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I here present some reviews of some of the greatest or most mindblowing concerts I have ever been to, experiencing some of my favorite bands live. If you have any recordings of any of the live shows reported below, I would be very interested in acquiring a copy for myself. I would be interested in any other recordings off the tours these dates were part of too. The entire quality experience of these live performances dictate my opinions and descriptives straight from memory, all of which are likely to be rather positive anyway, additionally hoping that quality recordings of these shows exist out there in the ether. So, even if just for the sake of personal entertainment, general interests or trading purposes... Enjoy!
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As a longtime fan, finally getting to see French-Canadian thrashmetal legends Voïvod play Oslo in '98, it was quite an awesome experience, their typically evolving futuristic angular and complex cybernetic metal sound having become quite gothic and sleeker sounding in the presence of their new singer/bassist Eric Forrest, their return to their thrashmetal style recalling such classic early LP's like "War And Pain" and "Killing Technology", a style indeed being very welcome after their far dreamier experiments with spacerock and psychedelia in the early 90's. The guitarist Piggy (Denis DAmour) played guitar with a raygun on stage! It made some great spacey effects, Piggy's raygun also being used on their "Phobos" album of which this was the tour. I was quite aggressiely moshing to their version of Syd Barrett's early Pink Floyd classic "Astronomy Domine" when they played it, getting slightly violent with this dude whom I'd previously met at some other metal shows before (Cathedral or Fu Manchu or somebody, damned if I can remember...). After the band ended their set, I bought their latest CD and a European '97 tour shirt off the drummer, album artist and Voïvod 'main man', Away (Michael Langevin) after the show, who otherwise proved to be quite talkative. Some local blackmetal band had opened the show, they were okay I guess, a crowd of very 'gothic' looking fans and friends from outside the city had attended the spectacle just for them, but Voïvod were completely insane and obviously the main attraction despite a very small stage for a band of their reputation. It's not too often you see so many mohawks and dreads popping up or punks pogoing amongst your otherwise typically long-haired metal crowd, a freak speed/thrashmetal act like Voïvod more or less crossing over into hardcore or punk under the lack of anything else more obvious... Indeed, it was a great fucking night overall, and I didn't get too hammered, anyway.

I first saw Motörhead at the Stone Pony in New Jersey in '94, and the main event of the night must have been when my girlfriend at the time, Dorothea, managed to get up on the stage and smooch with Sebastian Bach of Skid Row who was guesting for a song with the band. In a small way, at first it almost bothered me abit because she'd disappeared on me for a long time, but afterwards I kinda thought it was rather cool because I after some thought assumed that Sebastian Bach must have been one of her teen heroes as she was a huge metalhead in her teens as well. I'd even gotten her to mooch an autograph off Lemmy who was playing pinball and chatting with a crowd of fans before the show, and I managed to ask him a couple of questions about his early days with Hawkwind which he somewhat evasively answered. Having seen Motörhead at least 5-6 times since, and I have to say as far as shows go it sticks in my head mostly as a "romantic" evening, seeing as the band weren't as fast and loud that night as they've been at every other show since I've seen 'em, delivering their usual metallic assault of amphetamine driven rock'n'roll and souped-up biker punk with a slightly more "classic" sound than any of the later shows I've attended since, more or less driven by that current superfast and pumped-up robotic bleach-blonde Swedish barbarian drummer who hammers through Motörhead's reportoire these days, their live energy today probably comparable only to such later explosive blackmetal meltdowns like Bathory's "Armageddon" and the brutally breakneck-speed hardcore debauchery of early Discharge, indeed, two such unholy two-fisted death-punk-orgy combinations remain only to be belted out by someone like Judas Priest in their prime, their leather and spikes S&M metal-garage forged with the undisputed authority and attitude of Larry Wallis' incredible mid-70's Pink Fairies stint previous to the early Motörhead forming from their ashes and the remnants of Hawkwind in 1975. The band live today, as always exploding in a blitzkrieg of purely distilled rock'n'roll from the first moment Lemmy strums his bass to the very end of the usual two hour shows, Motörhead ultimately define the pinnacle of classic British heavy metal, more or less having created modern thrashmetal underways, the band still as ever ruthlessly pounding out heavy metal exctacy blasted through massive and deafening amps, dedicated headbangers continuously being baptized in their shimmering and immortal rock'n'roll pyrotechnics and blistering white noise. Truly, Motörhead remain without a single doubt an essential band to experience for yourself - regardless of whenever they next invade your area...)

When I witnessed the mighty, mighty Hawkwind play The Limelight in New York in '95, then as ever completely blown away by the British underground spacerock institution and heavy metal legends, I brought my friend and previous landlord, Larry, along. My Swedish girlfriend Jenny couldn't come along at the time anyway, so just us two took the the bus to the city out of New Jersey. We finally made it to The Limelight where I managed to pick up a couple of nice tour posters. One poster, a McCauley illustrated black & white psychedelic "eye-in-the-pyramid" photocopy gig poster, displayed, aside from the venues and dates, the current band lineup as well, which now mysteriously also included "Ron Bastard", who, at the time, I had no idea who the hell was. I soon found out after a bunch of ragtag acid jam and progrock bands opened the show, as the band's then new singer Ron Bastard (later Ron Tree) burst on to the stage wearing flight goggles and a psychedelic lab coat spattered with fluorescent paint, rabidly blurting out their notorious cosmic-metal classic "Master of The Universe" at breakneck speed. A great way to open the show, it was otherwise a kickass energetic set which lasted for a good hour and a half, though we mostly sat up in the rafters smoking pot and enjoying the psychedelic lightshow. Out of all the supporting acts, of which there must have been 5 or 6, I only seem to recall the pleasant psychedelia of Finally Balanced to be quite nice, while the awfully symphonic disaster idiot-progrock theatrics of Braindance was quite unbearably dreadful. However, after several Hawkwind classics like the rocked-out and radical garage-punk of "Urban Guerilla", the classic space-boogie of their massive '72 hit single "Silver Machine", their extended tranceout ode to hash and hashishins, "Assasins Of Allah", or the industrial drone and SF lyrics of "Robot", while at the very end, Hawkwind closed with a massive extended jam freakout, the soaring psychedelic instrumental "LSD" off 1992's "Electric Tepee" CD, proving that yet another mindblowing experience had been excercised on the mind, quite flawlessly too. Hawkwind always seem to have a great lightshow no matter what, in spite of limiting venue sizes, and it was nice seeing them in full blown action and performing at such a large venue for so many people. In fact, not having seen the Hawks play since Oslo, Norway, '91,where I bought my Hawkwind/Screaming Lord Sutch t-shirt, it was quite a personal "return to form" on a Deadhead-type level, having also since acquired an excellent tape of the Limelight '95 show as well.

When The Legendary Pink Dots played Oslo in '98 I went all by myself because nobody I had tried inviting wanted to come along for some reason, having in a bizarre last-minute rush of uninformed descriptive errounously tagged them as somewhere between Laibach and Einstürzende Neübaten, hearing they were from the UK and Holland! So, beyond all expectations, they put on an utterly amazing show which really blew me away me as I'd never heard them before at all, it was a truly psychedelic experience totally unheard, -seen or -experienced in similar form or fashion more or less since Hawkwind '91, the band sounding not so much like industrial rock, really, but more like an almost gothic Gong... Anyway, I eventually got to stand way up front with my beer so I could zone out to the fantastic lightshow. Some guy was filming the gig there, bathing in all the colors. The barefooted mainman, Edward Ka-Spel's feet really stunk, unless it was just his body odor, as he was really sweating out the lyrics in the blistering heat of the strobe and swirling kaleidoscope of lights. I didn't know any of the songs but it kicked ass nonetheless, Ka-Spel sometimes sauntering over to twiddle a second synthesizer facing Silverman's keyboard, the generally playful and mystical psychedelia building to a sinister climax or extending into longer spacerock jams. The band had an excellent sax player as well, casting himself as a similar figure to someone like Nik Turner on his tours with Pressurehed. The high point of the night had to be the song about Y2K (don't know which album it's on) which was very theatrically performed, at the end everything violently crashed into a blistering chaos of electronic noise and crashes, gradually dissolving into stray blips and random signals seemingly flung into space after the band had left the stage. Indeed, not forgetting, the opening one-man band featuring the Canadian drummer Ryan Moore was so over-the-top bizarre I almost had multiple acid flashbacks, the guy sounding like an improised dub-reggae butchery of The Ozric Tentacles as conducted by a mad drummer fronting as a comedian of sorts, playing with maddening noise gadgets and strutting about in a red feather boa... Eventually, after The Legendary Pink Dots had shadowly sauntered off the stage in a mist of smoke and lights, I had my last beer of the night, sticking around for abit to watch the crowds and browse some merchandise, despite being completely broke, having only enough for the bus fare home. I was quite suddenly and shockingly very surprised to see a colleague of mine from work there, revealing himself as a diehard The Legendary Pink Dots fan of many years. It was abit strange that I didn't already know he was a fan, as I would have asked him about the band or about going to the show, had I thought of asking him at work earlier the same day, but there he was with his girlfriend, prancing about and out of the blue, carrying out some kind of survey or something for the band's mailing list. I eventually left the venue in a very unnatural, though comfortably elated haze, and have since become something of a real fan, I suppose.

'Easy' - meeting Roddy Bottum and other golden Faith No More memories

The Faith No More version of this Dead Kennedys classic, 'Lets Lynch The Landlord', is rather excellent, found on the 'Easy' EP. They performed it live at outdoor summer festivals as an encore when I saw them alot at the tail end of the 90's. I must have seen FNM at least 4 or 5 times, both indoor and at muddy festivals.

The other rather hilarious track off the 'Easy' EP, 'Das Schutzenfest', is a psychotic German military march with insane German vocals. Probably one of my favorite FNM tracks of all time. Mike Patton and Faith No More visited Norway many times throughout the 90's. He'd always crack jokes about fish or the crown prince onstage.

I saw them on their farewell 'Album Of The Year' tour in Oslo in 1998 after I had met keyboardist Roddy Bottum outside a hotel, wearing shorts and carrying a shoulder bag while waiting for a taxi the same day the sold out show was, and he put me on the guest list after I asked him because I was writing music reviews for a local underground paper. So I got to see the band after all too, as my good friend Espen and his friends had tickets in advance and I had been too late. FNM put on a fairly mediocre show though, despite being dressed up in gangster style suits. I high fived with some black guy after the show while waiting for the tram home. What a great band Faith No More were...

- Charlie Yuga

A Winter's Tale, somewhere in England, 1978-1983

A piece developed for the school of the arts and theater in Edinburgh, Scotland, for banjo, cymbals, bagpipe and electric drill.
By Adolf Hitler

Simon King
Andrew Eldritch
John Leckie
Rick Wakeman

Hawkwind drummer Simon King stops by Andrew Eldritch's house and proceeds to knock on his door. Andrew Eldritch reluctantly asks him to enter. Simon King opens the door and says "ketchup!". Andrew Eldritch falls out of his chair and dies. John Leckie suddenly enters from another room in a viking helmet holding a cake and tells a Black Sabbath joke involving Ronnie James Dio and Geezer Butler much to Simon King's amusement. Andrew Eldritch suddenly wakes up as Rick Wakeman enters on a surprise visit with a gram of speed. Laughter and merriment fills the hallway and apartment well into the night...

(c) Charlie Yuga, 2002

Billion dollar Blue Oyster Cult dracula magic trick with Glenn Danzig and Smurfs:

As Glenn Danzig incarnate, I push metal everyday as the Body Count and drink the wine as Dracula, as the Body Count as Adolf Hitler... a good vintage does the body good... Glenn Danzig is Gargamel as Adolf Hitler, and those roaming bands of tasty little Smurfs as little blue oysters are forever devoured as dead jews in Krsna by the Body Count himself... Glenn Danzig, Adolf Hitler straight outta Blue Oyster Cult! Glenn Danzig the Body Count is Adolf Hitler incarnate as Gargamel, Gargamel who devours Smurfs as the Soma of India from their Fly Agaric homes as Dracula... He counts their bodies as he drinks the wine, Glenn Danzig pushes metal and drinks the wine as Body Count, combs his hair as Adolf Hitler... and eats Smurfs whole... as Gargamel, Blue Oyster Cult dominatrix incarnate!

-Mahatma Hoaxmaster Magician: Charlie Z. Yogurt, aka His Royal Highness Christian E. Mumford, freelance artiste and author extrordinaire

I visited my mother today. After my mother picked me up, I sat around and drank the beer I brought on the porch and ate a pizza I fixed in the oven, watched a little of the Inner City Unit, Dingwalls '86 tape I brought because she has a VCR, and then bought a pack of cigarettes and a bottle of soda at the local grocery store. There were people working on the driveway all day in the rain. I bummed a couple of painkillers off her and then she drove me home. Then I went and bought another bottle of soda and ate the rest of the pizza I had brought with me home. I needed some kind of break from the heat in my apartment the last few days. My mother is an idiot!

I have the complete Norwegian 80's run of Judge Dredd comics stashed in my mom's garage with all my Norwegian Hulk comics from the 70's and 80's on Atlantic, and my old 10 speed German racing bike with a pair of goat's horn steering handles plus my old toybox with my Norwegian DC Superclub graduate diploma and the Norwegian Phantom club graduation papers and diploma. I have to go and get that shit back someday. I used to be a busy kid.

My old Hawkwind t-shirt with Screaming Lord Sutch... had to throw this thing away... worn it proudly since 1991, so worn out and falling apart at the seams, I had to finally toss it. Half an hour later it dawned on me how sad I was.

The Allah dandy chronicles pt. 1 - an autobiographical account by C. E. Mumford:

After I deathed my way out of being Alla Akbar, I fought buddhist mohawks in Sandvika as Armored Saint, I was Johnny Rotten's favorite girl and a short haired catholic motherfucker monk in Armored Saint.

I beat up Dupree's Diamond with my right hand as a christian archangel for half an hour until Voivod were called in as police to control the situation. I was Meshuggah. I went out for a walk by the bus terminal and and came back to see the diamond break all the way down by the front entrance of my apartment building, the little zen monk inside the diamond letting me go because I didn't care anymore. Dupree had let me go.

In the SS I murdered a buddha mohawk in Mandagsklubben when I was in the shower as Kirk Langstrom. As Man-Bat I flew out of my tower in the city after I stabbed him in the throat with a surgical instrument. He bled like a stuck pig.

I scalped Alan Davey as an Indian several times on stage during a Hawkwind show as Samantha Fox. It was a Judas Priest joke with the Painkiller album to scalp some cowboy out of Islam that many times over as a faggot onstage.

I gave Scott Heller drip in the head as a Scouser as a joke in Mandagsklubben. I did it as dead Syd Barrett and did it as a gross buddhist and a goth in thrashmetal. Heller was appaerantly no longer holy in Islam and had to split to the USA to like music again.

Amon Düül II, The Baader-Meinhof, Syd Barrett and The Catholic Church
article (c) 2002 Charlie "Gnarly Harley" Yuga

As the Amon Düül II album "Phallus Dei" from 1969 is loaded with old German mysticism and satanism to summon Syd Barrett, the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler forth with tracks like "Der Guten Schönen, Waren", "Luzifers Ghilom" and "Henriette Krotenschwanz". The West German hippy commune and musical ensemble Amon Düül and Amon Düül II were also loosely knit to the Baader-Meinhof, a terrorist organization prominent in the tumultous 60's and 70's. Syd Barrett was an early test in the Catholic Church of England and was Alla Akbar in Islam and The Catholic Church in the 1960's and was an unwitting Catholic skinhead in the postwar testings of the effects of LSD on hippys, the testing to some intended as a stag party in the SS for Adolf Hitler, who was promised to return upon his death as Allah in all the world in 1945 in Berlin. The track "Archangel's Thunderbird" on Amon Düül II's "Yeti" album sang Barrett into all the world as the ultimate "Archangel's Thunderbird" indeed, as Godhead, the young guitarist/singer Barrett and his band Pink Floyd rocketing to hippy stardom in the late 60's propelled by his original style of playful whimsy and mystical and deeply psychedelic lyrics and music. Syd Barrett was eventually baptized the idiot of all the world by all of hippy in jew Dharma in Catholic Church in 1972 when he appeared with his unsuccessful band Stars after having been fired from Pink Floyd in 1969, recording three ingenious solo albums with his replacement guitarist Dave Gilmour producing. Barrett's mental health had deteriorated severely since leaving Pink Floyd in 1969 due to drug problems and mental disorders from extreme use of LSD. Barrett was indeed the LSD test rat of The Catholic Church of England in the 1960's as Alla Akbar and was the blueprint for all of skinhead and appeared as God to many skinheads in the following years, remaining an icon to this day. Barrett retired from the world of music after the unsuccessful Stars and deteriorated with mental problems. He was seen as a hero in all of Germany, and Barrett himself was never fond of America, remaining a quintessential English poet and songwriter and musician, Pink Floyd inspiring many other 70's underground psychedelic spacerock communes and bands like Gong or Hawkwind in the wake of other early contemporary London underground bands like Soft Machine or Giant Sun Trolley in the mid and late 1960's, Barrett and Pink Floyd inventing the term "space rock" in the same decade. Barrett has been adopted as skinhead and punk icon ever since and Pink Floyd remain an active act to this day and very much in debt to Barrett's early work and guiding spirit. Barrett was the sole Alla Akbar of the 1960's and was the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler, sung forth by German underground bands such as Amon Düül II out of The Catholic Church of England, and was generally conspired against by hippies in the 1960's as an idiot child. He was baptized Israel in jew Dharma in Catholic Church in 1972 by all of hippy at the time in the midst of what was left of his deteriorating mental health due to excessive LSD use. However, as a satanist, Syd Barrett stood victorious, despite helpless against the world, for murdering his alter ego on LSD as a Nazi to most with lyrics so tuned into psychedelic thinking that he defined Nazism as more than just what history had proven, Nazism as a mental state or style of creativity undefined elsewhere but psychedelia as something of an alien beauty. He was the first to be considered of "23" in magi, magick practice under the number 23 today generally considered biblical with shaven head as skinhead. Syd Barrett remains honored to this day by bands like Television Personalities and Psychic TV and many others and survives as an artist, having retired from the world at his mother Winnifred's estate in England. Syd Barrett was the ultimate test rat in LSD in the postwar projects of The Catholic Church in the 1960's, being the very reincarnation of Adolf Hitler. Sieg Heil!

Allah was the first Nazi. The early Christians and the Catholic Church condemned all of Islam to be the Jehovah.

I baptised the body of a dead jew and lit a candle on his head...... then I underwent an autopsy on the corpse to control eyeball movements on a black male in islam...

I was beaten up by the world for not being a jew. People conspired against me at work or made fun of me, and I lost alot of friends that I'd had for years. I quit two jobs for being treated as a subhuman at work. One job was rather well paid, over 18 000 NOK a month, and I worked there for over a year and also did other work on the side, and the other job was too underpaid for me to be treated like an idiot for the kind of work I did. I was beaten up by the world for not being a jew even though I fucked two girls in my lifetime before I was 25.

I am a dead faggotjente. A faggotjente is someone who murders their parents over and over and gets to be a girl anyway because a faggotjente masturbates like a slut in krsna and in Christ and is worshipped by Germany as some kind of prostitute inside who shoots up to be a faggot and snacks on goths as Jesus Christ and is a faggotjente.

That little rat punk Rick Wakeman ripped me off on speed again... prick! Break out that crazy fucking Yes 7" again... go, archangel, go, go, go!!! Scream Dracula, scrrreeeeeaaaaaaammm!!! SNACK!!! AAAAAAAAIIIIIEEEEAAAAUUURRRRRGGHH!!!




Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World - Ramones
Brainbox Pollution - Hawkwind
Smart Patrol/Mr. DNA - Devo
Death Trip - Iggy & The Stooges
Paranoid - Black Sabbath
Adrenochrome - The Sisters Of Mercy
Overkill - Motorhead
Korgull The Exterminator - Voivod
Birth Ritual - Soundgarden
Midlife Crisis - Faith No More

This stuff gets my old lady to get up and shake her titties at my dog:

7" inches of pleasure:

I wanna get kinky with some vinyl: my personal top three selection from a stack of healthy 45 singles:

1. Entombed/New Bomb Turks - Night of The Vampire/I Hate People (Earache, 1995)
2. F/i - From Poppy With Love/Five Crowns of The Saxon King (RRR/Smutco, 1995)
3.The Mooseheart Faith - March Of The Mind Parasites/Hippie Cult Leader Anthem (September Gurls, 1997)

Hawkwind rollcall:
Dave Anderson - party rock'n'roll nazi / doesen't care about being a deadhead / throws money around as a terrorrist
Harvey Bainbridge - hell's angels idiot monk
Tim Blake - heroin loser burnout sits around and gets fucked up on drugs
Clive Deamer - gangster goth guy
Dave Brock - michael moorcock says you're so beautiful
Hilary Stench (Chrome) - dead punk / laying around in garages / Allah in all of Buddhism
Alan Davey - test tubed garage Alla in NATO
Danny Thompson - speedfreak hero to all of Losey
Simon King - says he is a chinaman / kicked out as a nazi

Gong rollcall:
Jannik Top (Magma) - kicked out as a nazi
Didier Malherbe - a very strange luddite
Mike Howlett - nazi rhythm section
Bon Lozaga (Gongzilla) - dego mohawk rock'n'roll / heavy metal dude / catholic church
Steve Hillage - kicked out as a nazi / mickey mouse in china / talking swastika

Top 4 Grateful Dead albums:
American Beauty
Anthem of The Sun

Top 6 Black Sabbath tunes:
Paranoid (Paranoid)
After Forever (Master of Reality)
Cornucopia (Volume 4)
Symptom of The Universe (Sabotage)
Johnny Blade (Never Say Die!)
Neon Knights (Live Evil)

Down for the Count: HAWKWIND
Top 7 Hawkwind albums:
"Chronicle Of The Black Sword" - Flicknife
"Friday Rock Show Sessions: Reading '86"
"Choose Your Masques Collector's Edition: Live '82"
"Hall Of The Mountain Grill" - remaster
"Sonic Attack"
"Live 1997"
"Warrior On The Edge Of Time"
"Electric Tepee"

8 favorite Hawkwind spinoffs:
"Captured Rotation" - Alan Davey
"Chaos Delight" - Alan Davey
"Captain Lockheed & The Starfighters"- Robert Calvert
"Test Tube Conceived" - Robert Calvert
"Past or Future" - Nik Turner
"Ice Ritual" - Nik Turner/Dark Sun
"All Thanks To The Lord Jesus Christ Amen" - Captain Jesus And The Sunray Dream
"The Day That Nebulon Exploded"- Captain Jesus And The Sunray Dream

PS: Anyone else wondered how the Genesis songs The Musical Box ('Nursery Cryme') and Domino ('Invisible Touch') seen to correspond thematically? Anyone else rabid satanists and skinheads with this stuff? I just pulled out this Pink Fairies compilation on Polydor with the original version of 'City Kids', and I still can't get over how rousing it is.

Personal TOP 15 Michael Moorcock Paperback Novels:
"The Ice Schooner" ("Ulrik Skarsol" character)
"The Return Of The Fireclown"
"The Swords Trilogy" (first "Corum" trilogy of novels)
"The City In The Autumn Stars"
"The Warlord Of The Air" ("Oswald Bastable" character)
"Sailor On The Seas Of Fate" (2nd "Elric" novel)
"The Weird Of The White Wolf" (3rd "Elric" novel)
"Stormbringer" (6th "Elric" novel)
"Elric At The End Of Time"
"The Jewel In The Skull" (first "Hawkmoon" novel)
"The Russian Intelligence" ("Jerry Cornell" character, New English Library)
"The Cornelius Chronicles" (Omnibus of the first four "Jerry Cornelius" novels)
"The Golden Barge"

compilation cassette made for Cameron Dominick:

Pressurehed - I Predict
Legendary Pink Dots - Citadel
Orange Goblin - Star Shaped Cloud
Blue Oyster Cult - The Great Sun Jester
The Orb - S.A.L.T.
Pressurehed - Wired For Sound
Inner City Unit - Fallout
Hawkwind - Alchemy

Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come - Internal Messenger
Amon Düül II - Archangel's Thunderbird
Outskirts of Infinity - Tales Of Brave Ulyssees
Korai Örom - untitled
Legendary Pink Dots - The Saucers Are Coming
Hawkwind - I Am The Reptoid/The Nazca
Ship Of Fools - l=sd^2

compilation cassette made for Arild Strømsvåg:

Amorphis - And I Hear You Call
Voivod - In League With Satan
Sepultura - Orgasmatron
Amorphis - Levitation
Entombed - Night of The Vampire
Misfits - Teenagers From Mars
Bedlam Four - Hydrogen Atom
Outskirts of Infinity - Tales Of Brave Ulysses
Orange Goblin - Star Shaped Cloud
Helios Creed - First Encounter
Pressurehed - Shockneck

Akhkaharu - Cosmic Extacy
Thy Repentance - Moon Roots of War
Nokturnal Mortum - Lastivka
Cathedral - Kaleidoscope of Desire
The Orb - S.A.L.T.
TSOL - Peace Thru Power
Suicide - Ghost Rider
Inner City Unit - Fallout/Nuclear Waste
Alan Davey - The Call
Mick Farren - Arts of Darkness

I was beaten into Chaos UK as Hawkwind police, as Johnny Rotten because I spat The Hell's Angels in the face as a nazi and they drove in circles around me on their bikes as I gave them the finger. Am I just farting in my pants as Chrome bassist Hilary Stench here? I mean, Chaos UK fer chrissakes! I'm a fucking celebrity, everybody! Hello in England! I murdered Andrew Eldritch as Punisher at Heroes Pizza in L.A. and had him laughing on and on in tears until he had a massive heart attack, I had even appeared as a most evil and cruel evil monkey straight outta Discharge, which he still fears to this day. I ate an After Eight in the nuthouse and was Johnny Rotten for real, etc. etc. etc. Call me mr. Rotten or mr. Eldritch or mr. Stench if you like, or just call me Robert Smith, that's what my dad does, he thinks I'm the guy from The Cure and stuff. He calls me "Cure guy". I murdered Andrew Eldritch and my mother. Isn't that something to be revered for as well? I've been Dave Anderson of Hawkwind and Amon Duul II as well, partying as a nazi and throwing money around as a terrorist. I've been Simon King of Hawkwind, fairy king of the world and nazi hippy of The Golden Dawn and God in hardcore. Nik Turner put out the "Past Or Future?" and the "1999 Party" live albums just for me because I'm such a swell guy in Hawkwind. I'm the ruling #1 idiot king of Hawkwind, and my Hawkwind passport number is 1048 and has a smiling picture of me with long hair, a beard and 3D glasses. I was smoking alot of marijuana and living as an artist just before the apocalypse just when the picture was taken. I'll just wet my filthy armpits with abit of fresh brewed Lipton tea and say I'm supposed to be kicked out of the Catholic Church of England as Elrod The Albino in The Hell's Angels, fer chrissakes! Losey Osbourne in the 1960's! Do I really have to be "Simon Losey" for real again, aka God in hardcore? You know, "Reptoid Vision", "Alchemy", "Phetamine Street" and "Hippy" were all about me as well, as an inhuman alien speedfreak hardcore warrior in Hawkwind. Just ask Ron Tree about it. Not to mention the two Captain Jesus And The Sunray Dream albums he played on! I also played two six hour shows on the radio from a squat in the center of Oslo for Hawkwind's 30th anniversary in 1999 and interviewed Nik Turner over a couple of hash joints with Scott Heller in Hamburg, Germany for spacerock magazine Aural Innovations in 1998. I have seen Hawkwind twice, Oslo in 1991 and in New York City in 1995. Worship me as idiot king of the world and as deadhead supreme of Hawkwind at your own sorry expense and rocket me to stardom NOW! Thankyou for your measly attention spans, people. Now go play on the super-information highway and get thouroughly reamed by me as I once again read my fave comics of my youth, namely David Boswell's "Reid Fleming, The World's Toughest Milkman", Howard Chaykin's "Cody Starbuck", Marvel Comics' "Master Of Kung-Fu", 2000 A.D.'s "Nemesis The Warlock" and "Judge Dredd", John Constantine of "Hellblazer", Bryan Talbot's "Luther Arkwright" series, or just simply appear as Lightening Lord of The Legion Of Super-Villains around the first Keith Giffen run in the mid-80's. Doesen't anyone read good comics anymore? Huh? Oh, you are asking about where I may have appeared in the movies. The movie "Alien3" was about me and how I was an inhuman Nazarene as well, punished for being so inhuman with women and as a criminal junkie Christian monk, as was Corpus Delicti's "Sebastian" album, as I was the idiot king of Christian skinhead in the 60's and enemy of faerie as "Sebastian" from the film "Never Ending Story", while "The Matrix" and "Breakfast Of Champions" were Kurt Vonnegut's little flings at me for challenging his character Kilgore Trout into Virtual Reality as a bully in an essay I once wrote, using the "Kilgore Trout" pseudonym for much of my humour and horror work in comics, and for reading all of Vonnegut's books, especially "Breakfast Of Champions" and "God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater" over so many times. When it boils down to Hawkwind and beyond, I'm a world famous guy. I'm a nuts guy out of Chaos UK who's the main guy to blame for the Apocalypse! C'mon everybody! Are you gonna be there at the Love-In? I mean, Chaos UK fer chrissakes! The band who played you "Army", "Four Minute Warning", "No Security" and "What About A Future" and lots of other great punk!

"we need answers to that which is unquestionably ours to comprehend with or without drugs, party or no party, and especially women with answering machines which don't work properly"
-Charlie Yuga, 2002

"After Forever"... a short Judge Dredd police militia roundup!
by Charlie Yuga, 2002

One of my favorite Judge Dredd stories has to be the one where Judge Dredd is travelling across the Scorched Earth to Mega City 2 to get a cure for a plague that's destroying Mega City 1. He encounters a mining colony run by a violent and cruel slavedriver who treats his alien slaves as animals. The alien slaves are from strip mine colonies on alien planets. Judge Dredd asks a 'lil alien ant eater guy who carries rocks for the slave driver for directions and gets help. At some point later the ant eater alien drops a big rock and is cruelly and mercilessly and without reason beaten to death by the slave owner. Judge Dredd avenges the alien's death by murdering the slave owner and buries the cute 'lil alien guy, shedding a tear. Dredd holds a simple burial ceremony and mourns for a moment and says something like "I am sorry it had to be this way, little fellow. Our earth has suffered the holocaust and it is just the way it is supposed to be. Nobody is supposed to 'get it' in space travel. I am sorry we took your life on this planet. Rest in peace. Amen.". Judge Dredd shows his emotion with a short moment of silence and continues on his trek.

"Thu Sistuhs"

Does anyone know if Andrew Eldritch is circumsised or not?

I have to dance for him in my window to Mongo Santa Maria's 'Watermelon Man' on occasion, and I have to wonder if the gentleman is circumsised or not. I think he's some kind of pakis inside, but the way he smiles sometimes tells me he's a little chinaman... c'mon, Andrew, won't you have another Margarita with me!

Having dug out the ancient MTV Europe Sisters Of Mercy special video tape I just recently found some months back, after ten long years in my box of old tapes, the special, if I remember correctly, featuring an unusually relaxed Andrew Eldritch, chatting quite pleasantly about The Sister's long career and introducing an array of video and concert clips, seated on a huge chair and dressed in this tight little shiny gold suit, Andrew Eldritch as his usual self, appearing in person... what a guy, and he was pretty much already retired from most of the world above back then, wasn't he, appearing like some frail old dude in the wake of their final single, if I remember correctly... did anybody think it was any good, like the old stuff? I didn't think it was so great. However, not so unexpectedly appearing rather pale and appealingly strange, there's Andrew Eldritch, gracefully seated like some Egyptian junkie Pharaoh straight out of some David Bowie science fiction fable or something, dressed in that glittery and tight little gold lamee suit... heh... he's like a strange little chinese man of animated parchment, carefully trying hide his charmingly awkward little smile, straining just like a fucking hero at the cameraman... what a strange looking dude he sometimes is!

If I were Johnny Rotten I'd pick Andrew Eldritch to mix a drink for me and he would have to say he is tinkerbell three times and say "there's no place like home!"

"Still serving the greater North Atlantic seaboard of Northwestern Europe and the Mediterranian"
-Charlie Yuga
(your local operating veterenarian)

"A HARDASS FRIDAY NITE" final sobering note from ye MAGIPUNKS webzine editor...

Christian Erik Mumford, aka Charlie Yuga, ca. 1998
(longhaired "useless nazi deadhead hippy wanker" pic from Hawkwind passport #1084)

"A Hard Ass Friday Nite" indeed! I'm sitting around posting to newsgroups when someone knocks on the door. It's the guy who picked up the prostitute/bicycle thief/speedealer girl's old bags she had left with me for about a month back when she moved out from her apartment she used to share with her boyfriend on the 7th floor. He's probably her pimp too. He was looking for the neighbor. I tell him we'd forgotten her jacket and some t-shirts and I also ask him if he's got a bag of speed he could forward me until Monday. I tell him the girl had left more stuff here and that he needs to come by and pick it up and I can give him the money. He puts in a bag and says everything's okay and that he'll swing by for the money and the prostitute/bicycle thief/speedealer girl's stuff on Monday and we'll square away then. The girl gave me a gram of speed for keeping the stuff and I had once made a run to Oslo to pick up a couple of bags of heroin for her. She used to live on the 7th floor where the goth chick with the two dogs had lived, two doors down from the Somalian girl I've been seeing recently, and I live on the second floor next to a violent little fucking junkie who looks like a midget who's threatened me a couple of times with a baseball bat in the middle of the night due to loud partying. He's a friend of the burnout methadone junkie, who had hinted on getting rid of a hecto of hash with him, who's also been by with several cases of beer he had stolen from a local supermarket. Anyway, I shoot my amphetamines and strut about to review some of my old artwork for the night and pop on the Sisters Of Mercy "Holocaust" bootleg. I was just done listening to some tracks off Legendary Pink Dots "Faces In The Fire". Too cool... I get to speed this weekend after all, I was just yesterday ripped off for a quarter gram by the train station in Oslo where I usually cop my stuff. When I got to the restroom at the station to shoot up, I opened the bag and noticed it was only fucking flour! I dumped it in the toilet and left for home. I was pissed for sure. The guy I bought it from claimed cops were watching so we had to hurry and the bags were so nicely packed I figured he wasn't about to rip me off as he seemed like a trustworthy bum. Pissed me off. I hadn't been ripped off for over a year as I always break the bag if there's no mouthwatering meth fumes from the bags to check. But now everything's made up, and I get to speed this weekend after all. Plus, the Somalian girl is looking to get me some Khat which I'm looking forward to try. I understand chewing Khat is like cocaine. Anyway, Swans "Love Of Life" just came on and I gotta go back to my usual speedfreak habits of recording my entire life's history, everything I do and know and enjoy so I can download myself and all my nasty habits onto my website. Haha! An MTV Europe interview with the guy in Monster Magnet just came on, Vanessa Warwick interviewing him at the Dynamo Festival around the "Superjudge" album, just before "Evil" comes on. Wyndorf describes the festival as "the most crucial barbecue of the year". He comes back on and answers a question regarding the cover of Hawkwind's "Brainstorm"... woo-hoo. He says their cover could be described as more "punky", so he obviously never heard Hawkwind's frantic live versions of the song in the 80's and 90's... He also answers questions about drugs and drug endorsement as an admirably intelligent young man. Anyway, time to go and play with my Phantom action figure I got with a Phantom comic awhile back which stands valiantly on top of my harddisk, a character most likely known as "Captain Hook" to Andrew Eldritch who probably will be delighted of my partying mood as the rest of you goths and punks reading this here bucketfull of ghetto amphetamine addict loser punkrock gospel will before the nuclear holocaust hits you all in the brains like a teenage abortion doctor's worst masturbatory fantasies. Amen!

addendum to all Chaos magicians and hippies: Even though nobody beleives me anymore and consider me a liar as far my Sun Dial story goes, I present it anyway just to say I was first whether Judaism, hippies or Derrick Williams like it or not: when I first picked up Sun Dial's "Overspill" EP in 1991 after seeing the video on MTV Europe "120 Minutes", I was immediately hooked and started reading magazines like "Freakbeat" a few years later, Sun Dial ranking imho next to bands like The Bevis Frond, The Screaming Trees, Ozric Tentacles, Ship Of Fools, Spacemen 3, The Chameleons and even Ride. I introduced my roomate in NJ, Derrick Williams, to Sun Dial via this EP and let him tape it off me in 1994 after having bought a few more SD releases at the local flea market in Rockaway and in the East Village in 1992 and '93, and as everybody on Droneon knows I was first with Sun Dial in 1991 and three years later introduced Derrick to them in the USA. However, I am a just a little nigger kid today as far as Sun Dial goes, having been ripped off by all the 60's and Derrick Williams with this band, Sun Dial who were my fave band next to Hawkwind for a while in the early 90's, Hawkwind a band I'd been into since getting "Chronicle of The Black Sword" on Flicknife in 1988. As far as Sun Dial and Hawkwind go, however, since having been conspired against by Judaism so much since 1998, I am a nigger in those bands to this day. So, thanks alot, magi, for helping me out! The Case Of Christian Mumford vs Derrick Williams in the Big Sun Dial Case of 1994: "påstand mot påstand"! Remember kids, be careful when you lend someone your fave CD's or EP's (as in my case of "Overspill", which I bought in Norway in 1991), your "friend" may claim he was there before you and ruin everything for you!!! Hell, I make the first claim of beating Derrick up in Sun Dial over the course of 6 or 7 years after giving him the finger as Adolf Hitler and Punisher at Hero's Pizza in LA, the ape hardcore guy outta Hell's Angels, Allah in all of Buddhism, all thanks to Sun Dial and Donovan, two bands I raped him with in LSD bondage (his efforts of Skinny Puppy and Negativland were as friendly as my original innocent LSD tripper contributions were.). However, I kept Van Der Graaf Generator secret as a favoirite band to everyone except Ray Cheplic when I meditated as a human in the Golden Dawn to "Still Life" sometimes on LSD, shrooms or on DXM trips by myself at night. Ray and I used to conspire against Derrick in hardcore behind his back sometimes. Ray once brought his brother's Jethro Tull box set and all of his Iron Maiden CD's thinking I would enjoy it being such a fan of Tull in high school and Hawkwind before them first in 1988 with "Chronicle Of The Black Sword" on Flicknife, and ever onward throughout the 90's they remained my fave band as a bona-fide deadhead in Hawkwind, seeing them first live in 1991. Derrick hated that kind of music too, heavy metal or progrock and stuff, but liked Pink Floyd, and he even liked Hawkwind on occasion and he was the first person I properly introduced the band to after the compilation tape I made Nate Gilles who only liked The Grateful Dead and early Black Sabbath. Ray and I just thought we conspired in Catholic Church in Jethro Tull and Iron Maiden against grumpy little anti-freedom-rocker Derrick sometimes, who could get so whiny about other's choice of music during pot smoking sessions that we just had to conspire against the little midget Bobby Deutsche-Spanish idiot policeman who was a pretty little schwarze Irish-American Christian redhead role-player in Skinny Puppy and Ministry and Jesus And The Mary Chain from a liberal working class family in Maine, and a bit of a Golden Dawner he was too, him not being a real goth either like myself. We were in LSD bondage together as trippers in all kinds of music and games, like burying the derelict and conked out Ray Cheplic in the trip room as we chanted holding maracas and I played the "theme from Incredible Hulk" as we danced around him to say he was dead and had to go on the meatwagon with the rest of the drug overdoses and dead drunks who arrive at the coroner in New Jersey. Ray always passed out on trips if he had been drinking too much Night Train or Thunderbird and smoking too much pot. Ray was part of the furniture at our pad, as Bingo would always say.