image (c) Christian Mumford 1995

The Archangel's Enigma Of Christ: A Mystical Image For Meditation":

This vision of Christ as a female Archangel and Thelema ascendant of The Apocalypse, transmogrified from the form of Satan, as symbolized by a Desert Nomad appearing as the ever questing Knight and his seeming endless wanderings seeking solution and truth, being the guardian of the Holy Cross and the enigmas of the Catholic Church. This particular image of Christ as a female Archangel has the woman's figure portrayed with her arms spread apart, and dressed in a long white robe, The Grail firmly held in the left hand, and a serpent being held in the right hand, the figure brandishing a dagger in her belt.

The image and figure represent both supreme salvation and life's final throes of pain, the Archangel acting as a brutal and swift Angel of Death to the dying or diseased, casting final judgement over the the self-defeated, the unloving or lying, corrupted souls such as the jew, though occasionally the Archangel will comfort or revive the few lost and noble souls as seen fit. Standing behind a stone altar holding a bowl of water for baptizing, she appears as a youthfully middle-aged red haired woman, the entity also correlating with the wrath, yet unbound love of Krsna as a warrior, the furious vengeance of Allah, the purity and power of Satan, and the justified compassion of Christ. The Archangel also seen as a guardian of fallen martyrs, it embodies the very essence of self-love and justice, being a transmogrification from its primordial form of Satan.

The enigma of The Rosetta Stone deeply corresponds with the role of this Archangel, symbolizing vengeance and compassion, ruling the occult traditions of the ancient physician, commanding power over life and death, embodying fertility and finality, it rules the sexes, carrying out acts of frontier justice on the dishonored and fallen. The Archangel's dragon and centipede form is taken when in mystical flight, its elemental realm are the earth and solid ground, its totem animal being the carrion bird. Placed within an ancient tower, the powerful female figure of this Archangel remains standing behind the solid stone altar and water bowl, a seven pointed star shining above its head.

(c) Charlie Yuga, 2001 A.D.

As chiselled through light
As chiselled through bright
As chiselled through spite
As chiselled through sight
Murder jews with dead jews

image (c) Christian Mumford 1995

"Three Tarots"
By Charlie Yuga
The author's use of Tarot has never been overly disciplined or particularly scholary, the cards being somewhat openly interpreted, and based on the more general knowledge of the main cards basic symbol and numbers as known from memory. The author here presents three living Tarots...

The primal nature of the subconscious and unconscious human mind and its mystical forces synthesizing through raw creative endeavor into consciousness and expression, the unbound human imagination motivated by love and illumination, of will and self-salvation leading to self-suffiency using nothing but man's inherent mystical nature and instincts. The card also represents the infinite and sometimes invert nature of the inner universe as a reflection of the outer universe and the inherent human folly to conquer or defeat such universal mysteries, ultimately leading to disillutionment or even madness for the unsuccessful. One may say then, that "The Minstrel" represents creation and destruction in its most primal forms, and ultimately, the nature of human mortality and spirit, as well as man's unending mystical quests reflected in the concept of infinity and its enigmas.

To freely act upon the foundation of love of self and even others as a living and complex force to rise above lesser or petty values, to explore, evolve and exist through its virtues, of uncovering truth and wisdom through love, the ultimate foundation of immortal love being built on the solid foundations of youth and the maturing experience of age, immortality itself representing love as a power to grow. "The Lover", then, finally represents the primal and intellectual forces of life, spirit, nobility and experience procreating at their most vital, sexual, magickal and exciting, ultimately representing wisdom, virtue and discipline as forged from love of self becoming the ultimate key to godlike immortality, love as a truth the solid foundation of being, and sometimes, as the ultimate power of choice, self-liberation through the godlike virtue of selflessness.

Symbolizes the spirit and will to face the perils of the unknown through confidence, experience and survival instinct, of facing any challenge or hostility of conscious or unconsciously rooted dangers or fears, facing the possibility of sacrifice, no matter how destructive. Essentially, at its core, it represents danger, the human quest and its perils of conflict and action, of facing external or internal forces or threat, pointing towards adventure through dangerous passage and purity through experience. Ultimately, it is the symbolic death of humanity and the self's godlike resurrection in the wake of experience defining maturity, the self-creative process of becoming through conquering any danger or challenge, even as a rite of passage, which defines the main mystical symbolism of "death" in the context of this Tarot.

(c) Charlie Yuga, 2001 A.D.

image (c) Christian Mumford 1995

"...spin your crystal umbrella under twinkling rainbow moonlight slowly seeping through the ancient cathedral mosaic, dripping wondrous tales of immortal shining saints and mystic sleeping mounds, of endless dreaming oceans rolling..."

(personal Tarot card (c) Charlie Yuga, 1999-2002)

"The Wounded Negro"
(Illustration of a naked and blind negro Magus stoning a hunched water bearer to death by roadside against large bloodoak, the figures posed in action on a grass hill under a clear summer sky at midday. The old dying waterbearer lays barefooted on the ground under his hood and robe by the empty wooden water cask from which spilled water seemingly runs into a newly forged hidden river. The negro Magus stands holding the final stone aimed at the dying waterbearer to strike the final blow to the old man's head.)

accompanying text:
"Please, friendly dinosaurs in India, will you put a medicine weed leaf on the wound to heal me before pain steals my will." (said by negro Magus as young boy with badly inflammed infection in swollen left hand, self inflicted through ritual.)

Addendum: Symbolic significance of card:
That of the Magus appearing as Christ on every level of life and willful act as judge and executioner to not only banish enemies, but as a monk or clergyman of divine experience as well, to not only be self taught in life, but also to act as a lover and a direct messenger of spiritual as well as even physical death by demonstrating human qualities as a virtue no matter what, as a weapon or a tool to either defeat, disarm or even render an opponent helpless by question of his real self by angelic intervention, and thus to becoming through truth and will in any situation.