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Since leaving the three year art program at The Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art in Dover, New Jersey, in 1995, where I trained as a cartoonist, painter, animator and commercial illustrator, I have embarked on a varied professional career within the fields of animation, comics, commercial illustration, computer graphics, web design and technical graphic work within the wider field of printed publication, film and electronic media. I here present a history of my career within these fields, both as a freelancer and as a staff artist.

Landing my first professional work in illustration in 1994 as a comic book inker for Boneyard Press on "Bill The Bull: Blowtorch Kiss", written by Hart D. Fischer and pencilled by Marvel Comics artist Duncan Rouleau, while still an art student, I continued my career after moving to Oslo, Norway where I had spent most of my childhood and much of my adult life, originally being from the USA. Embarking soon upon layout work, coloring and electronic paste-ups for comic book publications at Norwegian publishing house Bladkompaniet where I worked freelance during 1995, I also wrote and drew comics for their Norwegian edition of "Mad" magazine and its sister publication "Pyton". During this time I also did work for Norwegian underground and independent comic anthologies like "Fidus" and "Forresten", as well as adult humor magazine "Stupido". I also had an editorial role as well as being the main story/art contributor in "Psykose", an underground comics anthology published by Futurum Forlag/Gateavisa in 1997, an anarchist paper I also had painted covers for. Also being trained in electronic illustration, I worked for EUnet Media in 1996/97 with the creation of the commercial web concept "Nettvik" as a staff artist and web layout consultant. In 1998 I worked as an electronic colorist with the feature animated film "Gurin Med Reverompa" for AnimagicNet, and also did inbetween illustration and background art for their animated short film "Tor Med Hammeren". Since then I have concentrated more on 3D and electronic media in a freelance context, including creating the CD cover for the Colombus, Ohio psychedelic rock band "National Steam" on Eternity's Jest Records, also having worked with the Colombus based underground music fanzine "Aural Innovations" as a staff artist, mainly creating and illustrating covers in mixed and electronic media. Having also designed the packaging for two limited edition double CDR's, live concert recordings of the legendary UK chart and festival band Hawkwind, work within the music industry something of a passion as well as well as a professional endeavor. In the period from 1995 to 1999 I was an inker with an editorial role on the satirical 100-plus page comic book "Raspberries", where I worked with writer and Green Party activist Dave Falvey and fellow Kubert student and caricaturist Chad Crowe ("Western Front", "San Francisco Guardian", "L.A. Weekly") and penciller Steve Goupil ("Malibu Comics", "Heavy Metal"), which was recently published in hardcover form by Emancipation Press in Waterbury, Connicticut. Having also worked in radio, I have hosted all night programs on RadiOrakel from the Blitz squat in the center of Oslo, playing psychedelia and spacerock on their "UhÝrt" progressive rock show, as well as guest hosting more music programs with Radio Tarkus, another progressive rock show broadcasting from Oslo. Having more recently moved in the direction of writing as well, I have written musical reviews for Norwegian anarchist paper "Gateavisa", and artist interviews and reviews for underground music fanzine "Aural Innovations", as well as upcoming articles on Apocalypse culture and process, and Magick and Tarot work in underground cult and heavy metal fanzine "Medium" (USA) and the internationally distributed magazine "Phantasmagoria", being "a journal of magic and sacred breathing".

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