I am remain an avid trader of live and bootleg material of bands I like alot and collect. Below is a list of unofficial live cassettes and CDR recordings I have for trade. I am of course always looking for new stuff, particularly by Hawkwind (and related), Voivod, Black Sabbath, Cathedral and The Legendary Pink Dots. Email me here if you find anything of interest! I expect to have a complete list of my entire music collection up in the near future as well, so stay tuned. Happy hunting!

The Garage Tapes '76-79, 45 min. excellent.
Birmingham Kaleidoscope 14/11/88 60 min. excellent
Early band recording as 'Soft White Underbelly', 1968 demos, 30 min. very good
Live 1997 30 min. good
Victorian's Midnight Cafe, Colombus, OH 14/12/97 45 min. excellent++
Stockholm, Sweden, 1968, 85 min. poor+
PBS Broadcast 1969, 25 min. very good
Angers, France (GAS tape), 1972, 90m, excellent++
Bremen, Germany, 4/11/74 (FM), excellent
Theater of Living Arts, Philadelphia, USA 12/6/99, (SB) 90m, excellent++
Kinetic Playground 03/12/71 fair 75 min., w/track spacing
Reading Festival, Reading, UK 22/08/75 90 min. poor
Atomhenge 76, 75 min.- excellent, w/track spacing
Palace Theatre, Manchester, UK 18/09/76 90 min. fair
Salle Pleyel, Paris, France 23/04/77 90 min. fair
St. George's Hall, Bradford, UK 07/06/77 90 min. fair
Demos, 1978 45 min. good
Empire Theatre, UK 11/10/80 45 min. good
Night of The Hawks 09/03/84 75 min. from video, excellent ++
Chaos 1986 60 min. from video, excellent
First Avenue, Minneapolis USA, 4/10/89 100 min. excellent ++
Live Legends 60 min. from video, 1990 excellent
Kings of Speed Lords of Light, Latin Quarter, Detroit, USA 18/05/91 but probably Bochum, Germany - 80 min. very good
Reading University, Reading, UK 19/05/92 100 min. excellent+++
Limelight, NY, NY, USA 09/04/95 90 min. excellent
Sweet Smoke Festival, Tillburg, Holland 7/9/96 70 min. very good
Cubby Bear, Chicago, IL, USA 24/08/97 135 min. good w/track spaces
Guildford, UK 01/11/97 90 min. very good
Strange Daze 98, Nelson Ledges, OH, USA 15/08/98 75 min. excellent++
Hawkestra, Brixton Academy, UK 21/10/00 220 min. very good
---compilation bootleg CDs and CDR's:---
Nova Drive - 1971-95, very good-excellent
Orgasmatron - 1972-92, fair-excellent
Theta Orionis 1990-95, good-excellent
Molotow, Hamburg, Germany w/The Moor and Knut Gerwers 11/1/98 135 min.very good
Nik Turner's Hawkwind, "Dragonhead", Ystalyfera, Wales 21/7/00, 140 min.excellent
John Dee, Oslo 19/10/99 - 150 min. excellent+
Loppen, Copenhagen 31/1/98 - 45 min. excellent
"Last Screams", Syd Barrett era demos/outtakes 1967, 75 min. excellent+
"All Over The World", Live UK/USA/Holland 1989, 75 min. excellent+++
"Holocaust" live 1985, 75 min. excellent+++
Live MTV studios, UK, 1991 - 25 min. excellent+
Montreal, Canada, 17/4/84 45 min. fair+
The Spectrum, Canada, 11/7/84 45 min. fair
The Ritz, NY, NY, 5/4/86 40 min. very good
?, ?, 7/2/86 50 min.fair-very good
NY, NY, 28/6/86 45 min.
Rehearsal, 1/5/87 45 min.
Hartford, CT, USA 2/5/87 - 75 min. very good