I remain a frequent trader and collector of live and bootleg material of bands and artists I like and thus avidly collect. Below is a complete list of unofficial live cassettes and CDR recordings I have availible for trade. I can currently only make copies to cassette, making CDR trading abit limited from my end at the moment. All obstacles aside, I am of course always looking for new live and bootleg stuff, particularly obscure recordings by Hawkwind (and related), Voivod, The Damned, Black Sabbath, Cathedral and The Legendary Pink Dots, and many more. I am generally open to any alternate suggestions, always as ever discovering more and diverse quality underground music through the power of unadulterated will, general interest, random chance, or even just by your heartfelt, crazy or choice recommendations... So, email me here if you find anything of interest off my live and bootleg tradelist! I also expect to have a complete directory of my entire music collection up in the near future as well, so stay tuned. Happy hunting!

The Garage Tapes '76-79, 45 min. excellent.

Birmingham Kaleidoscope 14/11/88 60 min. excellent

Early band recording as 'Soft White Underbelly', 1968 demos, 30 min. very good
Live 1997 30 min. good

Victorian's Midnight Cafe, Colombus, OH 14/12/97 45 min. excellent++

Stockholm, Sweden, 1968, 85 min. poor+
PBS Broadcast 1969, 25 min. very good

Angers, France (GAS tape), 1972, 90m, excellent++
Bremen, Germany, 4/11/74 (FM), excellent
Theater of Living Arts, Philadelphia, USA 12/6/99, (SB) 90m, excellent++

Kinetic Playground 03/12/71 fair 75 min., w/track spacing
Reading Festival, Reading, UK 22/08/75 90 min. poor
Atomhenge 76, 75 min.- excellent, w/track spacing
Palace Theatre, Manchester, UK 18/09/76 90 min. fair
Salle Pleyel, Paris, France 23/04/77 90 min. fair
St. George's Hall, Bradford, UK 07/06/77 90 min. fair
Music Machine, San Francisco 1977, 40 min. excellent
Demos, 1978 45 min. good
Empire Theatre, UK 11/10/80 45 min. good
Night of The Hawks 09/03/84 75 min. from video, excellent ++
Chaos 1986 60 min. from video, excellent
First Avenue, Minneapolis USA, 4/10/89 100 min. excellent ++
Live Legends 60 min. from video, 1990 excellent
Kings of Speed Lords of Light, Latin Quarter, Detroit, USA 18/05/91 but probably Bochum, Germany - 80 min. very good
Reading University, Reading, UK 19/05/92 100 min. excellent+++
Limelight, NY, NY, USA 09/04/95 90 min. excellent
Sweet Smoke Festival, Tillburg, Holland 7/9/96 70 min. very good
BBC Radio 1, 1996 interview and live performances, 25 min. excellent
Cubby Bear, Chicago, IL, USA 24/08/97 135 min. good w/track spaces
Guildford, UK 01/11/97 90 min. very good
Strange Daze 98, Nelson Ledges, OH, USA 15/08/98 75 min. excellent++
Hawkestra, Brixton Academy, UK 21/10/00 220 min. very good
---compilation bootleg CDs and CDR's:---
Nova Drive - 1971-95, very good-excellent
Orgasmatron - 1972-92, fair-excellent
Theta Orionis 1990-95, good-excellent

Molotow, Hamburg, Germany w/The Moor and Knut Gerwers 11/1/98 135 min.very good
Nik Turner's Hawkwind, "Dragonhead", Ystalyfera, Wales 21/7/00, 140 min.excellent

John Dee, Oslo 19/10/99 - 150 min. excellent+

Loppen, Copenhagen 31/1/98 - 45 min. excellent

"Last Screams", Syd Barrett era demos/outtakes 1967, 75 min. excellent+

"All Over The World", Live UK/USA/Holland 1989, 75 min. excellent+++

"Holocaust" live 1985, 75 min. excellent+++

Live MTV studios, UK, 1991 - 25 min. excellent+

Montreal, Canada, 17/4/84 45 min. fair+
Morgoth Invasion Live demo, Montreal 22/12/84 80 min. ex
The Spectrum, Canada, 11/7/84 45 min. fair
The Ritz, NY, NY, 5/4/86 40 min. very good
?, ?, 7/2/86 50 min.fair-very good
NY, NY, 28/6/86 45 min.
Rehearsal, 1/5/87 45 min.
Hartford, CT, USA 2/5/87 - 75 min. very good
Kriekelaarzaal, Schaerbeek, Bel 28/11/87 65 min. ex++
The Ritz, NYC, NY 19/01/90 65 min. ex+
Angel Rat pre-production demos 1991/Demo #2 (1983) 60 min. ex+++
Jaxx, Sprinfield, VA 19/05/96 80 min. ex
Klubben, Stockholm, Swe (FM) 14/10/99 45 min. ex+++
Sonic Unyon, Hamilton, ON 25/04/02 60 min. ex+
The Docks, Toronto, ON 27/04/02 45 min. ex+

I am now presenting a list of CD's I am in need of acquiring by the least expensive methods of trading, second hand purchase, or even CDR bootlegging, the list encompassing more recent albums as well as older releases. If you ever wish to trade off any of your used CD's, or even in some rare cases, make me CDR copies of hard to find albums, or trade live recordings in exchange for new CD's, or any other option one may find worthwhile, then get in touch. This is an extensive list of CD's I am looking to acquire by almost any means availible; indeed, they are much sought after and heavily appreciated replacements and additions to my CD collection, being highly prized items in most cases... I have even annotated the list out of my general catering to reader curiousity as well as for any additional informative value the list may carry. As for my purchasing anything I have listed below, I have to add that I will not pay above average domestic US or European prices for any new CD's, considering that steep import prices are quite superfluos in this electronic age of global mass communication, even though some of these CD's are _definetly not_ widely distributed anywhere at all, and thus may remain difficult to acquire, they are still usually made readily availible through mail order, this of course being a very reliable yet sometimes ultimately expensive option. Email me here if you think you can supply me with anything appearing on this list! Thanks for looking...

Alien Sex Fiend - She's My Frankenstein (compilation of this classic 80's UK gothic underground punk band, mostly being the very warped Transylvanian disaster area horror-schlock-rock-excorsisms of mind-numbing Frankenstein crossdressing and Dracula vampire robotics and LSD synthesis, this compilation includes their driven and metallic cover of Hawkwind's classic "Silver Machine" single. ASF much later delved into some very bizarre techno -and experimental electronic territory in the 90's, having also released several video compilations on Jettisoundz in the 80's)
Anti-Pasti - Caution In The Wind (delivering quality early 80's UK punk along with the likes of Anti-Nowhere League, Stiff Little Fingers, Discharge et. al., this was their most well known album)
Anubian Lights - Nazbar (new album, 2001, more of Pressurehed and Farflung members' ambient project on Cleopatra)
Anubian Lights - Outflight EP
Bajina - Hamburg Live (Hawkwind's Ron Bastard performing with Inner City Unit members at the Hawkfest 2000)
Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath (remaster) (first album, 1970)
Black Sabbath - Paranoid (remaster) (classic second album, 1970)
Black Sabbath - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (remaster) (the studio wizardry of this 1973 classic paved way for the brutality of Sabotage!)
Black Sabbath - Live At Last (remaster) (an unreleased Ozzy-era live effort, it was bootlegged in the late 70's)
Bolt Thrower - Mercenary
Dave Brock - SpaceBrock (Hawkwind main man's recent solo album)
Dave Brock - Demo's And Memo's
Cathedral - Carnival Bizarre (1995, UK psychedelic doom-metal classic)
Cathedral - Endtyme (new album, 2001)
Chrome - Half Machine Lip Moves/Alien Soundtracks (Touch 'n' Go label, Chrome's two first mindwarping classic albums from 1978 and 79 on one CD deliver cerebral, raw, thrashy and insectoid cyberpunk action, commanding frontier anarchy battling paramilitary war machinery, infiltrating ancient technology and civilization, of invading alien intelligences searching for telepathic survivors in the bombed-out nowhere and fallout-sheltered hives of modern mass-television radiated society, these apocalypse warriors and punkrock pioneers known as Chrome were born survivalists on a very likely deleted ulterior mission from beyond the stars...)
Cro-Mags - Alpha Omega (trancendental 90's metal masterpiece of hardcore brutality)
Alan Davey - Bedouin (2nd solo album from longtime Hawkwind bassplayer)
Eat Static - Science of The Gods (ex-Ozric Tentacles crew's interstellar psychedelic trance-techno of ancient celestial technologies and tribal ecstacy)
Roky Erickson - Hide Behind The Sun (Ex-13th Floor Elevators main man returns solo in 1976)
Roky Erickson & The Aliens - I Think of Demons (gothic and driving rock from Erickson's early 80's garage outfit. Swedish rock'n'roll death'ers Entombed even covered their brooding and majestic "Night Of The Vampire" on a 1995 Earache single.)
Roky Erickson & The Aliens - The Evil One (second album from main Elevator-head Roky Erickson & co., described as sinister, psychedelic and gothic garage-rock with a nod to the biker aesthetics of early 70's heavy metal like Blue Öyster Cult)
Farflung - The Belief Module (Pressurehed spinoff)
The Fluid - Glue/Roadmouth (this European CD ed. of their first two mini LP's came out on SubPop. Like a souped up and blistering Fu Manchu with a belting Iggy & The Stooges "Raw Power"-era influence making it all very reptilian and freshly tuned, The Fluid were crunchy yet liquid amphetamine garage punk played at breakneck speed. Hailing from the late-80's/early 90's US punk scene, they luckily never even managed to croak under the dreaded 'grunge' banner, disappearing quite tracelessly instead.)
Full Moon - Full Moon (being UK underground fantasy spacerock and apocalyptic heavy metal of biblical proportions, this fine metal album was released in the late 80's or early 90's on the Norwegian Voices Of Wonder label)
Gwar - Violence Has Arrived (new album, 2001)
Hawkwind - Family Tree 2000 (another 'festy' compilation under the Hawkwind banner)
Hawkwind - Yule Ritual (for Hawkwind passport holders only, its only listed here as a personal reminder... Its the Hawks' 2000 X-Mas reunion bash!)
Hawkwind - Live From the Darkside
Hawkwind - The Weird Tapes (CD versions on Voiceprint label):
Weird Tapes V.1: Dave Brock Sonic Assassins
Weird Tapes V.2: Hawkwind Live
Weird Tapes V.3: Free Festivals
Weird Tapes V.4: Live 78
Weird Tapes V.5: Live 1976 To 77
Weird Tapes V.6: Dave Brock Demos
Helios Creed - Boxing the Clown (ex-Chrome founding member, later of Nik Turner & Pressurehed's live US tours)
Helios Creed - Activated Condition (ex-Chrome/Nik Turner band)
Jim Jones & The Kool-Ade Kids - ...Trust Us/Contrafusion (on one CD) (obscure US 80's hardcore punk, they barely even sound like The Dead Kennedys or Crass, surprisingly, if at all even, being midwestern teenage acid casualties and drunk young goths into thrashmetal and hardcore, belting out songs about napalming innocent villagers or machine-gunning your way out through the jungle not churning any stomachs anytime soon, this band were actually not so fucking bad!)
Maximum Effect - Live at the Kings Head Fulham, June 4 1986 (Inner City Unit)
Mooseheart Faith Stellar Groove Band - Mass Coronal Ejection (sublime garage folk and heady acid psych, formed from the ashes of SF punkband Angry Samoans and LA disco-glam outfit Apollo)
Neu! - '72 Live (seminal minimalist 'motorik' punkrock from the early 70's, being trailblazers of all things krautrock and Kraftwerk, this pioneering German band was led by Klaus Dinger and Michael Rother.)
Nokturnal Mortem - Goat Horns (this darkly exotic and anarchic Baltic punkband create mystical and driven gothic folkrock, being very much for fans of doom -and blackmetal as well. On the Beverina label, it is original and enchanting stuff indeed by any dedicated listener's heady standards... be it Satanic, pagan or magickal, the earthy twilight anthems of Nokturnal Mortem will otherwise feed the untamed spirit...)
Smell of Incence - Through The Gates of Deeper Slumber (exotic and heady modern psychedelia from Norway)
Starfield - Return To Earth (with Hawkwind's Jerry Richards)
Sundial - Live Drug (UK's 80's and 90's underground paisley-spacerock pioneers led by Gary Ramon return in breathtaking live format, baptizing the audience with their early track "Exploding In Your Mind", and later underground hit "Fireball", with some blistering acid guitar workouts)
TSOL - TSOL/Weathered Statues (on one CD) (anarchy prevails as legendary 80's US anarcho-goth-punk pioneers TSOL (True Sounds Of Liberty) stake their claim to the revolution in the tradition of contemporary UK bands like The Damned and Chaos UK. They were originally formed in LA in 1979, releasing many albums throughout the 80's and 90's with ever-changing lineups)
TSOL - Beneath The Shadows (the front cover band photo even pays tribute to "A Clockwork Orange", landing TSOL in the same league with Chrome as far as any clever "A Clockwork Orange" punk references go!)
Turbonegro - Ass Cobra (unspeakably filthy and magickal Norwegian rock'n'roll hardcore legends. Bring any given Turbonegro CD and a sixpack of beer over to a friend's house and you'll soon be fucking his sister!)
Nik Turner - Transglobal Friends & Relations (on Transperancy label, Hawkwind co-founder headlines compilation of various spacerock bands)
Nik Turner - Conscience of Hawkwind: Live Deeply Vale Free 78 (Hawkwind co-founder with Sphynx band)
V.A. - Floralia Vol. 2 (modern underground psych compilation, Italian label)
V.A. - Floralia Vol. 3 (modern underground psych compilation, Italian label)
V.A. - Probot (ex-Nirvana/Foo Fighter's Dave Grohl's new star-studded underground heavy metal project, including members from Voïvod, Cathedral, Venom and Motörhead and more)
Voïvod - Negatron ( 1995: pioneering French-Canadian cybernetic thrashmetal hinduists return, this also being Eric Forrest's debut. European ed. w/ bonus multimedia track)