1967? Elric story in French "Moi Ausse" by Druillet, obscure. Withdrawn over copyright dispute.

1972 Conan The Barbarian # 14 & 15 "A Sword Called Stormbringer" By Moorcock/Thomas/Windsor-Smith, reprinted in Giant-Size Conan # 5, 1975, Marvel Comics

1973 "Elric", Windy City Publications, by Grant/John Adkins Richardson

197? "Stormbringer" giant size GN adapted by Cawthorne, Savoy

1976 "Prisoner of Pan Tang", Star*Reach # 6, by Grant/Kimball/Gould

1979 "Elric" by Moorcock/Frank Brunner, Heavy Metal # Sept./Oct. '79

1981 Star*Reach Greatest Hits (reprint of Star*Reach story & HM story)

1982 "Dreaming City" and "While the Gods Laugh" by Thomas/Russell in Epic.

1983 "Dreaming City" GN (Marvel) reprint from Epic by Russell/Thomas

1983 PC Comics, Unknown Worlds of Frank Brunner # 2, "Sword of Dragonus" Unofficial Elric story, honestly more like a vague reference!

1983-4 "Elric of Melnibone" PC/First Comics, by Thomas/Russell/Gilbert #1-6 (with reprint of Dreaming City)

1985-6 "Sailor on the Seas of Fate" # 1-6, First Comics, by Thomas/Gilbert/Freeman

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1988-9 "Bane of The Black Sword" # 1-6, First Comics, by Thomas/Pacella/Mitchell/Koenig

1986 "Elric of Melnibone" GN, First. Reprint.

1987 "Sailor on The Seas of Fate" GN, First. Reprint.

1987 "Elric at The End of Time", Paper Tiger. illustrated by Rodney Matthews.

1989? "Law and Chaos" book by Wendy Pini (artwork for unfinished animation project), Father Tree Press

198? Elric parody in Cerebus The Ardvaark by Dave Sim. (Elrod)

1995 "Jesting With Chaos" in HC anthology "Weird Business", Mojo Press by Henkel/Anton Pensa/Naifeh

1996 "One Life", Topps Comics. By Gaiman/Russell. Adaptation of Gaiman's story in the 1994 White Wolf anthology of Elric short stories/tributes

1997 "Elric" ("Stormbringer"), Topps/Dark Horse, 7 issue series adapted by P. Craig Russell

1997 "Michael Moorcock's Multiverse", Helix/DC Comics. Also with characters Jack Karaquazian and others. "Moonbeams & Roses" with art by by Walt Simonsen, "The Metatemporal Detective", art by Mark Reeve, and "Duke Elric" with art by John Ridgeway. 12 issue series.


1986-8 Chronicles of Corum # 1-12 (Knight of the Swords, Queen of the Swords King of the Swords), by Thomas/Mignola/Guice/Hooper, First Comics. The Mignola issues are particularly good...!

1989 Corum: The Bull & The Spear # 1-4, by Thomas/Thompson, First Comics


1979 Hawkmoon: The Jewel in the Skull GN, James Cawthorn, Savoy

1986 Hawkmoon: Jewel in the Skull # 1-4, First Comics, by Thomas/Kayanan

1987 Hawkmoon: The Mad God's Amulet # 1-4, First Comics, by Thomas/Kayanan

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1989 Hawkmoon: The Runestaff # 1-4, First Comics, by Thomas/Kayanan

1989 Hawkmoon: Jewel in the Skull GN (reprint of series)

(1990? Hawkmoon: Count Brass - This was started but aborted when First went under. Who knows if it will ever be completed.)


1969-70 "The Adventures of Jerry Cornelius, The English Assassin" in International Times # 57-71, w/ M. John Harrison/R. Glyn Jones/Mal Dean. Partially reprinted in "The Nature of The Catastrophe".

1973 "The Final Programme" Film by Robert Fuest, with John Finch and Julie Ege. A.K.A. "The Last Days of Man on Earth" in an edited US version (19 minutes cut).

1976-80 "Le Garage Hermetique et Jerry Cornelius" by Moebius i Metal Hurlant, later reprinted in Heavy Metal, 1978-. Not "official" but more a nod to the spirit of things... Marvel/Epic reprinted it as "The Airtight Garage" (JC changed til "Lewis Carnelian")

1989 Saga of the Man-Elf # 1-5, Trident Comics, by Lawley/Whitaker

1982-up Worth mentioning is Bryan Talbot's Cornelius inspired "The Adventures of Luther Arkwright", originally serialized in Near Myths, but reprinted as 3 albums/GNs or the Dark Horse/Valkyrie reprints. Collected edition with Moorcock introduction.

Misc. Moorcock comics

1960? "Wrath Of The Gods" in Boys Own Comics (juvenile) by Moorcock & ??

1960? "Tarzan" by Moorcock/Cawthorn (juvenile)

1971 Moorcock & Jim Cawthorn's "Codename Hawkwind: The Sonic Assassins" Frendz # 16, Nov. 29. 1971. 2 color pages.

1976 "Behold the Man", by Doug Moench & Alex Nino. Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction # 6, Charlton Comics

1979 "The Swords of Heaven/The Flowers of Hell" GN with art by Howard Chaykin, Heavy Metal GN.

197? "The Ledge Of Darkness", Hawkwind comic sequel of the two Hawklords novels with which Moorcock was marginally involved with.