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"The Tibetan Book of The Dead, The Apocalypse and The Kali Yuga"
By Charlie Yuga

The author is here presenting a brief thesis on the role and understanding of "The Apocalypse" as understood and lived by the author within a Magickal, Buddhist and Hinduist frame of understanding the path of a warrior and magician, surviving the perils of death at the moment of passage, explored and travelled in the form of a Dragon and Centipede in modern Hindu military mythology.

The process of the magician or warrior's Supersoul passing through Space into the next life, or cycle of life, physically or in metaphorically speaking, as described in The Tibetan Book of The Dead, and that of violently waking up within The Dharma, certainly correlates with the process of transmigration of the being, that of the the Superego passing through what is known as The Apocalypse in biblical terminology, or otherwise more modern interpretations of the "Day of Judgement", or "when everything violently shuts down", or "when we evolve and pass into the next level of existence". The soul and its great role in the being or self will always face its greatest challenges on a spiritual and mental level combined, the magician or warrior's Superego will also be manifesting itself causing violent change in the physical world as a result. This change, caused by the magician or warrior's Superego -and soul passing through Space/The Apocalypse/Ritual Of Death may not only be affecting the subject's immediate physical space and its inhabitants, but that of intrusion or even damage to others' mental states and physical health, causing inferior or inert souls to be "overrun" by the magician or warrior's juggernauting Supersoul, so to speak. This additionally violent telepathic process may ultimately lead to a kind of physical and mental "collapse" experienced by the physical being of the magician or warrior, having likely been acknowledged as an India Whore after passing through Lingam as a whore in Lingam , in which the subject's ego is also attempted captured unless escaping as a Krsna demon. Completed, this may be followed by what is known in Hindu scientific terms as the Kali Yuga, when the subject is process to transformation of gender orientation based on the subject's ego orientation to the physical world, or the subject's conscious or unconscious mental orientation within Dharma.

As Christ in Kali Yuga, which one may describe as a medical operation of sorts, if any meat is mistakenly or wilfully consumed by the subject after the operation (the meat may cause burning feelings in the belly in an India whore), the state of Dazhbog will be entered if the subject remains consciously and agressively alert and explorative and dedicated towards the subject's true sexuality as well (if a Krsna lover has been present in one's life, all the more sexually in tune and complete the process) over a longer period of time, Dazhbog being very much an "aftermath" of the magician or warrior Dragon's self-procreated evolutionary process of passing through The Apocalypse. The state of Karma Yoga may possibly be entered during the long aftermath after the latter state of Dahzbog following The Kali Yuga as well, the magician's or warrior's main journey completed. Going back to the triggering sudden panic attack and chaos of violently waking up within The Dharma, and the aggressive physical process of eventually being assaulted telepathically or even signalled or alerted physically for not losing one's ego to the smothering inertia of the sudden surrounding paranoia-inducing universe of symbol and archetype, in this raw and violent form it truly is an act of exploration of magickal understanding. So, this violent leap process of The Apocalypse becomes the warrior or magician's key doorway to climb towards full understanding and orientation within our own spiritual, physical and mental universe, in which we as Gods do dwell as magicians, warriors and lovers - sexual, intellectual and spiritual beings in control of our own souls and destinies, ready to explore through this evolutionary and fortifying experience expanding our fresh horizons. The Apocalypse then, is in fact a uniquely human, if not truly superhuman, evolutionary trait, passed on from ancient, if not possibly much more farfetched, if one even dares to dream, even extraterrestrially originated cultures, rituals and wisdom. The true Military Industrial Complex today, as forever ruled by the ancients, exists so far into the realms and technologies of magick and religion, that the MIC's intervention in the Deadhead infested Dharma slums is unavoidable getting around for the always exploring magician or warrior, suddenly being "drafted" for what may be a suicidal yet spiritual journey through the ancient, universal, destructive and ultimately creative passage of the crack-heavy battle-meditation of The Apocalypse, the manifestation of the Supersoul and its Superego's violent trail through the bloodied trenches of telepathic warfare, and the Dragon's evolutionary and spiritual journey may only lead to the liberation of the soul of the warrior and magician, reaching true transcendence of spirit and mind, conquering the ever narrow ways of modern social and religious stigmas, scaling the subsequent obstacles we face as true practicioners of True Will on the path to True Enlightenment, ultimately commanding our own Destiny.

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