"Hatred is purity, weakness is disease"


The dark skinned subhuman races, particularly the jew, who will by paradox sometimes appear light of complexion enough to be mistaken as western, will posess negative genetic and cultural qualities that are beneath the standard level of any western, and particularly Aryan, standards which became rapidly improved upon after World War Two, after Führer Adolf Hitler's ethnic cleansing programs started with Nazi death camps and continued with mass dumpings of inferiors to America. Aside from latent homosexuality, the jew also carries other genetic flaws like the tendency to attachment and residence with their parents as far as beyond adult age, unlike the genetically superior and evolved western European Aryan. This subhuman dark skinned flaw is also demonstrated in for example Pakis and Mexicans, being considered too bonded to their parent of opposite sex to ever leave the home, as children having unhealthily bonded with their parents from early childhood, however, unlike the unfavourable genetic traits of the jew, not necessarily developing homosexuality as in adult age, they still remain genetically subordinate to any moderately advanced western, as well as advanced eastern cultures, disregarding some subhuman oriental races. Laziness and lack of self-esteem or virtues, true ego and will lacking as a drive to activity and work of any kind, are other typical signs of the jew. The jew will always consider himself the victim in any conflict, and remains the least sexually reproductive of all human races.


When Aryan Europe exiled the remaining jews of Europe to Israel and USA after World War Two through the dummy cover-up operations of USA and the stooge operation of The United Nations, leading the jews into beleiving they had been granted their so-called "Holy land" as if by fairy magic, many jews also escaping to the USA seeking sanctuary, USA being a nation created by the European Aryan working class of England and Germany hundreds of years ago as a prison colony of human waste, a mock nation fooled to naively beleive in equal freedom and rights for all races, blind to the genetic inferiorities of the jew and other dark skinned subhumans, USA really being a human landfill consisting of the inferior expatriates of Europe, jews and blacks being integrated in more modern times, USA's original colonial slavery of black africans being a mockery of what USA's people and ideals were to Europe in colonial times: the nigger. Hitler's Utopia, working class Europe, an Aryan National Socialist heritage which builds on the German Empire's Aryan ideals of World War One with the ideas of the modern Socialism, the historical heritage of medeival Germanic culture and the Crusades of The Catholic Church against the jew and the dark skinned races, with the Aryan Christian adoption of Pagan Europe's culture in medieval times, formed a secret political pact set to further blind USA, Nazi Europe having in truth won World War Two under secret political victories, USA being blind to Europe's working class' true political and ethnic victory, Aryan superiority demonstrated by Nazi Europe's vast intelligence scheme, having been planned well into the future by Nazi intelligence operations, generations ahead. Aryan Europe's final blows of intellectual victory were demonstrated by USA's stooge involment in the Viet Nam conflict of the 60's and 70's, USA's weakness and inferiority in international intelligence, blind to Aryan Europe's implanted political failsafe having sent USA to lose in the Far East, fighting a losing war decades earlier staged by Aryan Europe's international intelligence and political machine. USA, having ludicrously been appointed "keystone cops" by Aryan Europe ever since World War Two by beleiving they endorsed the ways of buddhism by welcoming and defending judaism as a cause and ideal, and thus creating a subhuman caricature of pseudo-Christian beleif and a mockery of true western ideals under which they wave their flag and its ridiculous "freedoms". Europe remains true to the white Aryan race and its Indo-European heritage, having appointed USA a dummy nation ever since colonial times, USA and The Alliance's "victory" over Nazi Germany being nothing but an intelligent Aryan pacifier covering up the European working class Aryan's well concealed and calculated cleansing of the jew, exiled to America. Aryan Europe's secret Nazi victory, beyond cleansing Europe of jews, was calculated to create a complex political scheme designed to silence USA with political and economic dummy "responsibility", to grant them the role of "winning the war" and becoming self appointed "world police" and chief stooge, the paradox of embracing the jew, yet economically supporting Western Europe's economy, by now having become an almost automatic "responsibilty", partially brought on by the American sentimental Judeo-Christian caricature being a mockery of the modern European superior Aryan model as handed down and defended with Aryan blood from ancient times. USA, on the other hand, not having any historical perspective on any religion or ethnicity, and no true cultural values at all except for an artificial mirror-image of Europe to cling onto, became a contrived and watered down poor man's mockery of Europe's secret culture of Aryan intellect and superiority. Postwar US operations in Europe like The Marshall Plan, NATO, and its subsequent dismantlement being like an idiot king's slobbering gifts, the entire operation of economic gain and bonding to Western Europe's business interests, Aryan Europe taking advantage of USA's naivety. USA, having become idiot lapdog to postwar Europe, too blind to see through Aryan Europe's secret victory and glories of Nazi Germany, the working class of Aryan Europe, now more effectively cleansing the remaining of Europe's undesirables into willingly seeking USA and its non-Aryan culture marketed as "The New World", indeed as was done during colonial times, the ethnic cleansing of Aryan Europe now automatically carried out by a vast, secret and complex political machine installed by the 20th century's great wars and subsequent secret alliances, blindfolding USA to Aryan Europe's playful manipulations, USA remaining dummy nation, genetic trashcan and laughing stock to Aryan Europe's victorious working class of The 20th Century's great three wars: World War One, World War Two and The Viet-Nam Conflict, the latter being the final joke on behalf of Europe's working class and Nazi Germany's victories of political and ethnic manipulation of The American Idiot.

Article (c) Charlie Yuga, 2001 A.D.

"Dragon Templars, Warrior Archangels And All Guardians Of The Cross, True Carriers Of Spirit, Light, Love & Truth: Hail Satan!"