broadcast 12/09/99 and 25/09/99
UhÝrt, RadiOrakel, 99,3 FM 12.00 AM to 06.00 AM
compiled and hosted by Christian Mumford


1999 Party Intro
Mighty Hawkwind Classics Hurry On Sundown
Mighty Hawkwind Classics Sweet Mistress of Pain
Stasis - The U.A. Years You Shouldn't Do That
Masters of The Universe Master of The Universe
Space Rock From London Silver Machine/Welcome To The Future
Stasis - The U.A. Years Seven By Seven
Stasis - The U.A. Years Space Is Deep
Masters of The Universe Sonic Attack
Hall of The Mountain Grill Psychedelic Warlords (Disappear In Smoke)
Hall of The Mountain Grill D-Rider
Hall of The Mountain Grill Web Weaver
1999 Party You'd Better Believe It
1999 Party You Know You're Only Dreaming
1999 Party Brainbox Pollution
Warrior on The Edge of Time Opa-Loka
Warrior on The Edge of Time The Demented Man
Warrior on The Edge of Time Spiral Galaxy 28948
Warrior on The Edge of Time Kings of Speed
Warrior on The Edge of Time Motorhead
Astounding Sounds, Amazing.. Kerb Crawler
Astounding Sounds, Amazing.. The Aubergine That Ate Rangoon
Astounding Sounds, Amazing.. Kadu Flyer
Astounding Sounds, Amazing.. Steppenwolf
Atomhenge '76 Uncle Sam's On Mars
Quark, Strangeness & Charm Spirit of The Age
Quark, Strangeness & Charm Days of The Underground
Quark, Strangeness & Charm The Iron Dream
PXR5 Jack of Shadows
PXR5 Infinity
PXR5 Robot
PXR5 High Rise
Hawklords Live 25 Years
25 Years On Free Fall
25 Years On The Age of The Micro Man
Silver Machine Shot Down In The Night (live)
Silver Machine Levitation
Silver Machine Motorway City
Silver Machine Urban Guerilla (live)
Silver Machine Nuclear Toy
Sonic Attack Rocky Paths
Sonic Attack Psychosonia
Sonic Attack Living on A Knife Edge
Sonic Attack Trans-Dimensional Man
Choose Your Masques Arrival In Utopia
Choose Your Masques Fahrenheit 451
Zones Running Through The Back Brain
Undisclosed Files Addendum Coded Languages
Undisclosed Files Addendum Damned By The Curse of Man
This Is Hawkwind, Do Not... PSY Power
This Is Hawkwind, Do Not... Watching The Grass Grow
Mighty Hawkwind Classics Night Of The Hawks
Chronicle of The Black Sword Assault & Battery (live)
Chronicle of The Black Sword Sleep of A Thousand Tears (live)
Chronicle of The Black Sword Shade Gate
Chronicle of The Black Sword Needle Gun


Friday Rock Show Sessions Magnu/Angels of Death
Out & Intake Ghost Dance
Out & Intake Confrontation
Out & Intake Cajun Jinx
The Xenon Codex Heads
The Xenon Codex Sword of The East
The Xenon Codex E.M.C.
The Xenon Codex Good Evening
Palace Springs Damnation Alley
California Brainstorm Ejection
California Brainstorm TV Suicide/Back In The Box/Assassins Of Allah
California Brainstorm Brainstorm
Electric Teepee LSD
Electric Teepee Space Dust
Electric Teepee Snake Dance
Gimme Shelter EP Gimme Shelter (w/Samantha Fox)
Decide Your Future EP Right To Decide (Radio Edit Mix)
Quark EP Quark, Strangeness & Charm (live)
Quark EP Black Sun
Alien 4 Beam Me Up
Alien 4 Sputnik Stan
Love In Space EP Lord of Light (live)
Distant Horizons Distant Horizons
Distant Horizons Phetamine Street
Distant Horizons Reptoid Vision
In Your Area Alchemy
In Your Area I Am The Reptoid
In Your Area The Nazca
In Your Area Hippy
Assassins of Silence/Hundred... Hurry On Sundown - The Petals
Assassins of Silence/Hundred... Master of The Universe - The Mike Gunn
Assassins of Silence/Hundred... Spirit of The Age - Fly Ashtray
Assassins of Silence/Hundred... Robot - F/i
Hawkwind,Friends&Relations The Right Stuff - Pressurehed
Monster Magnet - Superjudge Brainstorm
Assassins of Silence/Hundred... Death Trap - Slotnick
Hawkwind Limelight, NYC 9/4/95 - ca. 85 minutes
Hawkwind Strange Daze, Nelson Ledges, OH 15/08/98 ca. 70 minutes
Hawkwind Guildford 1/11/97 ca. 90 minutes