broadcast 12/09/99 and 25/09/99
Uhørt, RadiOrakel, 99,3 FM 12.00 AM to 06.00 AM
compiled and hosted by Christian Mumford


1999 Party Intro
Mighty Hawkwind Classics Hurry On Sundown
Mighty Hawkwind Classics Sweet Mistress of Pain
Stasis - The U.A. Years You Shouldn't Do That
Masters of The Universe Master of The Universe
Space Rock From London Silver Machine/Welcome To The Future
Stasis - The U.A. Years Seven By Seven
Stasis - The U.A. Years Space Is Deep
Masters of The Universe Sonic Attack
Hall of The Mountain Grill Psychedelic Warlords (Disappear In Smoke)
Hall of The Mountain Grill D-Rider
Hall of The Mountain Grill Web Weaver
1999 Party You'd Better Believe It
1999 Party You Know You're Only Dreaming
1999 Party Brainbox Pollution
Warrior on The Edge of Time Opa-Loka
Warrior on The Edge of Time The Demented Man
Warrior on The Edge of Time Spiral Galaxy 28948
Warrior on The Edge of Time Kings of Speed
Warrior on The Edge of Time Motorhead
Astounding Sounds, Amazing.. Kerb Crawler
Astounding Sounds, Amazing.. The Aubergine That Ate Rangoon
Astounding Sounds, Amazing.. Kadu Flyer
Astounding Sounds, Amazing.. Steppenwolf
Atomhenge '76 Uncle Sam's On Mars
Quark, Strangeness & Charm Spirit of The Age
Quark, Strangeness & Charm Days of The Underground
Quark, Strangeness & Charm The Iron Dream
PXR5 Jack of Shadows
PXR5 Infinity
PXR5 Robot
PXR5 High Rise
Hawklords Live 25 Years
25 Years On Free Fall
25 Years On The Age of The Micro Man
Silver Machine Shot Down In The Night (live)
Silver Machine Levitation
Silver Machine Motorway City
Silver Machine Urban Guerilla (live)
Silver Machine Nuclear Toy
Sonic Attack Rocky Paths
Sonic Attack Psychosonia
Sonic Attack Living on A Knife Edge
Sonic Attack Trans-Dimensional Man
Choose Your Masques Arrival In Utopia
Choose Your Masques Fahrenheit 451
Zones Running Through The Back Brain
Undisclosed Files Addendum Coded Languages
Undisclosed Files Addendum Damned By The Curse of Man
This Is Hawkwind, Do Not... PSY Power
This Is Hawkwind, Do Not... Watching The Grass Grow
Mighty Hawkwind Classics Night Of The Hawks
Chronicle of The Black Sword Assault & Battery (live)
Chronicle of The Black Sword Sleep of A Thousand Tears (live)
Chronicle of The Black Sword Shade Gate
Chronicle of The Black Sword Needle Gun


Friday Rock Show Sessions Magnu/Angels of Death
Out & Intake Ghost Dance
Out & Intake Confrontation
Out & Intake Cajun Jinx
The Xenon Codex Heads
The Xenon Codex Sword of The East
The Xenon Codex E.M.C.
The Xenon Codex Good Evening
Palace Springs Damnation Alley
California Brainstorm Ejection
California Brainstorm TV Suicide/Back In The Box/Assassins Of Allah
California Brainstorm Brainstorm
Electric Teepee LSD
Electric Teepee Space Dust
Electric Teepee Snake Dance
Gimme Shelter EP Gimme Shelter (w/Samantha Fox)
Decide Your Future EP Right To Decide (Radio Edit Mix)
Quark EP Quark, Strangeness & Charm (live)
Quark EP Black Sun
Alien 4 Beam Me Up
Alien 4 Sputnik Stan
Love In Space EP Lord of Light (live)
Distant Horizons Distant Horizons
Distant Horizons Phetamine Street
Distant Horizons Reptoid Vision
In Your Area Alchemy
In Your Area I Am The Reptoid
In Your Area The Nazca
In Your Area Hippy
Assassins of Silence/Hundred... Hurry On Sundown - The Petals
Assassins of Silence/Hundred... Master of The Universe - The Mike Gunn
Assassins of Silence/Hundred... Spirit of The Age - Fly Ashtray
Assassins of Silence/Hundred... Robot - F/i
Hawkwind,Friends&Relations The Right Stuff - Pressurehed
Monster Magnet - Superjudge Brainstorm
Assassins of Silence/Hundred... Death Trap - Slotnick
Hawkwind Limelight, NYC 9/4/95 - ca. 85 minutes
Hawkwind Strange Daze, Nelson Ledges, OH 15/08/98 ca. 70 minutes
Hawkwind Guildford 1/11/97 ca. 90 minutes

Uhørt, RadiOrakel FM 99.3, Oslo, 01/08/99
(compiled and guest hosted by Christian Mumford)

Star Shaped Cloud - Orange Goblin (Frequencies From Planet Ten, Rise Above 1997)
Ancient Light - Alan Davey (Captured Rotation, EBS 1996)
Never Come Down - Alan Davey (Captured Rotation, EBS 1996)
The Fire Breathes - Anubian Lights (Let Not The Flame Die Out, Cleopatra 1998)
The Astral Project - Orange Goblin (Frequencies From Planet Ten, Rise Above 1997)
Magic Carpet - Orange Goblin (Frequencies From Planet Ten, Rise Above 1997)

Radio Tarkus, Topp Radio, FM 101,1 17/12/98
(compiled and hosted by Christian Mumford)

I Predict - Pressurehed (Explaining The Unexplained, Cleopatra 1998)
Assault & Battery/The Golden Void/Spirit Of The Age - Hawkwind (live at Strange Daze '98 bootleg)
I'm Lost In Space - The Mooseheart Faith (Golden Light, Stellar Records 1982)
Return Of The Titanic Overture/Son Of Snorks And Wheezes - Ant-Bee (Lunar Muzik, Divine 1995)
Black Blade - Blue Öyster Cult (Cultusarus Erectus, Columbia 1981)
track # 4 & 5 - Körai Örom (Körai Örom, Vac Falmak 1996)
Nothingness - The Art Snobs (Gee Gaws Journey To Nowhere Street compilation, Greece 1997)
Sundials In The Night - The Mandragora Light Show Society (Gee Gaws Journey To Nowhere Street compilation, Greece 1997)
Tales Of Brave Ulyssees - Outskirts Of Infinity (Stoned Crazy, Reckless 1989)
Explaining The Unexplained/Altitude - Pressurehed (Explaining The Unexplained, Cleopatra 1998)
Common Sense Lament/See The Light - Glenn Fletcher (band demos, 1997)

Uhørt/RadiOrakel, Oslo FM 99.3, 24/10/98, 12:00 - 06:00 AM:
(compiled and hosted by Christian Mumford)

What Do You Turn On When You Turn On? - Dr. Timothy Leary (You Can Be Anyone This Time Around, 1970)
Superficial Roadblocks - Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come (Journey, 1972)
Not In Vogue - Glenn Fletcher (Void, 1998)
Ejection - Hawkwind (Undisclosed Files, 1989)
Levitation - Amorphis (My Kantele, 1997)
Many Brains Have Died - Mooseheart Faith (Global Brain, 1996)
Void City - Hawkwind (Choose Your Masques 1982)
S.A.L.T. - Orb (Orblivion, 1997)
Inner Vastness of Space - Melting Euphoria w/Don Falcone (Through The Strands Of Time, 1994)
L=sd^2 - Ship Of Fools (Close Your Eyes... (Forget The World), 1992)
Spirit Of The Age - Fly Ashtray (Assassins Of Silence/Hundred Watt Violence, 1996 (Hawkwind tribute))
The Sutler - National Steam (National Steam, 1998)
A Trip To G9 - Spiral Realms (A Trip To G9, 1996)
Holographic Caves - Architectural Metaphor (Creature of The Velvet Void, 1997)
And The Ants Marched On - Tribe Of Cro (Hydroculture, 1997)
Radiation King - Alien Planetscapes (Life On Earth, 1997)
You Are Just A Flying Egg - Mooseheart Faith Stellar Groove Band (Succour comp. 1996)
Air - Quarkspace (Live Orion 97, 1998)
Two Hours Over Two Blue Mountains With A Cuckoo On Each Side, Of The Hours... That Is - Älgarnas Trädgård (Framtiden är ett svävande skepp, förankrad i förntiden, 1971)
Goodbye Grace - Cardiacs (from Sampler CD)
Tarred And Feathered - Cardiacs (from Sampler CD)
Blind In Safety And Leafy In Love - Cardiacs (from Sampler CD)
Veronica In Ecstacy - Cardiacs (from Sampler CD)
Space Baby - Guru Guru (Open Air Burg Herzberg: Wir sind Kinder der Revolte Vol. 1, 1998)
Scream Thy Last Scream - Pink Floyd
Spine of God (live) - Monster Magnet (Evil EP, 1992)
Siren/The Grain Kings - Legendary Pink Dots (Canta Mientras Puedas, 90-95)
The Hollow Earth - Mooseheart Faith Stellar Groove Band (Global Brain, 1996)
Black Light - Temple (Unknown Deutschland: The Krautrock Archives vol. 1)
Odinsrune - Bionaut (Au Naturel, 1997)
Chris In Space - Alien Planetscapes (Life On Earth, 1997)
Interstellar Shortwave - Astral Army (Unknown Deutschland: The Krautrock Archives vol. 1)
end of show: Hawkwind, live at Reading University 19/05/92

Uhørt, RadiOrakel, FM 99.3, 18/10/98
(compiled and guest hosted by Christian Mumford)

Sonic Attack - Architectural Metaphor (Odysseum Galacti, ArcMet 1994)
From Poppy With Love - F/i (from 7", RRR 1995)
The Space We're In - Mooseheart Faith Stellar Groove Band (Global Brain, September Gurls 1995)
Soul Herder/Opa-Loka 2000 - Nik Turner (Past Or Future?, Cleopatra 1995)


"Reptoid Vision", Hawkwind / "No Security", Chaos UK / "Sailor Man", Turboneger / "Tears", The Chameleons / "China Cat Sun Flower", The Grateful Dead / "Graablick Blev Han Vaer", Ulver / "Broken", Corpus Delicti / "Blacklist", The Legendary Pink Dots / "Chief Rebel Angel", Entombed / "Sympathy For The Devil", Tiamat / "Twin Dummy", Voïvod / "Livin' In The City", Fear / "Pre-Med", Alan Davey w/Ron Tree / "Return Of The Titanic Overture", Ant-Bee / "Rose And The Thorn", Thirteenth Floor Elevators / "Transparent Radiation", Spacemen 3 / "You Are Just A Flying Egg", The Mooseheart Faith Stellar Groove Band / "Bittersweet Symphony", The Verve / "Evil", Monster Magnet / "Love Of Life", The Swans / "Nadir's Big Chance", Peter Hammill / "Kronwinkl 12", Amon Düül II / "Introduce Yourself", Faith No More / "Chromium Plating", Pink Fairies / "The Twelve Steps", Spiritualized / "Hot Rails To Hell (live)", Blue Öyster Cult / "Neon Knights", Black Sabbath / "Shockneck", Pressurehed / "Seagull", Ride / "Exploding InYour Mind (live)", Sun Dial / "Bomber", Motörhead / "MI5's Alive", Third World War / "Don't Tread On Me", Cro-Mags / "Master Of Puppets", Metallica / "You've Been Duplicated", Chrome / "Close Encounters Of The Third Grade", Mercury Rev / "Speed King", Deep Purple / "Module Overload", Fu Manchu / "A Thousand Days In Sodom", Venom / "Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World", Ramones / "Don't Get Funny With Me", The Cramps / "I Want Drugs", The Meatmen / "God Save The Pope", Captain Jesus & The Sunray Dream / "From The Gut", Hüsker Dü / "Rock'n'Roll Toilet", The Soft Boys / "Street Fighting Man", The Rolling Stones / "Bodies", The Sex Pistols / "Orgasm Addict", Buzzcocks / "Weekend Punks", Television Personalities / "Afterglow", The Small Faces / "I Feel Nothing", The Boo Radleys / "Wait For The Blackout", The Damned / "It's A Long Way To The Top If You Wanna Rock'n'Roll", AC/DC / "Fortune Teller (live)", The Who / "The Number Of The Beast", Iron Maiden / "Skin Deep", The Stranglers / "She Sells Sanctuary", The Cult / "Dear Prudence", Siouxie & The Banshees / "Cock In My Pocket (live)", Iggy & The Stooges / "Adrenochrome", Sisters Of Mercy / "Shakin' Street", MC5 / "Cheree", Suicide / "Gut Feeling", Devo / "Hallogallo", Neu! / "You Make Pretty Flowers", JFK, jr. Royal Airforce / "Loaded", Primal Scream / "Screaming Life", Soundgarden / "The Turning", Screaming Trees / "Fortune Presents Gifts Not According To The Book", Dead Can Dance / "Internal Messenger", Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come / "Heroes", David Bowie / "Whiteout", Killing Joke / "Kick Muck (live)", Ozric Tentacles / "Levity Ball", Alice Cooper / "Prince Kajuku", UFO / "Interstellar Shortwave", Astral Army / "My Flash On You", Love / "Heavenly Pop Song", The Chills / "Reynard The Fox", Julian Cope / "Domino", Genesis / "Dead On Time", Queen / "Fohat Digs Holes In Space", Gong / "Hhai (live)", Magma / "Flying Through The Ether", Helios Creed / "Ritchie Dagger's Crime", The Germs / "Techno's Song", Gwar / "Lastivka", Nokturnal Mortem / "Schisandra", Jessamine / "Enlighten The Child", Red Harvest / "Good Morning Little Schoolgirl", The Yardbirds / "Masks", Van Der Graaf Generator / "Madman Jack", Donovan / "We Gotta Get Outta This Place", The Animals / "Sabotage", Beastie Boys / "The Badge", Pantera / "The Triangle", TSOL / "Cave Of Seagulls", Cathedral /"Fulcrum Of Time", Pseudo Sun / "Gaga On The Sphinx", Black Sun Ensemble / "Axis Bold As Love", Jimi Hendrix / "1988 Activator", Steve Hillage / "Tid", Stengte Dører / "Fallout", Inner City Unit / "She", Misfits / "Protest And Survive", Discharge / "Silver Machine", Alien Sex Fiend / "A Trip To G9", Spiral Realms / "Human Nature", IQ / "Radio", Joy Division / "The First Five Minutes After Death", Coil / "Octopus Ride", Syd Barrett / "Five Crowns Of The Saxon King", F/i / "Salad Days", Minor Threat / "Armageddon", Bathory / "Let The Power Reach Your Ears", Nova Express / "Charlotte Sometimes", The Cure / "Fanfare For The Perfect Race", Robert Calvert / "Waste Of Time", Kingston Wall / "Classic Girl", Jane's Addiction / "Hip Death Goddess", Lithium X-Mas / "What Goes On", Velvet Underground / "Bring Down The Birds", Herbie Hancock / "The Safety Dance", Men Without Hats / "Massive Tangled Muscle", Die Cheerleader / "Supernaut", 1000 Homo DJ's / "One Vision", Laibach / "Into The Drink", Mudhoney / "Dark Side", Shadows Of Knight / "Get Me To The World On Time", The Electric Prunes / "Been A Son", Nirvana / "Caught By The Fuzz", Supergrass / "The Ming", Deathsquad UK / "God's Children", The Kinks / "Diseased", Dictators / "Life's A Long Song", Jethro Tull / "Trouble In The Streets", The Lost Ones / "Agape", Narnia / "Truck Turner", Isaac Hayes / "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised", Gil-Scott Heron / "Hurry On Sundown", The Petals / "You Can Be Anyone This Time Around", Timothy Leary / "We Have Come For Your Children", Architectural Metaphor / "Don't Fight It, Feel It", Primal Scream / "S.A.L.T.", The Orb / "Ode To Death", National Steam / "The Coming Of The Dark God", Lotto / "Chainsaw Gutsfuck", Mayhem / "Arnold Layne", Pink Floyd / "Tales Of Brave Ulyssees", Outskirts Of Infinity / "Fire", The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown / "Pulsating Dream", Kaleidoscope / "Stargazer", Tempest / "Wait Until Tomorrow", Black Widow / "Wild In The Streets", Circle Jerks / "Floatin' Anarchy", Planet Gong / "Social Alliance", Dave Brock / "Creature With The Atom Brain", Roky Erickson & The Aliens

...and do enjoy this fictional radio broadcast to the maximum, my brethren... and remember, darkwave is the true gothic legacy of The Sex Pistols! yours,
Christian Mumford, the one and only true reincarnation of Aleister Crowley aka Delphine, the late French DJ

crankstuf: marmelade, makka, kransekake
speedfreak Front 242: take a walk

Nutrition Facts: Agurknytt: Mr. Chips


Lenny Kravitz (US)/Stress (UK), 1989, Alaska, Oslo,
Hawkwind (UK)/Diamond Dogs (N), 1991, Alaska, Oslo
Pearl Jam (US), 1992, Alaska, Oslo
Ym: Stammen (N)/Cranes (UK), 1992, RadioNova festival, Brenneriet, Oslo
Kingmaker (UK), 1992, Elm Street, Oslo
Kåre & The Cavemen/Anal Babes/Kung Fu Girls/O-Men/Fuck Up's/D.O.P.E./Trombones, 1992, Anti-Wimp Rock Festival (all N), Slurpen, Oslo
Boo Radleys (UK), 1992, Headache, Oslo
Nirvana (US)/Teenage Fanclub (SCOT)/Violent Femmes (US), 1992, Kalvøya festival, Sandvika
Captain America (SCOT)/, 1992, Headache, Oslo
Smashing Pumpkins (US), 1993, Rockefeller, Oslo
Seigmen (N)/God Machine )UK), 1993, Rockefeller, Oslo
Faith No More (US)/Clawfinger (UK), Kalvøya festival, Sandvika, 1993
Buffalo Tom (US), 1993, Cosmopolite, Oslo
Mötorhead (UK) w/Sebastian Bach of Skid Row (US) guesting for one song, 1994, Stone Pony, NJ
Marilyn Manson/Daisy Cutter/Mental Hippie Blood (all US), 1994 , NJ
Hawkwind (UK)/Finally Balanced (US)/Braindance (US), 1995, Limelight, NY
The Bevis Frond (UK), 1995, So What!, Oslo
Ramones (US)/Raga Rockers (N)/Millencollin (S)/Conception (N), 1995, Kalvøya festival, Sandvika
Motörhead/Cathedral (both UK), 1995, Centrum Scene, Oslo
Melvins (US), 1995, Rockefeller, Oslo
Mr. Bungle (US), 1995, Rockefeller, Oslo
Jokke & Valentinerne (N), 1995, Centrum Scene, Oslo
Iggy Pop (US), 1996, Norwegian Wood Festival, Frognerbadet, Oslo
Anekdoten (S)/Arena (US)/Landberk (S)/Dead Dino Storage (N), 1996, Oslo Progressive Rock Festival, Cosmopolite, Oslo
Arthur Lee's Love w/ Baby Lemonade (US), 1996, Cruise Cafe, Oslo
Kula Shaker (UK), 1996, Chateu Neuf, Oslo
Laibach (SLOV)/Origami (N), 1996, John Dee, Oslo
Motörhead (UK)/Stierkampf (N) 1997, Rockefeller, Oslo
The Bevis Frond (UK), 1997, Exodus, Oslo
Ethnobabes/Nutrition Facts/American Suitcase (all N), 1997, Forrestenfesten, Grünerløkka Lufthavn, Oslo
Queens Of The Stone Age/Earthlings? (both US), 1997, So What!, Oslo
Voïvod (CAN)/local blackmetal band (N), 1997, John Dee, Oslo
Nik Turner (WAL) w/The Moor (S) & Knut Gerwers (GER), 1998, The Molotow, Hamburg
Fu Manchu (US)/Spiritual Beggars (S), 1998, So What!, Oslo
Motörhead (UK), 1998, Rockefeller, Oslo
Black Sabbath (UK), 1998, Oslo Spektrum, Oslo
Faith No More (US), 1998, Rockefeller, Oslo
Legendary Pink Dots/the drummer's one-man Jamaican dub band/psychedelic performance show (UK/HOL/US), 1998, So What!, Oslo
The Olivia Tremor Control/Neutral Milk Hotel (both US), 1998, So What!, Oslo
Cathedral/Orange Goblin (both UK), 1999, John Dee, Oslo
Madcap Laughs (N), 1999, Blue Monk, Oslo
The Blackbirds (N), 1999, Elm Street, Oslo

47 shows in 10 years
4,7 average shows a year

79 bands in 10 years
7,9 average bands a year