serves correct, also releasing a debut album in the wake of their successful "69 Hayloft Action" debut EP, Die Cheerleader also being a hit on the European continent, particulary in Germany. The obvious influence of such classic 80's UK goth bands like The Sisters Of Mercy, The Cult and Siouxie And The Banshees are tastefully restrained and refined under Die Cheerleader's heavy and stylized brand of metallic testosterone-psychedelic gothrock which brutally hits the senses like some kind of female answer to what such contemporary cutting edge metal bands like Soundgarden or even Metallica were doing at the time. Aside from their more obvious 80's classic UK gothrock influences, the cult-psychedelic thelema fallout explosions and rumbling magick underground rock theatrics disaster area workouts of such 70's underground psych bands like Van Der Graaf Generator and Amon Düül II remain a somewhat obscure and arguably bizarre, though an undeniably likely set of influences on Die Cheerleader by any stretch of the imaganation, their massive metallic constructs and towering sonic temples of psychedelia defining the essence of Die Cheerleader's soaring psychedelic gothrock.)
Discharge - Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing (Most excellent early 80's UK punk, the raw anger and sheer brutality of tracks like "Protest And Survive" remain violent punk statements on this first album, a brutally aggressive slab of extreme hardcore dissent and hatred, of bare survival in the streets, of hatred of stupidity and idiots, and the immediate threat of nuclear holocaust killing millions of people during the blast, apocalypse warfare and raw survival driven by disgust and true will leaves little room for anything but the primal instinct to survive no matter what in the wake of suffering excruciating agony and pain... witnessing the inhuman butchery of heavy metal hell without an end to the madness of war and human extinction... Yes, millions of years ago you were a fucking ape... but, Discharge are still fucking excellent!)
Dinosaur, jr. - Green Mind
Einstürzende Neübaten - '80-83: Strategies Against Architecture
Eat Static - Hybrid Remixed EP
Electric Wizard - Supercoven (Slow, heavy and sludged out marijuana tokin' doom metal from these evil UK stoners, and this two track mini-LP contains two very long, fuzzy and primitive jams. Not bad, Cthulu... Satan worship optional!)
Eloy - Best Of Eloy Vol. 1: The Early Days 1972-1975
Entombed/New Bomb Turks - Night Of The Vampire/I Hate People split 7" (Swedish rock'n'roll deathers Entombed cover Roky Erickson & The Aliens' classic track, being a gloomy and foreboding statement of vampiric lust, fear of death seemingly closing in with each violent act of doom and despair... Crunching guitars with punk production makes this a classic version in the blackmetal dept! US garage hardcore and rock'n'roll punkband The New Bomb Turks do their own song, "I Hate People", a fast, short and violent statement of hate and utter human disgust, a raw slab of sheer noise and certainly a glorious chunk of man-hatin' punkrock! On the UK Earache label, 1995.)
Entombed - Morning Star (I just have to mercilessly and without warning recommend the new Entombed CD with a brief review to those who haven't heard it yet. "Morning Star" is an undisputed merciless metal masterpiece which rocks harder than anything heard rearing its head from the annals of Satanism in the new millenium, this rousing and powerful slice of sheer unrestrained ascendant evil such as this of course comes so highly recommended to any true fan of quality metal or underground rock'n'roll that tracks like the awesome onslaught of the openening thrashmetal barrage assault of "Chief Rebel Angel" while "Bringer Of Light"'s features the album's lyrical highlight '...the rules say I am a musician... it's the goof of all times... schoolgirl selling sex on a groove machine... I take the bricks out of the briefcase... set this whole thing free...', while the hatefully posessed attacks of "Ensemble Of The Restless" as the chuggingly hypnotic "Out Of Heaven"'s tale of a forgotten Nazarene and the merciless thrashmetal gorefest of "About To Die" as an Allah archangel assault remain the ultimate highlights of this mere 37 minute, 12 song masterpiece of brutal thrashmetal of highly respected style and vintage. Indeed, Sweden's very own Entombed no longer seem to play around so much with garage doom-metal or rock'n'roll stylings in the wake of the dawning new millenium, having instead streamlined their sound for a purely Satanic, uncompromisingly brutal thrashmetal style sure to summon your dead pets back to life and otherwise support your favorite drug habits. "Morning Star" is certainly a masterpiece of an album which certainly rests up there with any of the best metal/punk/gothic albums of the year gone by, including Norway's very own rock'n'roll hardcore heroes like Turbonegro's "Alpha Motherfuckers" farewell tribute CD on Bitzcore, and the return of the legendary US 80's anarcho-goth-punk legends T.S.O.L.'s tastefully sinister pop-punk territory with their "Disappear" album on Nitro, and of course the new bonecrunching Gwar album, "Violence Has Arrived" which truly is worth it not only for the mindblowing artwork alone. Going down in the annals of immortal speedfreak appeal, "Morning Star" is out on Music For Nations, and remains to these ears the greatest metal album of the year if not ever. In all its uncompromisingly brutal and eternally evil metal glory, it is the perfect treat for all those grateful and hateful enough out there thirsting for another horny morning fix of Satan, tis album defining Satanic metal and thrash for a new millenium, Entombed successfully rearing their heads in its wake in all its immortal glory and human disgust, and thus, "Morning Star" remains a living testament of self-procreated power and righteous truth in all its sublime wisdom and brutality.)
Faith No More - Introduce Yourself
Faith No More - Angel Dust
Faith No More - Easy EP
Farflung - So Many Minds, So Little Time (Pressurehed spinoff project)
Faust - 71 Minutes Of...
The Feud - Language Is Technology (from USA, second album from 2002, The Feud deliver stylish Canterbury art-punk instrumentalisms)
F/i - Five Crowns Of The Saxon King/From Poppy With Love 7" (A mindaltering and brutal avalanche of industrial punkrock, this 1995 RRR release sounds like a sinister and souped up "Interstellar Overdrive" or "Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun" as jammed out in a basement by a bunch of speedfreaks, building violently beyond Hawkwind speed and dangerously beyond the laws of boogie, so wear a crash helmet if you are high! Lots of crazy 'tronics, loadsa deafening guitar fuzz feedback, a rumbling punk bass, the B-side track also with distorted and spooky gothic vocals... Now scamper off and drop some acid or something!)
F/i - Helioscopum
Flaming Lips - ...Oh My Gawd!!!... The Flaming Lips
Glenn Fletcher - Out Of It
Glenn Fletcher - Void
Fu Manchu - Eatin' Dust (EP compilation, including a worthy version of Blue Öyster Cult's "Godzilla", most of this is probably Fu Manchu's better slabs of heavy stoner boogie rock'n'roll outings, with tracks like "Module Overload" and "Eatin' Dust" bringing to mind the punk energy of bands like The Fluid or the metallic riffing and heavy groove of doom bands like Cathedral... on Man's Ruin, 1998, its even better than any of their real albums!)
Fu Manchu - California Crossing
Funkadelic - Maggot Brain
Funkadelic - Cosmic Slop
Genesis - Nursery Cryme
Germs - M.I.A. (compilation)
Golden Dawn - Powerplant
Gong - Continental Circus (Unreleased early original French album, early experimentation.)
Gong - Camembert Electrique (Classic debut, communal and anarchic pixie psychedelia...)
Gong - Flying Teapot (Radio Gnome Trilogy part I) (Light up with the PHP's and get ready for a truly magickal mystery... )
Gong - Angel's Egg (Radio Gnome Trilogy part II) (Classic second part of Gong's fanciful seminal spacerock trilogy, with songs like "Oily Way" showing their energetic and adventurous side to the band's inner wisdoms and humour...)
Gong - You (Radio Gnome Trilogy part III) (An utterly classic cosmic, meditative and celestial psychedelic masterpiece, this essential album builds as a massive trance inducing mantra. Mixing hinduism, zen and magickal work with humour and philosphy in his own personal pot of pothead mythology about Pothead Pixies, Teapot Taxis and Octave Doctors, Allen & Co. conclude the Radio Gnome Trilogy with this 1974 LSD juggernaut of an acid album, leaving most of the 'looser' bits out, being a more streamlined and stylized piece of trance music. Master guitarist Steve Hillage plays "glissando" guitar like never before, and the electronics and production make this album sound like it was produced two decades later than when it actually was released, being pure spacerock par-excellence in the same stellar class as Hawkwind's seminal "Warrior On The Edge of Time" (1975) or Pink Floyd's classic "Piper At The Gates Of Dawn" (1967).)
Gong - Live Etc. (Great live double album, Trilogy-era Gong live captured at their finest.)
Gong - Planet Gong: Live Floating Anarchy '77 (Daevid Allen & Co. team up with the Here & Now band and produce a classic and scorching punkrock album with some great acid jams. Anthemic punk has never been as true as "Floatin' Anarchy" and "Opium For The People"... Probably along with "You" and "Angel's Egg", this record remains the creative and quality peak of Allen's classic 70's Gong output.)
Gong - New York Gong (With Bill Laswell, Daevid goes New Wave in New York...)
Gong - The History And The Mystery Of Planet Gong (Daevid Allen era compilation)
Gong - Wingfull Of Eyes (Pierre Moerlin era compilation, being more lazy fusion jazz.)
Gong (V.A.) - You're Remixed (Double CD set techno remix of "You", and quite excellent headcandy it is too, starring The Shamen, The Orb, Youth, Electric Skychurch, Astralasia, System 7 and 808 State and many others...) Gong - Zero To Infinity (2000 release from hippy-dippy psychedelic Canterbury progrock veterans)
Gongzilla - Thrive (Laidback psychedelic modern US fusion from Bon Lozanga, Moerlin-style Gong spinoff only abit punkier.)
Mothergong w/Daevid Allen - The Owl And The Tree (enchanting Gong 80's side project)
Sam Gopal - Escalator (w/pre-Hawkwind Lemmy, this is great UK psych from 1968.)
Grateful Dead - The Grateful Dead (1967)
Grateful Dead - Anthem Of The Sun (1968)
Grateful Dead - Aoxomoxoa (If you only own one Dead album, let "Aoxamoxoa" (1969) be it - magickally cryptic and darkly psychedelic acid, the classic opening tune "St. Stephen" being a definite highlight, a classic song brimming with lyrical genius and carrying mystical truths and revalation, the song itself being in the best Dead tradition of mystical symbolism as with the rest of the album. Otherwise, "Rosemary", "Doin' That Rag", "Mountains Of The Moon" and "China Cat Sunflower" remain other breathtaking psychedelic masterpieces off this seminal Dead album with alot of layered and almost subtly rapturous mystical symbolism and deeper meanings to be explored by the listener.)
Grateful Dead - Live/Dead
Grateful Dead - American Beauty
Guru Guru - Hinten (Incredible guitar driven jamrock from these Hendrix-inspired acidheads out of Germany, this 1973 album is their second slab of spacerock madness. Brimming with junk sounds and electronic noises, tracks like "Electronic Junk" are wild acidrock excursions from this classic band which later moved towards complex fusion rock, returning in the 90's to their jam roots, playing at festivals and recording new live albums. They remain one of the most adored bands of the wave of underground spacerock coming out of Germany during the 70's.)
Guru Guru - Känguru (third classic album)
Gwar - Hell-O! (Gwar's first album remains an 80's heavy metal classic, the band's early sound being more hardcore than their later excursions. Uncompromisingly brutal in their satirical stance to all authority, Gwar probably being hardcore's over-the-top Apocalypse answer to Kiss, Hawkwind and Spinal Tap... Odorous Urungus, Beefcake The Mighty and the rest of the latex armored galactic warriors of the icy North Pole duke it out against any or all civilized establishment, prime time politicians and other disposable vermin, Gwar owing most of their wild concepts and over-the-top stage presence to He-Man toys, TV wrestling and Jack Kirby comics, and endorsing LSD by catapulting giant blow-up sugar cubes into the audience and otherwise regularly performing at comic book conventions across the USA, Gwar remain a heavy metal institution to this very day, starring in their own brutally violent, funny and controversial movies... Indeed, recalling the first time I had sex and fell in love, was in the middle of watching Gwar's "Phallus In Wonderland" movie, my redheaded heavy metal sweetheart proving that true love may indeed be abit of an infinite concept. Anyway Gwar, must recommend regular and healthy intercourse then, obviously!)
Gwar - Violence Has Arrived (Metal Blade 2001, its the new Gwar album!)
Peter Hammill - In Camera (Van Der Graaf Generator-era solo album from 1975, it is gothic and haunting psychedelia with several VdGG members guesting, it is an essential Hammill classic in the best VdGG tradition, and like most of the early Hammill solo outings, essentially a VdGG album..)
Peter Hammill - The Storm (Before The Calm) [compilation]
Peter Hammill - Loops And Reels (Analog Experiments 1980 -1983)
Peter Hammill - Out Of Water
Hawkwind - Hawkwind (remaster)
Hawkwind - In Search Of Space (remaster)
Hawkwind - Doremi Fasol Latido (remaster)
Hawkwind - Space Ritual (remaster)
Hawkwind - Hall Of The Mountain Grill (remaster)
Hawkwind - Warrior On The Edge Of Time (Dojo)
Hawkwind - Astounding Sounds, Amazing Music
Hawkwind - Quark, Strangeness & Charm
Hawkwind - PXR5
Hawkwind - Hawklords: 25 Years On
Hawkwind - Hawklords: Hawklords Live
Hawkwind - Live '79
Hawkwind - Levitation
Hawkwind - Sonic Attack
Hawkwind - Choose Your Masques
Hawkwind - Church Of Hawkwind
Hawkwind - Zones
Hawkwind - This Is Hawkwind, Do Not Panic
Hawkwind - Chronicle of The Black Sword (Flicknife 1985, SHARP033: Being the first Hawkwind album I ever bought back in 1988 in high school, the original release on the Flicknife label, "Chronicle of The Black Sword" proved it was only a matter of time before the undisputed Kings of Spacerock and British underground institution, the trusty crew of Star Rats led by Baron Dave Brock himself, the mighty Hawkwind, would release a concept album based on long time collaborator Michael Moorcock's mythological fantasy hero cycle, starring the apocalypse junkie warrior Elric of Melnibone and his soul drinking black sword Stormbringer. Having yet again teamed up with bassist Alan Davey (Al Chemical), drummer Danny Thompson (D.T. Turbine), guitarist Huw Lloyd Langton (Rocky Paths) and synthmeister Harvey Bainbridge (Black Earl Brainbox), this 80s classic lineup of Hawkwind also went on to do several successful theatrical live performances of the material at the Hammersmith Odeon in 1985 and 86 which was celebrated in the form of a video and a following double live album, "Live Chronicles". Kicking off with "Song of The Swords", a rocking Brock heavy metal tune with a snarling and challenging vocal line, "Chronicle of The Black Sword" is qute a varied effort as shown with the next track, Bainbridge's "Shade Gate", a gently soothing and rhythmic ambient piece of psychedelia, followed by a characteristic Langton piece, "Sea King". Overall, the album is a great mix of varied lyrical and musical material, with the classic live hit "Needle Gun" sounding something like a souped up, evil sounding ZZ Top! "Elric" is an excellent rock number poetically chronicling the central character, "Zarozinia" a distant, drifting psychedelic ballad of Elric's magickally sleeping lover-cousin, and "Arioch" is a ripping piece of acid drenched instrumental speed metal summoning the diety and Lord of Chaos himself. Other tracks like "Chaos Army" and "The Demise" are more atmospheric and theatrical pieces chronicling the onmarching horror hordes of the forces of Chaos and Elric's sacrifice to Arioch. "Sleep of A 1000 Tears" is a Moorcock co-penned classic Hawkwind styled driving psychedelic rock number. The original Flicknife version of the CD came with an excellent live version of the classic "Assault & Battery", something of a biker anthem off 1975's classic "Warrior on The Edge of Time" LP. Overall, with "Chronicle of The Black Sword", Hawkwind had proven that "concept" wasn't dead afterall in the UK underground scene of the mid-80s, and that heavy metal could survive just as well along with it.)
Hawkwind - Chronicle Of The Black Sword (Griffin version)
Hawkwind - Out & Intake
Hawkwind - Live Chronicles
Hawkwind - Xenon Codex
Hawkwind - Undisclosed Files: Addendum
Hawkwind - California Brainstorm (Cyclops version)
Hawkwind - Electric Tepee
Hawkwind - Gimme Shelter EP (Hawkwind w/Samantha Fox and other bands, charity EP)
Hawkwind - Decide Your Future EP (remixes)
Hawkwind - The Business Trip: Live
Hawkwind - It Is The Business Of The Future To Be Dangerous
Hawkwind - Psychedelic Warriors: The White Zone
Hawkwind - Alien 4
Hawkwind - Area S4 (EP)
Hawkwind - Love In Space (2CD live)
Hawkwind - Future Reconstructions: Ritual Of The Solstice (techno remixes)
Hawkwind - Love In Space EP
Hawkwind - Distant Horizons
Hawkwind - In Your Area
Hawkwind - Live 1997 (This excellent live CD, made availible only to Hawkwind's authorized "passport holders" through mail order directly from the band, contains scorching punkrock versions of classic Hawkwind numbers, as well as more recent material. Ron Tree, Alan Davey, Dave Brock and Jerry Richards blaze through this kickass set containing old and new classics including "Ejection", Aerospaceage Inferno", "Phetamine Street", "Alchemy" and "Reptoid Vision", this CD showcasing Hawkwind as a highly capable touring and recording band of the 90's, at least in this incarnation of spacerock's undisputed pioneers.)
Hawkwind - The Text Of Festival: Hawkwind Live 1970-72
Hawkwind - Masters Of The Universe (Magnum, live early days)
Hawkwind - BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert (Windsong)
Hawkwind - Space Rock From London (German remix bootleg of BBC Radio 1)
Hawkwind - Bring Me The Head Of Yuri Gagarin: Live At The Empire Pool
Hawkwind - Space Ritual Volume 2 (Magnum live compilation)
Hawkwind - 1999 Party: Live At The Chicago Auditorium, March 21, 1974 (remastered)
Hawkwind - Atomhenge '76 (Voiceprint)
Hawkwind - Complete '79: Collectors Edition (Voiceprint 2CD)
Hawkwind - Choose Your Masques: Live 1982: Collectors Edition (Voiceprint 2CD)
Hawkwind - The Friday Rock Show Sessions: Live At Reading '86 (Raw Fruit)
Hawkwind - Live In Space 1990 (Italian live CD from book set)
Hawkwind - Live At Glastonbury 1990 (Voiceprint)
Hawkwind - Kings Of Speed, Lords Of Light (live bootleg 1991)
Hawkwind - Masters Of The Universe (EMI compilation)
Hawkwind - Stasis: The U.A. Years
Hawkwind - Tales From Atom Henge: The Robert Calvert Years
Hawkwind - British Tribal Music (live compilation)
Hawkwind - Anthology Vol. 1 (live compilation)
Hawkwind - The Best Of (Castle budget live compilation)
Hawkwind - Independent Days Vol. 1 & 2 (Flicknife compilation)
Hawkwind - Mighty Hawkwind Classics: 1980-1985 (Flicknife compilation)
Hawkwind - Ambient Anarchists (compilation)
Hawkwind - Theta Orionis (live bootleg compilation 90-95)
Hawkwind (V.A.) - Asassins Of Silence: Hundred Watt Violence (Ceres tribute)
Hawkwind (V.A.) - Covers All Vol. I: I Am A Clone I Am Not Alone (unofficial tributes)
Hawkwind (V.A.) - Covers All Vol. II: Shadows Of The Hawk
Hawkwind (V.A.) - Covers All Vol. III: Charged With Cosmic Energy
Hawkwind (V.A.) - Covers All Vol. IV: Designed To Rob You Of Your Mind
Hawkwind (V.A.) - The Best Of Hawkwind, Friends And Relations (Flicknife)
Hawkwind (V.A.) - The Best Of Friends And Relations (Anagram)
Hawkwind (V.A.) - Friends And Relations, The Rarities (Anagram)
Hawkwind (V.A.) - Friends And Relations: Cosmic Travellers (Anagram)
Hawkwind (V.A.) - Traveller's Aid Trust
Hawkwind (V.A.) - The Elf & The Hawk (Alan Davey "The Elf" EP & "Hawkfan 12" LP)
HawXtar - HawXtar (Hawkwind's Nik Turner and DarXtar live in Jonköping, Sweden)
Helios Creed - Lactating Purple (AmRep 1992, Helios Creed's early industrial spacerock guitar workouts remain a gothic relative to the legacy of his early work with Chrome, this short yet excellent album is loaded with samples and electronics not to menion the usual awesome brew of gothic sci-fi punkrock.)
Helios Creed - Kiss To The Brain(AmRep 1993)
Helios Creed - Planet X (1994 Amphetamine Reptile release, and probably the best of Helios Creed's string of albums for this label, its unsettlingly alien and industrial guitar driven spacerock frenzy, being essentially furious instrumental punkrock saturated with hallucinogenic electronics and samples. Very much an 'abduction' themed piece of work, this awesome album may appear disturbingly 'alien' to those who have never been exposed any of Helios Creed's previous releases.)
Helios Creed - Cosmic Assault (Cleopatra 1995)
Helios Creed - Busting Through The Van Allen Belt (A latter day Cleopatra label release, being a hodgepodge of material culled from several US tours and forgotten studio scraps, including unidentified bits from Nik Turner's Space Ritual 1994 tour as well, this is a patchy yet interesting and retrospective collection, closing Helios Creed's "classic" period.)
Jimi Hendrix - The Essential Jimi Hendrix: Volumes One And Two
Iron Maiden - The Number Of The Beast
Iron Maiden - Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son
Joy Divison - First EP
Here & Now - All Over The Show
High Tide - Sea Shanties (UK 1969, Liberty. This is towering, mystical and sinister sounding psychedelic heavy rock drifting somewhere between classic Black Sabbath and The Doors, perhaps with the lyrical mysticism of The Grateful Dead, it is lush and heady "fin de siecle" styled heavy guitar and organ driven psychedelia featuring Tony Hill (The Misunderstood), Simon House (Hawkwind, Third Ear Band), Pete Pavli (Deep Fix) and Roger Hadden.)
High Tide - High Tide (Liberty, 1970)
Steve Hillage (Gong) - Fish Rising
Steve Hillage (Gong) - L
Steve Hillage (Gong) - Rainbow Dome Muzik
Hogmountin - Tales From the Iron Lung
Simon House (Hawkwind) - Yassasim
Hüsker Dü - Everything Falls Apart And More (Hüsker Dü's first album from 1980 is a definite hardcore classic, and the CD version comes with several bonus tracks. Uncompromisingly political and brutal in their early days, Bob Mould, Grant Hart and Greg Norton blasted through angry and brutally heavy hardcore punk 100 mph workouts like "From The Gut", "Signals From Above", "M.I.C." and "Lets Go Die", yet they shone through with the melancholy pop sensibilies of songs like "Do You Remember?" and "Everything Falls Apart", finely crafted pop something the band would later be swallowed by on albums like their final effort "Warehouse, Songs And Stories" from 1987, which recognized Mould & co. as forefathers of US indierock, as well as being remembered as hardcore pioneers.)
Hüsker Dü - Zen Arcade (SST 1984, probably THE classic Hüsker Dü album, a majestic slab of experimental hardcore, ripping open the underside of middle-American dystopia of the 1980's, its people and their lives. Musically, Hüsker Dü were by now 'way out there' experimental, moving through aggressive and paranoid psychedelia or out-of-control heavy metal riffing, angry acoustic numbers and brutal hardcore punk workouts. "Zen Arcade" is an epic, gritty and angry double album, and the creative peak of Hüsker Dü's output and a piece of classic US hardcore, mostly Mould and Hart's typically emotionally laden work, it remains a seminal album by most popular definitions, be it punk, metal, indierock, psychedelia, hardcore or otherwise.)
Icarus - The Marvel World Of Icarus (1971, a bizarre UK rock album based on Marvel Comics characters, and quite an interesting record. Sounds abit like Groundhogs, being mostly bluesy progressive rock affairs, each song chronicling a different superhero character. It's pretty silly stuff mostly for collectors, really...)
Ides Of March - The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine No More 7"
Iggy & The Stooges - Fun House (second album, 1970)
Iggy & The Stooges - Raw Power (remaster) (Perhaps THE greatest rock'n'roll album ever, released in 1973, "Raw Power" remains an essential cornerstone in anyone's rock'n'roll or punk collection. Detroit's finest, Iggy & The Stooges, flew all the way to London to record this but it really doesen't matter at all... hell, Iggy meets David Bowie again in the liner notes, too. Anyway, "Search And Destroy" remains the most well known track off this immortal death-rock institution of a rock'n'roll masterpiece, along with other sublime classics like the title track itself, "Gimme Danger" and "Death Trip". )
Iggy & The Stooges - 2 X Metallic K.O. (live 73-74, Skydog pirate release) (Iggy's foulmouthed banter towards an increasingly violent audience on this album make this quite funny at times, though its all edgy as hell and doesen't detract from the songs or the album as a whole at all, indeed "Rich Bitch" and "Cock In My Pocket" are more or less introduced this way and are certainly enhanced by Iggy's anger and emotion towards his increasingly violent audience or subjects. The more soul-baring tracks here are still delivered with utmost authority and intimacy as always... you know Iggy doesen't fuck around with any of this shit; love, loathing or real pain - and he certainly takes that broken glass to the head with all that other flying food and other hurled projectiles hitting the stage like a man!)
Igra Staklein Perli - Igra Staklein Perli (spacey Hungarian gothrock LP from 1978.)
Inner City Unit (Nik Turner) - Passout: The 360 Degree Deliria Sound (Having been fired from legendary spacerockers Hawkwind in 1976, and having passed through various mystical and magickal oriented recording projects (the heavily Egyptian ritual 1978 Sphynx album being one), before finding his feet with this legendary band of acid fuelled punkrock pioneers known as Inner City Unit, saxophonist/vocalist Nik Turner and this entourage of social outcasts recorded what is possibly one of the finest punk albums of the early 80s. Otherwise consisting of Trev Thoms (guitar, vocals), Dead Fred (keyboards, vocals), Baz Magneto (bass, vocals) and Mick Stupp on drums, the debut album opens with the maniacal and mechanical nod to the infamous video game of the same name, "Space Invaders", and "Passout" immediately proves that this band were on their own and very much out there. From the classic "Watching The Grass Grow", a mystical and energetic chronicle of transgenderous time travel, the song quite often covered by Hawkwind in later years when Turner would guest inbetween stints with ICU, the reggae version of Hawkwind's crack acid explosion classic "Brainstorm", the observational, sweaty and anarchic "Cybernetic Love", to wildly psychedelic Apocalypse-punk tracks like "Fallout" (with the classic lyric line: "my baby's got no feet, when I hold her little hand in mine it comes off in mine, when I kiss your lips so tenderly they come off in my mouth, and when I look into your eyes I realize they are in a glass jar on the shelf!") and the more politically charged punkrock of "Nuclear Waste", the album is an explosion of LSD fuelled mania closed off by a killer version of Hawkwind's classic "Master of The Universe" and the excellent pop flavored punk tune "Amyl Nitrate". The CD rerelase of "Passout" came with several bonus tracks, among them the apocalyptic hardcore wipeout single "Paint Your Windows White", which was released a video as well, and a great live version of the epic "Bones of Elvis", telling the tale of The King, his mom, his nation and his many heroic deeds before passing on, the song attempting to magickally ressurect The King from suspended animation. Otherwise, the ripping raw version of "Johnny B. Goode" and a wild jam version of Hawkwind's "Spirit Of The Age" makes the CD version of "Passout" an excellent addition to the original LP release as well as an excellent introduction to new fans. Inner City Unit barbarically soldiered on until 1986, releasing many classic albums and singles, and having recently reformed for an album without Turner, they are fondly remembered as possibly one of the most original additions to the 80's UK underground punk scene.)
Inner City Unit (Nik Turner) - Newanatomy (Final classic ICU album, 1985)
Jane's Addiction - Nothing's Shocking
Jane's Addiction - Ritual De Lo Habitual
Jessamine - Jessamine
Jessamine - The Long Arm Of Coincidence
Jethro Tull - Too Old To Rock 'n' Roll: Too Young To Die! (1976 concept album from The Tull, it even came with a comic by 2 000 A.D. artist Dave Gibbons. The album chronicling the adventures of the last real rocker, Ray Lomas, it is entertaining enough in idea and story, and it also contains some pretty good songs, and posessing, if nothing else, some personal nostalgic value, this fairly overlooked effort actually being better than most Jethro Tull albums in my opinion, a band I will gladly admit to having always found quite sucky anyway.)
Jethro Tull - Broadsword And The Beast
JFK, jr. Royal Airforce - JFK, jr. Royal Airforce (This heady psychedelic brew of biker-spacerock from NYC seem to draw their appealingly diverse influences from a wide array of psychedelia, garagerock and punk. The band consisting of Evil Jim (bass), Billy Syndrome (guitar) Cliff Ferndon (drums), Scott Prato (guitar) and presumably all of them on vocals, this debut CDR album on Slutfish Records opens with the heavy and extended psychedelic freakout piece, "Nobody's Flying The Plane", and carries on through other cerebrally invigorating and madly flaring psychedelic gems experienced with this acid-driven slab of pure spacerock, like the frantic and claustrophobic mania of "Invisible World", the mystical and meditative "Open Up The Temples Of Space", existential dementia of "Devils And Gods", or the melodic appeal of the final hidden track which for some reason reminds me abit of "Magic Toy Missing" by The Meat Puppets, to these ears anyway. Overall, naming likely influences or comparisons, then the early Amon Düül's communal tribal rackets, Captain Beefheart's psychedelic freakouts, the soundsculpture artpunk of Sonic Youth, the extended spacerock jams of early 70's Hawkwind, the acid-infused 60's garage-psych of The 13th Floor Elevators, the marshy guitar psychedelia of The Bevis Frond, the wah wah and fuzz infested grungerock of Mudhoney, and finally, the frenzied guitar workouts of early Guru Guru all must have made some kind of dent in this band's record collection. This, their first album, remains a mighty recommended piece of quality jammin' freedomrock for anyone into past or current underground psychedelia and spacerock.)
JFK, jr. Royal Airforce - Ridicule EP
Jokke & Valentinerne - Et Hundeliv
Jokke & Valentinerne - Frelst!
Kaleidoscope - Blues From Baghdad: The Very Best Of Kaleidoscope
Killing Joke - Pandemonium
Killing Joke - Democracy
King Crimson - 1969-1971 (from box set)
Kingston Wall - Kingston Wall (mainly influenced by the likes of Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin, this rather underrated early 90's heavy acidrock band disbanded when guitarist and singer/songwriter Petri Walli commited suicide. Walli's personal struggles marked their better songs off this 1992 album, like "With My Mind", "Waste Of Time" and "And I Hear You Call".)
Kluster - Klopfzeichen (Recorded in a church in 1971, this experimantal two part early industrial piece is prime postwar-generation German experiental rock.)
Korai Öröm - Korai Öröm '96 (Hungary's heavy acid instrumentalists carry the Ship Of Fools, Ozric Tentacles and Tribe Of Cro tradition of freestyle festival-style instrumental spacerock to new heights, this being their second album.)
Kraan - Kraan
Kraan - Wintrup
Kraftwerk - Kraftwerk
Kraftwerk - Kraftwerk 2
Kula Shaker - Sound Of Drums EP (incl. cover of Hawkwind's "Hurry On Sundown" )
Kyuss - ...And The Circus Leaves Town
Legendary Pink Dots - Legendary Pink Box (2CD compilation)
Legendary Pink Dots - Curse
Legendary Pink Dots - The Golden Age
Legendary Pink Dots - Asylum
Legendary Pink Dots - The Tower
Legendary Pink Dots - Faces In The Fire
Legendary Pink Dots - Canta Mientas Puedras (compilation)
Legendary Pink Dots - From Here You'll Watch The World Go By
Legendary Pink Dots - Hallway Of The Gods
The Legendary Pink Dots - Live At The Metro
Legendary Stardust Cowboy - Rock It To Stardom (On pink vinyl! David Bowie even was an early fan, and Ledge, as he is known as amongst his many friends, rides the cosmic lightning trail fantastic, once again delivering his demented and chaotic frontier rock'n'roll destruction, this here explosive record not being for the faint hearted!)
Legendary Stardust Cowboy - My Underwear Froze To The Clothesline/Standing In A Trashcan, Thinking Of You 7"
Levitation - Need For Not
Lithium X-Mas - Helldorado (spooky underground psychrock album from '91 which includes a great Ultimate Spinach, namely "Hip Death Godess".)
Lloyd-Langton Group (Hawkwind) - Night Air
Love - Love Story 1966-1972 (2CD box set)
Arnold Mathes - Amrak (killer punk synthesizer stuff in the style of Klaus Schulze and Harvey Bainbridge)
Mayhem - Deathcrush (1st mini album)
Magma - Mekhanik Destruktiw Khommando
Magma - Kohntarkhosz
Magma - Live
Magma - Udu Wudu
Magma - Attahk
Magma - Retrospektiw III (live)
Magnog - Magnog
MC5 - Kick Out The Jams
MC5 - Back In The USA
Terence McKenna & Spacetime Continuum - Alien Dreamtime
Melting Euphoria - Through The Strands Of Time
Melting Euphoria - Upon The Solar Winds
Mercury Rev - Carwash Hair EP (1991, brilliant debut!)
Mercury Rev - Yerself Is Steam/Lego My Ego (2CD)
Mercury Rev - Deserter's Songs
Mercury Rev - All Is Dream
Metallica - Master Of Puppets
Misfits - Misfits (Plan 9 compilation of Glenn Danzig's early horror-punk outings with The Misfits remains classic late 70's/early 80's US undead garage fuelled punkrock.)
Moonloonies - Detonator (Mystic Stones label, w/Crum, later live Hawkwind synthman)
The Moor - Every Pixie Sells A Story (Sweden's The Moor are a unique gothic prog/psych band that draws much from bands like Höst and even Killing Joke, Tiamat and Hawkwind.)
The Moor - Flux (interesting Swedish psychedelic/darkwave/folk from Kenneth Magnusson & co., with Nik Turner of Hawkwind on sax)
Michael Moorcock & The Deep Fix - New World's Fair (w/Hawkwind members)
Mooseheart Faith Stellar Groove Band - Golden Light
Mooseheart Faith Stellar Groove Band - Magic Square Of The Sun
Mooseheart Faith Stellar Groove Band - Cosmic Dialogues
Mooseheart Faith Stellar Groove Band - Global Brain
Mooseheart Faith Stellar Groove Band - March of The Mind Parasites 7"
Mooseheart Faith Stellar Groove Band - Mass Coronal Injection
Moreland Audio - Turbogold
Mötorhead - On Parole (First unrealeased EMI album from 1976, later rerecorded for Chiswick, this remaster includes bonus tracks by Pink Fairies legend Larry Wallis like "City Kids" and "Vibrator", as well some rock'n'roll covers and classic Motörhead numbers like "On Parole" and "Motörhead", showcasing the band in their early days as a streetwise and pioneering metal act, being very much a slice of prime punk as well.)
Mötorhead - Welcome To the Bear Trap (compilation) (Having, in dire need of fast earned cash, sold most of my Motörhead collection, aside from numerous dodgy tape compilations I've made over the years, miraculously kept this lone tome of budget price Motörhead memories highlighted by such immortal classics such as the killer live version of "Motörhead", followed by other classics such as "Overkill", "Talking Head", "Rock It", "Iron Fist", "I Got Mine", "Snaggletooth", "Stone Dead Forever" and "Ace Of Spades", and having in addition seen them perform live 6 or 7 times over the past decade, the spirit of Motörhead resurrected in living form in the shape of Lemmy Kilminster himself, ex-Sam Gopal and Hawkwind bassist and heavy metal legend, heralding the age of amphetamines and free love to a frothing audience of headbangers in heavy metal frenzy bathing in the flashing strobelights and pulsating and explosively overloaded amps' deafening fuzz, violently drilling holes in heads and surgically removing heartbeats, primal rock'n'roll never having sounded as bloody or destructive as the metallic onslaught of Motörhead...)
Mötorpsycho - Demon Box
Motorpsycho - The Nerve Tattoo EP
Mudhoney - Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge
Mudhoney - Five Dollar Bob's Mock Cooter Stew
Mushroom Band - Magic (Also known as The Magic Mushroom Band, they were a great UK festival band, here playing their mushroom-friendly and Krsna-cuddly psychedelia...)
My Bloody Valentine - Loveless (classic 80's gothband's shimmering shoegazer highlight album from 1992 was a big indie hit in England and spearheaded other indie/4AD/Creation bands like Lush, Boo Radleys and Curve)
National Steam - National Steam (US electronic Quarkspace spinoff)
Nektar - A Tab In The Ocean
Nektar - Journey To The Centre Of The Eye
Neu! - Neu!
Neu! - Neu! 2
Neu! - Neu! '75
New Bomb Turks/Entombed - I Hate People/Night Of The Vampire split 7"
Nirvana - Hormoaning
Omnia Opera - Omnia Opera
Omnia Opera - Red Shift
Orange Goblin - Frequencies From Planet Ten
Orange Goblin - Time Travelling Blues
Orb - U.F.Orb
Orb - Pomme Fritz
Orb - Orbus Terrarum
Orb - Orblivion
Outskirts Of Infinity - Stoned Crazy (Bari Watts and co. here delivering a blistering live/studio effort of heavy guitar psychrock on this 1989 album, the CD includes some nice Bevis Frond covers and a very nice and heavy acid cover of Cream's classic "Tales Of Brave Ulysees" too.)
Ozric Tentacles - Pungent Effulgent (This, their first album has somewhat tinny production, though its still not bad instrumental festy guitar psych and exotic spacerock electronics.)
Ozric Tentacles - Strangeitude (The mindexpandingly complex structural, abstract and rhythmic progressions of the title track evolves on you like three hits of LSD kicking in on multiple orgasms, The Ozrics being pioneers of their patented brand of highly exotic instrumental hi-tech, yet twisted and organic acidrock. The album was released in 1991, the title track, as well as the single off the album, sounds like something Timothy Leary himself would have given his left hand to experience in person, just to verify this incredibly far-out band truly fucking exist. The Ozric's only single to date, "Sploosh!", was a freak UK indie hit, and was even aired on MTV Europe's "120 Minutes" in 1992 and was also used in a BMW commercial, being a throbbing and exotic piece of instrumental organic techno-acidrock mixing Neu!'s minimalist spacewalk progressions of "Hallogallo" melding with Gong's blissfully building trancerock of "Master Builder". The single certainly captures the Ozrics at their most 'economical' musically, and if one gets into an argument with anyone about it, the single is probably as central and important to early 90's UK house, techno and indie as Primal Scream's "Loaded", Psychic TV's "E-Male" or The Shamen's "(I Can ) Move Any Mountain" were to the people blowing and expanding their minds at the time... Otherwise, the rest of the album itself remains somewhat less accessible, being mostly angular, complex, exotic and driven intrumental guitar heavy techno-rock, however, The Ozrics must have been the complete antisthesis to The Orb's ambient ramblings, as regards what was really happening to psychedelic and electronic music and subculture, and the burgeoning UK 'indie' scene at the time.)
Ozric Tentacles - Live Underslunky (Great live album from the Ozrics, highlights being their sparky signature spacerock ditty "Erpland" (from "Erpland"), and the slithering heavy metal acid guitar assault and psychedelic feeding frenzy of "Kick Muck" (originally on "Pungent Effulgent"). And who cares about all the spiteful and head-slaggin' bile UK indie press like NME gave this fine band at the time... Freakbeat certainly liked 'em alot more than what your average dirtbag dribbling indie-hack could ever muster up between his very own trend-jumping self and his ignorant and unedible little brain... Ack! Just adopt a gang of crusties, kids...)
Ozric Tentacles - Arborescence (1994 album sees the band moving in a more mid-eastern style, some member replacements in the band, and it is probably a reason why their style is becoming more ambient, rhythmic and streamlined. An average effort, but still not bad.)
Parliament - Mothership Connection
Parliament - Clones Of Dr. Funkenstein
Pavement - Westing... (By Musket And Sextant)
Pavement - Watery, Domestic EP
Pink Fairies - Pink Fairies (Polydor early days compilation CD)
Pink Fairies - Live At The Roundhouse/Previously Unreleased/Twink '77 (on one CD, the "Previously Unreleased" set is exceptional rock'n'roll fronted by Larry Wallis.)
Pink Floyd - London '66-'67 (live EP)
Pink Floyd - 1967: The First 3 Singles (EP)
Pink Floyd - Piper At The Gates Of Dawn (remaster)
Pink Floyd - A Saucerful Of Secrets (remaster)
Pink Floyd (V.A.) - A Saucerful Of Pink (Cleopatra tribute 2CD)
Pressurehed - Infadrone
Pressurehed - Sudden Vertigo
Pressurehed - Explaining The Unexplained
Primal Scream - Screamadelica (Creation, 1991. This UK band revolved around Bobby Gillespie, having been sacked from The Jesus And Mary Chain, and forming Primal Scream as a rock band in the late 80's. "Screamadelica" having had massive UK chart success and even making waves in Europe and the US later on. Mainly influenced by psychedelia, blues, ambient and house, they had a fairly large international hit with "Loaded", being a drugged out piece of danceable biker rock, brilliantly covering the classic 13th Floor Elevators track "Slip Inside This House", and had other club hits like "Don't Fight It, Feel It", otherwise generally treading on ambient territory with album cuts like "Higher Than The Sun", this kind of exotic elecronica being popular with the early 90's UK indie and house scene, the album being variously guest produced by The Orb's Dr. Alex Paterson and Thrash, Rolling Stones producer Jimmy Miller, as well as featuring Jah Wobble, the album's main producer being Andrew Weatherall. Primal Scream moved more towards southern fried rock a la Black Crowes during later years, but remain remembered for this sole hit album.)
Primal Scream - Xterminator
Pseudo Sun - Future Memoirs (Juba from Dark Sun, this is heavy metal spacerock...)
Psychic TV - Force The Hand Of Chance
Psychic TV - Dreams Less Sweet
Quarkspace - Live Orion
Queen - Jazz
Queen - Greatest Hits
Queen - Live Magic
Ra Can Row - Ra Can Row (This early 80's underground instrumental, guitar-driven US spacerock LP sounds mysteriously like the Ozric Tentacles and comes recommended to any acidrock fans...)
Joey Ramone - Don't Worry About Me
Ramones - Anthology (2CD collection spanning The Ramones career)
Red Harvest - The Maztür Nation EP
Residents - Not Availible
Ride - Nowhere
Ride - Going Blank Again
Nick Riff - Cloak Of Immortality
Rolling Stones - Greatest Hits
Saint Of Killers - Saint Of Killers
Screaming Trees - Anthology: SST Years 1985-1989 (Fine atmospheric US acidpsych, combining The 13th Floor Elevators ca. "Easter Everywhere", "paisley" psych and the 80's US psychrock of The Meat Puppets. This band ended up being caught with the hysterical "grunge" bandwagon of the early 90's as they also hailed from Sub Pop label homestate of Washington, but stood apart from the rest of their compadres as much more adventurous, being a fine band of musicians creating some damn poetic and classic psychedelia, and not just cannonfodder for teenagers in lumberjack shirts riding the coattails of a media fuelled hysteria wave, the Trees being abit over-experienced and cerebrally stimulating for most suburban US punk-reject kids into the latest monthly "grunge" flavor. However, the Trees did manage to have a couple of hits off their excellent 1992 "Sweet Oblivion" album, a classic album which showcased a veteran band having grown into a ripe old age of smoky and lyrical maturity. This SST anthology however, contains many fine selections from their early and lush, melodic and slightly more playful psychedelic period, they created finely crafted and richly cerebral and haunting psychedelia, music which probably had more in common with the British underground psychedelic scene at the time than anything emerging from the US at the time, their early works being highly recommended to fans of everything from The Bevis Frond to The Chameleons to Mercury Rev and beyond.)
Sex Pistols - Never Mind The Bollocks (with bonus disc)
Shamen - Strange Days Dream (The Shamen's early pre-techno late 80's acid rock and industrial EP and 7" output was collected on this Italian label 1991 CD which also includes the excellent title track, as well as some rather brilliant cover material ranging from Syd Barrett ("Golden Hair", "Long Gone", "Its All Around"), The 13th Floor Elevators ("Fire Engine") and even The Turtles ("Grim Reaper Of Love"). As for other highlights, The Shamen's own "CM Says Alot" is a hallucinogenic spoken industrial piece, consisting of a rather fascinating interview with British politician Christopher Mayhew unravelling his first psychedelic experience under the influence of mescaline during government drug tests in the early 1960's. Their first proper album, "In Gorbachev We Trust" from 1990, saw the band completely convert their style to techno for the rest of their career. Considering The Shamen's two surviving original core members, originally having worked as male nurses at a mental hospital, and the highly influental legacy of 60's acid guru Timothy Leary's neo-shamanist and politically charged liberal drug attitude and marking the band as true heads preaching psychedelic gospel, particularly in the wake of their big house hit and commercial breaktrough single "(I Can) Move Any Mountain", The Shamen as a techno outfit peaking in notoriety during their twilight years in the early and mid 90's, collaborating with hallucinogenic drug prophet Terence McKenna on their "Re: Evolution" album in 1993, before rather blatantly promoting Exctacy in the pop charts with their hit single "Ebeneezer Goode", eventually dropping more or less completely out of sight in its wake, reemerging sporadically, eventually remixing a song on Gong's "You're Remixed" double CD in 1998, dwindling further into psychedelic obscurity.)
Adrian Shaw (Hawkwind/Bevis Frond) - Tea For The Hydra
Ship Of Fools - Out There Somewhere...
Ship Of Fools - Close Your Eyes (Forget The World)
Seigmen - Ameneon
Siemers - Inter Pares (A 43 track CDR described as "punk/improv/rhythmical/ambient/noise from past and present", Siemers is a German avant-garde punk/noise outfit claiming to have existed since 1957. For those who are fans of Einstürzende Neübaten's industrial works, Deathsquad UK's noise and EBM flavored workouts or Ulver's post black-metal works like "Perdition City", Siemers must seem to hit the mark. Quite exciting and experimental, the 43 compositions here seem to echo a tight and workmanlike approach to making modern and experimental music. They do surprisingly do a violent cover of The Kinks "You Really Got Me" which also kicks ass. It's possibly the lost soundtrack to the last generation of goths, what more can I say? "inter pares" is indeed an intellectually stimulating work. Buy as CDR or download on the net for free at Recommended.)
Simple Minds - Real To Real Cacophony (early compilation, produced by John Leckie 1982, it sounds like The Legendary Pink Dots at their most mysterious LSD infused early 80's New Wave style)
Siouxie And The Banshees - Twice Upon A Time: The Singles
Sisters Of Mercy - Some Girls Wander By Mistake (compilation '80-83)
Soft Machine - Volumes One & Two (First two albums on one CD) (being classic 67-68 UK psych, this innovative band contained future Gong's Daevid Allen. Pataphysics and cerebrally stimulating psychedelia creating a stylish, playful and jazzy kind of complex beat-rock. Fans of Syd Barrett's lyrical and musical genius will get hooked immediately, Soft Machine belonging to a typically English psychedelic tradition, though remaining more sophisticated than most of their experimental underground ilk of the time. Later post-psych UK bands like Van Der Graaf Generator, Henry Cow and of course Allen's own Gong also carried the torch onward, while Soft Machine themselves, and even the late 70's Allen-less incarnation of Gong, evolved into fusion bands, the returning Allen later reviving the ailing Gong from dry-dock fusion-disaster after working with many Gong spinoff projects during the late 70's and 80's, Soft Machine itself as a band lumbering on throughout the 70's as a rather maturing and experimental fusion band, with such offshoots as Robert Wyatt's early 70's Matching Mole branching off from the ever changing Soft Machine incarnations.)
Spacemen 3 - The Singles (EP compilation) (Classic 80's UK psych from this groundbreaking Rugby band that later split into Spiritualized and Spectrum/Sonic Boom; it's massive and lumbering garage drug rock that manages to nod out between MC5 and 13th Floor Elevators covers to infinite, symphonic feedback drones. It's drugged out jamrock accompanied by soul-stripping heroin gospel and heavy psychedelic lyrics, they were rock'n'roll for those who don't always manage to leave the house... imagine the stinking corpse of a rotting Iggy Pop being continuously baptized by junkies. The Spacemen 3 were great when they were great and sometimes more often than not were awful beyond beleif as so many of their crappy live releases prove. This awesome Taang! compilation contains the creme de la creme of their output as far as I am fucking concerned, anyway. Like an idiot Hawkwind, they influenced everybody from Mudhoney to Primal Scream nearly without moving and probably having very little sex.)
Spiral Realms - Trip To G9 (w/Hawkwind and Anubian Lights members)
Spirit - Potatoland
Spiritual Beggars - Mantra (Mighty powerful and heavy Swedish doom-metal and psychedelic stoner boogie, much like a testosterone cross between Orange Goblin and Fu Manchu. Pretty cool band, except the singer calls himself "Spice" for some reason. Promo, 1998.)
Stone Roses - Made Of Stone (rare compilation)
Stormclouds - Not Of This Earth
Stranglers - The Singles: The U.A. Years
Sugar - Copper Blue (I had this and "Beaster" on Rykodisc when I lived in the USA, and just bought back the Creation release of "Copper Blue", the first two Sugar releases being classic alterna-rock from ex-Hüsker Dü frontman Bob Mould and co in the early 90's)
Suicide - Suicide (New York synth punk duo Martin Rev and Alan Vega had already formed Suicide as early as 1972, the name originating from the extremely nihilistic attitude of the band and was taken from the back of Alan Vega's jacket, which read "Suicide" just to shock. Coming out of the same era and urban milieu that spawned such NYC punk and metal acts like The Ramones, The Dictators and Blue Oyster Cult, Suicide stood apart from the rest of their fellow comic book and LSD fuelled cohorts of the early NYC punk scene of the 1970's, Suicide being something of a musically avant garde outfit of the time, consisting of just a drum machine and keyboards, the duo being self proclaimed acid casualties on a mission to wreak havoc in the city. Opening with the awesome and anthemic punk classic "Ghost Rider", Suicide's first album is a scorching minimalistic exercise of the purest distilled rock'n'roll. "Rocket USA" is another classic and archetypical NYC punk piece, followed by the beautifully enchanting "Cheree", perhaps being the perfect piece to forever fall in love to, or maybe just to get high to, the lyrics being subliminally kinky and teasingly romantic, telling a most intimate and teasing tale of a comic-book love fantasy of sorts. Another highlight is "Frankie Teardrop", a psychotic ten minute freakout chronicling the young factory worker who cannot afford to feed his family and makes a final and fatal decision, the piece being alot like The Doors "The End" on crack or something. "Che" is a soaring tribute to the famous Communist revolutionary, romantically in a way: "Che, wearing a red star, smokin' a cigar... and when he died, the whole world lied ...", the simple and powerful synthesizer and lyrics, the hauntingly epic and minimalist piece itself hailing the revolutionary as some kind of diety. Another sexually innuendo loaded track is "Girl", which comes off as something of a dirty tease as much as "Cheree" is a sublime love song. The CD rerelease comes with an extra disc recorded live at CBGB's in 1978, the highlight being the slab of live sonic mayhem, "23 Minutes Over Brussels", along with "Mr. Ray" and "I Remember" as other worthy selections from the set. Hailed as pioneers already in their day, Suicide's first album is a true classic, and remains an essential record in anyone's punk or new wave collection. It certainly captures the grittier essence of the darker side of the NYC scene of the 1970's, and is a groundbreaking piece of electronic and poetic fury, and a rock'n'roll masterpiece.)
Sun Dial (as The Modern Art) - All Aboard The Mind Train (Garsenium Arsenide label remaster, being Gary Ramon's early and previously unreleased pre-Sun Dial work. Classic garage psych with a heavy 60's influence, sounding essentially like classic Sun Dial.)
Sun Dial - Return Journey (remaster) (Great early stuff, an awesome acid cover of "Magic Potion")
Sun Dial - Other Way Out (Their 'real' debut and a truly classic 80's UK psych album. On the UFO label.)
Sun Dial - Overspill EP (This 1991 EP is a motherfucker psych classic! The song was even shown on MTV's "120 Minutes" as Sun Dial's probably one and only video to date. The EP also has a cover of The Beatles' "Only A Northern Song". Very nice this EP is too. On the UFO label.)
Sun Dial - Bad Drug EP
Sun Dial - Reflecter
Sun Dial - Libertine (Gary Ramon expands his experimentation with trippy techno-rock on a more full blown scale, and its not excactly bad, but... Sun Dial were always more of a guitar band of sorts, an underground psychedelic garage acidrock band, really.)
Sun Dial - Acid Yantra (Return to the heavy guitar psychrock sound that made Sun Dial's original early sound so damn appealing.)
Sun Dial - Live Drug (A killer live Sun Dial workout electrically baptizing the audience with Ramon's blistering guitar work with classics like "Exploding In Your Mind" and "Fireball", it is pure guitar-driven freakout underground acidrock and mindblowing garage spacerock psychedelia at its finest...)
Sun Ra - Atlantis
Sun Ra - Outer Spaceways Incorporated
Swales - Pleasureland
Swervedriver - Sandblasted EP
System Of A Down - Toxicity (Great US hardcore with heavy thrashmetal leanings. American Recordings, 2001)
Tangerine Dream - Phaedra
Tele:Funken/Flying Saucer Attack - Distant Station
Third Ear Band - Alchemy
Third Ear Band - Elements
Third Ear Band - Radio Sessions
Third World War - Third World War (Led by Jim Avery (bass) and Terry Stamp (vocals), this early 70's UK band played heavy political rock with a political agenda and heavy groove that would probably appeal to fans of classic UK punk ranging from the likes of Sham 69 to The Clash, yet will as likely be a treat to fans of such modern boogie-metal and stoner-rock outfits like Fu Manchu or Spiritual Beggars, Third World War essentially being very much an ancient communist bikerrock or hardcore heavy metal band, perhaps making a few of the above comparisons slightly uneccessary, though truly, Third World War were years and years ahead of their time in every respect. With a classy, choppy guitar and a rumbling heavy bass, killer tracks like "Ascension Day", "MI5's Alive", "Working Class Man" and "Preaching Violence" litter their excellent first album as if such masterpieces were an everyday experience. Their music itself being along the lines of what such smart contemporary US heavy metal acts like Blue Öyster Cult were doing at the time, fused with the revolutionary spirit and energy of MC5's "Kick Out The Jams", it was heavy and heady stuff indeed, Third World War probably being something of an enigma amongst what other, less political and more mainstream, more accessible or commercially catered sounds of other more popular UK heavy metal peers like Budgie or Atomic Rooster were producing at the same time, Third World War perhaps owing more of their inner city and working class origins and agenda to what such other contemporary fringe protest -and early punk bands like The Pink Fairies, Hawkwind or The Deviants were doing in the UK underground scene. They certainly stood apart in the music scene of the early 70's, their music dealing with everything from the everyday life of working class people to calls for armed revolution, to delivering politically charged singalongs, their music a choppy heavy metal avalanche of sheer fuzz and wah-wah powered fury. They put out a second LP which wasn't nearly as good, being less of a heavy metal album and slightly more of a heavy progressive rock affair, though retaining the band's hardcore political bite and militant stance. Recommended for all fans of true "freedom rock" and today's hardcore. One would imagine modern hardcore bands like the Cro-Mags probably owe some distant genetic debt to Third World War if they ever heard them in the first place, and if Lemmy doesen't admit they must have had some musical influence on early Motörhead, then its probably a cardinal sin! Thus, Third World War's classic first album comes highly recommended to anybody into metal, hardcore or punk, really. )
Tiamat - The Astral Sleep (Sweden, 1991. Mystical, enchanting and atmospheric black/doom metal, this, their second album contains such highlights like "Neo Aeon", "Lady Temptress", "Mountain Of Doom", "Sumerian Cry (Part III), "Ancient Entity", "The Southermost Voyage" and "Angels Far Beyond", the album proving to be something a classic of the genre. The band was originally founded by singer Johan Edlund as "Treblinka" in 1988. A few of their critically acclaimed albums throughout the 90's got them media attention and they were an underground hit for a while. Having moved through mystical psychedelia, industrial rock and other influences over the years, acknowledging a kind of meandering Pink Floyd influence along the way, their sound eventually solidifying into a more stylized kind of gothrock at the tail end of the 90's.)
Tiamat - Skeleton Skeletron
Tribe Of Cro - Hydroculture (Mindblowing primitive organic crusty psychedelic instrumental jamrock tribal explorations with lots of strange electronic bleeps and stuff... almost a bit industrial. They sound like a dead dismantled and reassembled Ozric Tentacles germinating to throb and smoke in a derelict swamp. The band hail from the UK and Belgium. Great festy type stuff.)
TSOL - Dance With Me
TSOL - Disappear
Turboneger - Never Is Forever (classic early TRBNGR release with Stierkampf vocalist)
Turbonegro - Apocalypse Dudes (1998 Norwegian hardcore classic)
Turbonegro (V.A.) - Alpha Motherfuckers: A Tribute To Turbonegro (Norwegian rock'n'roll legends... R.I.P! A star studded Bitzcore farewell release with a bonus CD, its got a surprising list of bands covering their stuff, from Supersuckers, Queens of The Stone Age, Therapy?, Dwarves, Satyricon and more. It kicks serious ass too. Highlights? From "Suburban Antichrist" to "I Got Erection" to"Sailor Man" and "Midnight Nambla", it's violent, epic, magickal and filthy rock'n'roll unheard since Larry Wallis played in the Pink Fairies, Bon Scott sang in AC/DC or Laibach covered Queen. Hell, I'd recommend this CD to anyone for free and willingly even... I still lynched my mother like a metal slut, being a bastard Deadhead and a fucking metalhead. Years previously, my first love, an exotic dancer, left me... and I still kinda miss her. I'll admit that "Alpha Motherfuckers" makes a damn poor substitute for my old lady, but pick it up anyway!)
Nik Turner (Hawkwind) - Sphynx: Xitintoday (1978, with Gong members & others)
Nik Turner (Hawkwind) - Sphynx (1992 rerecording w/Pressurehed members on Cleopatra label.)
Nik Turner (Hawkwind) - Prophets Of Time (Hawkwind and ICU studio rerecordings)
Nik Turner (Hawkwind) - Space Ritual 1994 (2CD live w/Hawkwind, Chrome & Pressurehed members and Genesis P. Orridge (Psychic TV). The otherwise flimsy and somewhat unserious reputation of the American Cleopatra label continues to disgust fans and insult artists alike with their shoddy and generally nauseating habit of releasing and packaging CD's housed in unforgivably cheap looking computer artwork so laughably ugly and tacky that their otherwise generally unedible obsession with sleazy gothic script or primitive science fiction fonts still clash and blur in spindly digital collages, their trademarked computer generated style lending their many releases the unique Cleopatra look. Often mixing random or obscure biblical or mythological imagery to create images of some kind of cosmic or profound interest or value, the typically spidery line artwork and uniquely artificial color schemes on many Cleopatra releases are easily considered just as tacky and substandard to the gifted as to the mad, as many of their generally far simpler outer space type covers prove, often being just a crazy looking collage with a big floating head somewhere, or just some kind of clunky spaceship image or a stupid computer generated robot motif, or even some kind of big empty meteorite storm type thing, a decent composition seems to equal some kind of blurry inertia on most of their cheaper looking releases. The US label first reared their head in the early 90's with Hawkwind founder Nik Turner's rerecorded "Sphynx" album, also housing industrial hardcore pioneers Pressurehed for their three classic and well packaged albums, and while Cleopatra's frontier attitude to the mass market and in-house approach to their product admirably being as DIY as anything else equally mainstream existing in the industrial, psychedelic and gothic underground at the time, their independent role in the record industry certainly lending the label an extent of credit and credibility with such a star roster of artists such as Nik Turner, Psychic TV or Chrome. Despite their otherwise interesting reputation as a label in all their healthy and crass commercialism, promoting their broadened and streamlined genre of industrial rock and beyond to a market so ready for their product and vision that there is no way they can fail, while the underbelly of Cleopatra's otherwise visionary role in the US record industry and the underground music scene in general remains reflected in their blatantly tasteless sleaze machine recycling of the underground just to line their pockets in a quick fix off a commercially marketable chunk of modern underground as some kind of subculture to be cynically and cheaply exploited in the wake of mass marketing like a bunch of fucking jews in buddhism, their otherwise reputable and adult product being continuously packaged and repackaged in pitiful and cheap artwork to an increasingly thriving juvenile market eating out of their hands much to the disgust of an older or wiser group of fans and artists, and as with so many of Cleopatra's numerous dodgy cash-in compilations and crappy reissues floating around in stores as some kind of indication of their real intentions as a ripoff operation of profiteers appearing as something of an amateur phenomena when it boils down to the bare facts, as a label catering so much of their potentially interesting quality product to the less gifted of music fans with alot of cheap looking garbage not only insulting the standard intelligence level of the average connisseur or collector of quality music with flimsy looking reissues and cheap compilations, but as a label Cleopatra openly catering most of their trash product to this kind of low brow high school halloween scene and down to a gutless idiot level of parody of the cutting edge culture which they claim to promote, and as if such a shamelessly cheap and rickety looking underground scene really exists or ever has existed, then it looks like Cleopatra seem to make some kind of bizarre or drunken claim to it in the mass clearance bins of shopping malls and second-hand record stores across America. While Cleopatra as a label still demonstrate their otherwise misplaced intentions and dishonest interest with an attitude of record disregard of integrity so staggering in its mass harvest of the innocent which still demonstrates that this still reluctantly respected and increasingly celebrated label's ceckered past and rather flimsy reputation and rank amateur attitude still remains rooted in some kind of perverted or polluted ideals still somehow rooted in an almost childlike artistic innocence and interest in quality music, Cleopatra's original vision of course founded in a very narrow cultural segment of the music market which still only speaks for the label with some amounts of respect still intact in the wake of all their shoddy rip-offs and bum deals, their otherwise disrespectable record of terrible taste and unfashionable tendencies ever present since their conception, Cleopatra at their worst reaching record highs of disgust and disrespect, cheapening not only the industry in general but also so many of their artists with their somewhat laughable and dodgy reputation, a label known to fleece the underground music scene as often as they can and in as many ways as possible and without any regard to common human decency or real interest of the fans, they sure run their operation as best they can without a shred of honesty, but as we all know, with such a ragtag roster of artists and suc an array of completely crap releases under their belt, inetween the odd artistic gem or the rare shimmering demonstration of genius, they still fucking suck like the maggot infested pile of dead idiot liar goths from America they truly seem to be to most of us who still like fucking music.)
Nik Turner (Hawkwind) - Past Or Future? (Hawkwind veteran saxman and co-founder Nik Turner follows up his rather patchy "Space Ritual 1994" release with brilliant 1995 live release from recalling the early brilliance of Hawkwind's classic "Warrior On The Edge Of Time" LP (1975) with the anarchy of , Chrome & Pressurehed members, w/Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys) and Michael Moorcock guesting)
Nik Turner (Hawkwind) - Sonic Attack 2001 (live, rehearsal and demo compilation)
Nik Turner (Hawkwind) & Dark Sun - Ice Ritual (live Hawkwind and ICU material performed at the Tavastia Club in Finland, 1999.)
UFO - The Decca Years (Great early spacerock/boogie era compilation on Reportoire.)
Ulver - Bergtatt
V.A. - Acid Visions: Best Of The Texas Punk And Psychedelic Vol. 2
V.A. - The Best Of 60's Surf: The Greatest Hits Series
V.A. - Blow-Up (1966 film soundtrack, w/Herbie Hancock & Tomorrow)
V.A. - A Clockwork Orange (1971 film soundtrack)
V.A. - Greasy Truckers Party (live at The Roundhouse 1972, this double LP features Brinsley Schartz, Man, Hawkwind and more)
V.A. - In The Eyes Of Death (1991 Century Media compilation feat. Tiamat, Morgoth, Grave, Loudblast and more.)
V.A. - Head Your Mind: Dreamtime Sampler (featuring Ship Of Fools, Drug Free America, Tekton Motor Corp., Hybrid & more)
V.A. - Microdelia (tasty little Diablo Records 60's psych compilation featuring nuggets by The Yardbirds, The Seeds, H.P. Lovecraft, Alice Cooper, The Great Society, Nirvana, The Fire Escape, The Deviants and many more.)
V.A. - New Dark Noise - "The Darkwave Dance Floor Killer No Filler" (Cleopatra, 2001. Industrial and techno remixes and originals by acts like Christian Death, Switchblade Symphony, Gary Numan, The Electric Hellfire Club, Frontline Assembly, Corpus Delicti and many others. Some of this stuff is rather EBM, actually.)
V.A. - Nordic Progressive Sampler (Record Heaven's free compilation that came with Tarkus magazine. w/Five Fifteen, Quoph, Valinors Tree, Zello, Lucifer Was, Ensemble Nimbus and more.)
V.A. - The Psychedelic Salvage Co. Volume 1 (early 70's unreleased UK psych.)
V.A. - The Psychedelic Salvage Co. Volume 2 (early 70's unreleased UK psych.)
V.A. - The Psychedelic Experience: 1965-1967 (extremely obscure early US psych compilation.)
V.A. - The Psychedelic Years Revisited: 1965-1969 (UK & US comprehensive 3CD set)
V.A. - The Score (something of a tribute to Johnny Rotten and Sid Viscious, the MOJO magazine collection includes lots of great funk and easy highlights from the vaults.)
V.A. - Uncut/David Bowie -"Starman" (great compilation that came with Uncut with David Bowie covers, from Blondie, Christian Death, Culture Club, Duran Duran, and Sigue Sigue Sputnik and many others)
V.A. - Sixties Archives Vol. 3: Louisiana Punk (early US garage & psych)
V.A. - Sixties Rebellion 11: Psychedelic #1: "Hydrogen Atom" (mid-60's US garage acidrock and punk..)
V.A. - Unknown Deutschland: The Krautrock Archive Vol. 1 (Exotic and rare German early 70's psychedelia, pure headmusic for peaking acidheads...)
V.A. - Way Out North (CD that came with Norwegian music magazine Mute featuring Norwegian dub/jazz/arctic, with acts like Palace Of Pleasure, King Midas, Sternklang, Tøyen, Rundfunk, Frost and many others)
Van Der Graaf Generator - Aerosol Grey Machine (First album, from 1968, being quite strange and primitively Floydian.)
Van Der Graaf Generator - First Generation (Scenes From 1969-1971) [compilation] (Being the classic first "real" era of the band beyond their first album, this early compilation's highlights include such gothic nightmare excursions like "Man-Erg", "Darkness 11/11" and the massive "A Plague Of Lighthouse Keepers".)
Van Der Graaf Generator - Godbluff (Classic progressive gothrock masterpiece from 1976, the band's darkly organ-driven psychedelia hailing from their peak period of the mid-70's producing the excellent "Undercover Man", the awesome "Scorched Earth" and the closing nightmare delerium of "The Sleepwalkers" showcase Hammill at his most lyrical, sinister and demented.)
Van Der Graaf Generator - Still Life (IMO their finest album, from 1975, being ageless and cosmic psychedelia, VdGG's heavy organ driven gothic sci-fi obsessions and peaking personal acid trips being exposed at their most exotic and complex, much of the album dealing with concepts like the death of mortality and infinity, godhood and eternal human obsessions, with central pieces like "Still Life" and "La Rossa" being the album's finer moments.)
Van Der Graaf Generator - World Record (More variable song formats on this late classic VdGG era release, the album still has its prime Hammill moments, like "When She Comes", "Masks" and "Mergluys III (The Songwriter's Guild)".)
Van Der Graaf Generator - The Quiet Zone/The Pleasure Dome (on one CD) (weak twilight era effort of the band, the only worthwhile track being "Cat's Eye/Yellow Fever (Running)" showing this organ-less and violin-driven latter day version of the band still managing to sound like a musical nervous breakdown.)
Van Der Graaf Generator - Time Vaults (Compilation of the "dormant" mid-70's VdGG era, with and without Hammill, mostly being interesting freak material culled from between their two active eras.)
Velvet Underground - The Best Of...: The Songs And Words Of Lou Reed
Venom - The Best Of Venom (a fucking awesome compilation!)
Voïvod - War And Pain (Their classic and uncompromising 1984 power/black/thrashmetal debut, also arguably being their best!)
Voïvod - Rrroooaaarrr (Patchy second album, being more apocalyptic thrashmetal highlighted by tracks like "Korgüll The Exterminator" and "The Helldriver".)
Voïvod - Killing Technology (1986, Possibly the peak of Voïvod's early career, this groundbreakingly original, heavily futuristic cybernetic and technology oriented thrashmetal band remain a seminal and revered act to this very day. As always led by drummer and cover artist Away (Michel Langevin), along with Snake (vocals), Blacky (bass) and Piggy (guitar), they formed out of French-Canada in the early 80's as an early black/power/thrashmetal band with the classic debut LP "War And Pain" (1984), and with "Killing Technogy", speedmetal hinduists Voïvod proved to a new generation of metal fans that high-tech concepts like mind control, genetic engineering and interstellar warfare were far from alien to this groundbreaking band of apocalypse warriors. Opening with the thunderously riffing title track, and carrying on with the equally manic riffing of "Overreaction", the nightmarishly hospitalizing "Ravenous Medicine", the paranoid and ominous "Order of The Black Guards", the claustrophobic "Forgotten In Space" and closing with the apocalyptic warnings of "This Is Not An Excercise", "Killing Technology" is a landmark underground metal release of the 80's. The CD version came with the extra track "Cockroaches", a track so claustrophobic and neurotic, it chronicles the horror of going insane in a mental ward being invaded by cockroaches, escaping only by fighting one's way out by eating through the invading army! Brimming with maddening chord changes at breakneck speed, Voïvod possibly symbolized the fusion of raw punk mutating with complex and cerebral thrashmetal, the band's albums always chronicling the adventures of the fictional apocalypse warrior Voivod, whether he is battling on Earth or adventuring in deep space. The band itself, experimental as always, have since moved through phases of what can be termed psychedelia or progrock, always retaining a cutting edge, and remaining in control today as the modern futuristic thrashmetal power trio incarnation we know today. "Killing Technology" is possibly Voivod's finest hour, portraying technology gone mad in an era we have yet to fully comprehend, a high speed journey through apocalyptic breakdown, the continuously threatening breakneck rotting of our civilization's technology-controlled infrastructure, the technological nightmares of our own society as seen through very alien eyes.)
Voïvod - Dimension Hatross (Angular and complex sci-fi speedmetal and futuristic thrash, the album being a prime landmark effort with tracks like "Tribal Convictions" and "Macrosolutions To Mega Problems" showcasing Voivod's increasingly obsessive and complex compositions and convoluted technological concepts emerging in the wake of the more streamlined fury of "Killing Technology", the CD edition including a rather strange version of the classic "Batman" TV-theme.)
Voïvod - Nothingface (Odd jazz breaks fusing with high-concept speedmetal, it's probably their least accesible album being mired in over-complexity and aimless noodling, the cover of Syd Barrett's "Astronomy Domine" being the only memorable highlight of the entire album. It is also the final album with Blacky as a member and thus closes the band's first era...)
Voïvod - Angel Rat (Epic high adventure, melodic and conceptual fantasy spacerock highlighted by such excellent tracks as "Panorama", "Clouds In My House", "Twin Dummy" and the awesome "The Prow", this album actually being a very fine psychedelic fantasy metal album from the second incarnation of Voïvod as a power trio, the band breaking away from their hardcore powermetal and thrash roots. On MCA, 1991.)
Voïvod - The Outer Limits (US edition with 3-D comic. More futuristic and cryptic spacerock excursions on this 1993 release, it includes a version of Pink Floyd's "The Nile Song", the highlight of the album probably being the 17-minute epic "Jack Luminous", the CD otherwise being a rather mediocre effort despite some kind of appeal... It's like they stretched out abit on this release? Snake's final album with the band before his projected return in 2002.)
Voïvod - Phobos (Very heavy 1997 return to the early style of apocalypse thrashmetal of "War And Pain" or "Killing Technology" only far sleeker, it is also a most atmospheric and very gothic sounding sci-fi excursion into space, with bassist/singer Eric Forrest seeming to find his feet here since his somewhat anonymous debut on their dreadfully tedious 1995 effort, "Negatron".)
Voïvod - Kronik (This collection has some very interesting industrial remixes which sound almost brutally reptilian and also contains a collection of live material, including another version of Syd Barrett's Pink Floyd number "Astronime Domine", a frequent visitor in Voïvod's live set. The CD comes with a great gallery of Away's artwork as well.)
Voïvod - Voïvod Lives (A couple of excellent live recordings from two 1995 -and '96 performances taped at CBGB's in New York City and the Dynamo Festival in Holland, the album closing with a furious cover of Venom's immortally evil "In League With Satan", arguably the climactic highlight of the CD. Otherwise containing many killer versions of their own classics like "Tribal Convictions", "Nuclear War", "Cosmic Conspiracy" and "Voïvod", this release closes Voïvod's third incarnation as a band in a stylish digipak design by drummer Away. The US version of this CD appearantly came, rather strangely, with two extra tracks from their "Angel Rat" period with a track like "The Prow" sticking out like a sore thumb, though a nostalgically welcome thumb, because it's an awesome tune.)
The Who - Who's Greatest Hits
The Who - Live At Leeds (remaster) (The Who, here recorded live at the arguable prime of their creative and commercial peak, being a truly classic live album from 1970, capturing the band performing at their most uncompromising, furious and energetic. Highlighted by furious and exciting cover versions of songs like "Fortune Teller", "Young Man Blues" and "Summertime Blues", as well as performing classic Who originals like "Happy Jack", "Amazing Journey", "My Generation" and "Magic Bus", this blistering live performance captures the essence of The Who as a live band, as also experienced at The Isle Of Wight festival the same year, the band boldly heralding the stadium authority and energy of later successful hardrock bands like Led Zeppelin as well as predating the energy and attitude of later punk acts like The Jam, very much demonstrating a creative caliber and attitude being in the same league as other equally successful contemporaries like The Rolling Stones, another British rock institution to outlast The Beatles beyond the 60's as a popular British band emerging from the era, The Who also charting their course through the somewhat bleaker climate of the post-hippie fallout of the 70's and beyond, having originally emerged as a true British mod band in the mid-60's, never forgetting their true roots despite the changing climate of the times. The CD remaster comes with extensive liner notes, and is a nice introduction to new fans as well as an essential addition to old fans.)
Word Of Life - ...Dust (Trancey and spacey Swedish acidrock, Subliminal Sounds 1996)
Yardbirds - Yardbirds Story (early compilation)
Ym:Stammen - Dvergmål (CD version includes "Tilbakeskuing 1983-1988")
Zoviet*France - Zoviet*France


Born To Go - Robots On The Rise, live at The Lion's Den, NYC 12/10/98 (NTSC)
Damned - Final Damnation ("last" reunion show 1986) (NTSC)
Doors - The Soft Parade (PBS broadcast, 1969) (NTSC)
Doors - Live In Europe/The Doors Are Open double box set (PAL)
Faith No More - Video Croissant (PAL)
Gong - Live (1990 TV broadcast) (NTSC)
Hawkwind - rare clips (NTSC): Michael Moorcock, Atlanta SF convention (Sonic Attack ++) / Dave Brock Interview, CA 1989 / Silver Machine (BBC Top Of The Pops 1972) / Quark, Strangeness & Charm (Marc Bolan show, 1977) / Who's Gonna Win The War/Motorway City (German TV 1979) / Right Stuff/Angels Of Death (ECT Rock Show 1985)
Hawkwind - Stonehenge 1984 (NTSC)
Hawkwind - Chronicle Of The Black Sword (NTSC) w/encore tracks (Hammersmith, 1985) (NTSC)
Hawkwind - Chronicle Of The Black Sword (MPEG video CD) same as above
Hawkwind - Chaos (live 1986) (NTSC)
Hawkwind - Live Legends (live promo 1990) (NTSC)
Hawkwind - Love In Space (live 1995) (NTSC)
Hawkwind - live Strange Daze '97 w/Nik Turner sax encore (NTSC) 120 min.
Jimi Hendrix (1971 documentary/live) (PAL)
Inner City Unit - Blood & Bone video EP (NTSC)
Inner City Unit - Live, Dingwalls '86 w/Robert Calvert (120 min) (NTSC)
Isle Of Wight 1970: A Message To Love (PAL) w/Who, Hendrix, ELP, Doors
Led Zeppelin - The Song Remains The Same (1973/1976 concert film) (PAL)
Monster Magnet - Twin Earth/Medicine promo videos (PAL)
Ozric Tentacles - Brixton Fridge, 1991 (NTSC)
Quarkspace, Live at Orion Spacerock Festival '97 (NTSC)
Psychic TV/Coil - various videos and live (180 min) (PAL)
The Sisters Of Mercy - MTV Europe Special 1991, w/ interviews and video clips (PAL)
Nik Turner - Space Ritual 1994 w/Helios Creed, Pressurehed, Genesis P-Orridge (NTSC)
Nik Turner and Farflung, live at JJ Kelly's '97 (NTSC)
Frank Zappa - The Group That Does Everything Wrong, live in Hollywood 1984 (PAL)